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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

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Master of Engineering Leadership in Integrated Water Management

University of British Columbia - Faculty of Applied Science

University of British Columbia – Faculty of Applied ScienceVancouver , Canada

The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Integrated Water Management is designed for engineers and environmental science graduates who want to develop and lead advanced a … +Featured help_outlineMasterFull-timePart-time12 – 24 monthsEnglishJan 2021Campus Read MoreMA/MSc in Environment and Management

Royal Roads University

Royal Roads UniversityVictoria , Canada

The MA/MSc in Environment and Management program is an interdisciplinary graduate degree designed to enhance strategic decision making in the environmental field. The program … +Featured help_outlineMAPart-time2 yearsEnglishOnline & Campus CombinedCampusOnline Read MoreEuropean Masters environmental and energy management

Ecole Supérieure Ouverte à Distance

Ecole Supérieure Ouverte à DistanceFrance Online , France +14 More

The holder of the European Master Environmental Management and Energy integrates functions of responsibility in the private and parastatal organizations of all sizes.Featured help_outlineMasterFull-timePart-time2 yearsFrenchOnline Read MoreMasters European Eco-Management and Energetic


INEADFrance Online , France +22 More

European Master ** issued by the European Federation of Schools (FEDE) – an association governed by Swiss law ( 60-79). The European Masters is a European diploma valid … +Featured help_outlineMaster2 yearsFrenchOnline Read MoreEuropean Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development Management

Ecole Supérieure Ouverte à Distance

Ecole Supérieure Ouverte à DistanceFrance Online , France +14 More

The holder of the European Master in Sustainable Development Management participates in the consideration and implementation of the principles of sustainable development in th … +Featured help_outlineMasterFull-timePart-timeFrenchOnline Read More

Environmental Technician (Fast-Track) logo

Environmental Technician (Fast-Track)

Centennial CollegeToronto, Canada

The Environmental Technician (Fast-Track) program at Centennial College allows qualified college or university graduates to gain direct admission into year two (semester three) of the two-year program and receive their Technician diploma in one year (two semesters).10,605 EUR / year1 yearPostgraduate Diploma Full-time Blended LearningFeatured

Environmental Technology (Fast-Track) logo

Environmental Technology (Fast-Track)

Centennial CollegeToronto, Canada

The Environmental Technology (Fast-Track) program at Centennial College is for qualified college or university graduates who wish to gain direct admission into Year 2 (Semester 3) of this three-year advanced diploma program in preparation for the constantly evolving field of environmental technology.10,605 EUR / year2 yearsFull-time Blended LearningFeatured

Environmental Economics and Management logo

Environmental Economics and Management

Thompson Rivers UniversityKamloops, Canada

Worldwide economic growth is rapid and, as a result, there is an urgent global need for management practices that balance economic demands with sustainability so it is the perfect time to earn a Master in Environmental Economics and Management at Thompson Rivers University.545 EUR / credit2 yearsFull-timeFeatured

Environment and Management (Blended) logo

Environment and Management (Blended)

Royal Roads UniversityVictoria, Canada

The Environment and Management (Blended) program at the Royal Roads University focuses on dynamics and processes that impact the functionality and sustainability of natural and human systems.10,389 EUR / year2 yearsM.Sc. Full-time Blended LearningFeatured

Environmental Practice (Online) logo

Environmental Practice (Online)

Royal Roads UniversityOnline

The Environmental Practice (Online) program at the Royal Roads University prepares students to advance their career and to contribute positively to finding solutions for environmental problems.8,516 EUR / year3 yearsM.A. Part-timeFeatured

Environment and Management (Blended) logo

Environment and Management (Blended)

Royal Roads UniversityVictoria, Canada

The Environment and Management (Blended) program at the Royal Roads University focuses on dynamics and processes that impact the functionality and sustainability of natural and human systems.10,389 EUR / year2 yearsM.A. Full-time Blended LearningFeatured

Forestry and Environmental Management

University of New BrunswickFredericton, Canada

The Forestry and Environmental Management program of University of New Brunswick has been teaching the science of forestry for over 100 years, helping countless students manage and protect the planet’s natural resources for generations to come.921 EUR / module1 yearM.Sc. Full-time

Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences

Memorial University of NewfoundlandCorner Brook, Canada

At the Memorial University of Newfoundland , the Master of Science in Boreal Ecosystems and Agricultural Sciences program is a rigorous, hands-on study of resources and agriculture in the context of boreal ecosystems.1,378 EUR / year2 yearsM.Sc. Full-time

Bioenvironmental Monitoring and Assessment

Trent UniversityOshawa, Canada

The Bioenvironmental Monitoring and Assessment programme offered by the Trent University provides a foundational understanding of the principles, technical aspects and human dimensions of environmental monitoring and assessment.1,073 EUR / year1 yearFull-time Part-time Online


University of CalgaryCalgary, Canada

At a time when the world’s energy industry is entering a critical juncture, students in the  GEMBA in Management program from University of Calgary will gain the expertise they need to tackle a wide variety of challenging and complex issues.1,144 EUR / module1 year, 8 monthsFull-time

Indigenous Relations

Laurentian UniversityGreater Sudbury, Canada

Work more effectively with Indigenous people by learning about Indigenous research, worldviews, traditional teachings, theories, and practices, with this Indigenous Relations (M.I.R.) program at Laurentian University.16,654 EUR / year1½ yearsFull-time

Sustainable Forest Management

University of British ColumbiaVancouver, Canada

The Master of Sustainable Forest Management (MSFM) offered by University of British Columbia is a 9-month, course-based master’s program that prepares students for careers as forestry professionals and sets the stage for life-long learning. 22,116 EUR / full9 monthsFull-time

Environmental Applied Science and Management

Ryerson UniversityToronto, Canada

The MASc Environmental Applied Science and Management program at the Ryerson University provide a wide range of educational and research opportunities. 15,265 EUR / year2 yearsFull-time Part-time

Environment and Business

University of WaterlooOnline

The Master of Environment and Business offered by the University of Waterloo is a program aimed at meeting the growing need for business sustainability professionals as a distinct group of knowledgeable, skilled, confident and motivated individuals with the information, tools and expertise to integrate environment with business in very practical ways.4,897 EUR / year1½ yearsFull-time

Natural Resources, Energy, and Environment

University of AlbertaEdmonton, Canada

The University of Alberta MBA in Natural Resources, Energy, and Environment program  is unique in Canada and only one of a few similar programs offered globally.  6,736 EUR / year2 yearsM.B.A. Full-time

Sustainable Environmental Management

University of SaskatchewanSaskatoon, Canada

The Master’s of Sustainable Environmental Management (M.SEM.) offered by University of Saskatchewan is interdisciplinary in both learning and research. It emphasizes the complex nature of environmental and sustainability challenges, and the need for interdisciplinary understandings across a range of topics.10,652 EUR / year1 yearFull-time

Resource and Environmental Management

Dalhousie UniversityHalifax, Canada

The Resource and Environmental Management combined degree at Dalhousie University is a 28-month course of study leading to the combined degrees Master of Information (MI) and Master of Resource and Environmental Management (MREM).17,480 EUR / year2 years, 4 monthsFull-time

Masters Programs in Environmental Management

A masters degree in environmental management is an interdisciplinary program that seeks to shape out students into top notch environmental managers who have the capability of creating a harmonious equilibrium between the economic and social needs of man as well as the needs of the environment. With the current times focus on sustainable resource use, the program is quite lucrative in the competitive job market. The masters degree program in environmental management involves a combination of theory course work as well as a bit of practical work in which the students are taught important environmental management concepts such as climate change, biodiversity, renewable energy use, sustainable energy management, environmental auditing and environmental impact assessment.

The program mainly attracts individuals with an interest in social and natural sciences as well as those who are passionate about the environment they live in and ways to better it. Graduates from the program are quite a sought after lot with governments, local authorities, private agencies as well as environmental consultancies seeking to employ them. A master in environmental management is equipped with the skills of dealing with the changing environmental needs as well as the continuous challenges facing the environment.

Graduates from the program have many choices when it comes to career opportunities. Some of the careers available to them include; energy consultants, recycling coordinators, air quality managers and environmental consultants to mention just but a few. The program is also solid ground for one to pursue a PhD in the same field.


Master Quality – “Experts and Managers in Business Management Systems – Quality – Safety – Environment – Energy” 78th edition


The Master Quality – “Experts and Managers in Business Management Systems – Quality – Safety – Environment – Energy” 78th edition , represents the longest-running, updated and performing Master on Integrated Management Systems, now enriched with new emerging issues and of new professional Skills coming out: from ENERGY and the figure of the “green job” to the Single Environmental Authorization, from the administrative responsibility of companies to Waste Management.

The 77 editions already held, which involved over 750 of the most important Italian companies in all strategic sectors of the economy (consultancy, aerospace, food, chemical pharmaceutical, etc.) have allowed to train 3122 candidates who have found a place in companies, consulting firms, multinationals, Public Administration (see testimonials from former students).

The Master Quality issues 10 Professional Certifications and among these also Lead Auditors in various Management Systems (Quality, Safety, Environment, Energy, – Cepas Qualified – Privacy, Corporate Social Responsibility). All this makes the Master Quality the most important training course in Italy on Integrated Management Systems – Quality, Safety, Environment, Energy. What differentiates the Master Quality from the best masters on the market is the specific twenty-year experience deriving from the 77 editions already carried out, the quality of teaching guaranteed by experienced professionals in each specific area and the relationships with the most important national and international companies that have contributed to the achievement of an excellent employment placement of the 3122 Master graduates.

Moreover, for completeness of information, it is important to highlight that there are various courses in Italy, some of which are of a hundred hours (12-15 days), which are improperly called masters and which attribute some titles similar to those of the Master Quality; it is not necessary to have specific skills in the field, to understand that specialized training, so important and complex, such as that in the field of integrated systems, requires a thorough preparation if you want to work profitably in the same field.


The Master is held in two phases:

  • two months (320 hours) of Higher Education in the classroom (in Rome or Milan);
  • six months (900 hours) of contractually guaranteed internships
  • (you can indicate your geographical and business preferences on the destination of the internships)

The master takes place every year in 3 sessions: February, May and October. On 17 and 24 May 2021 the brand new editions in E-learning mode will start with the internship starting from September.

The classroom phase includes specific training on issues relating to certification for Quality, Environment and Safety as well as an in-depth study of transversal issues, particularly current and very useful for professional growth, relating to SA8000, Privacy, 231/01 and ENERGY, all to develop the strategic and management skills essential to create and manage integrated quality systems. This is the related legislation: ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, EMAS Regulation, ISO 19011, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000, Consolidated Safety Law 81/08, Legislative Decree 196/03, Legislative Decree 231/01, Emission Trading Directive 2003/87 / EC Kyoto Protocol. For those interested in also studying the issues of Management Systems for Agri-food Safety, HACCP and ENERGY MANAGEMENT, it is also possible to join the GREEN ADVANCED MODULE which takes place in 2 weeks following the first two months of the classroom. Admission to the module can take place within the first month from the start of the Master.


The objective of the UNINFORM Master Quality is to encourage the training of professional figures able to operate immediately in representative realities of the company economic production system; knowing how to conduct every aspect of business management, from technical to managerial and administrative aspects, using planning and monitoring tools for activities, shifting the overall focus from pure regulatory compliance towards a performance governance system that primarily meets the needs of the organization itself (including those of a financial nature). The teaching structure of the Master is constantly focused on the training of future consultants, managers, officers and managers of the companies involved. During the Master, particular importance is given to the development of transversal skills in order to fully complete the outgoing professional profile so that it can consciously move in the management of the work group and the changes prescribed by the ever-new regulations to which companies must adapt in terms of quality , safety and environment. The excellent placement of the candidates of the previous 77 editions, both in Rome and in Milan, confirms the consistency of the objectives set with the real results achieved; in fact, thanks to the activities of the UNINFORM staff, over 3122 candidates have been placed in important positions in companies, consulting firms, multinationals, Public Administration. Here are some of the professional opportunities envisaged: Quality Manager / Auditor, Inspector at Certification Bodies, Management Consultant in Integrated Management Systems, Environmental Auditor, ECOMANAGER, Environmental Impact Expert, Energy Manager, RSPP Safety Manager, HSE Manager.


The Stage is a full immersion in the activities of the host company, during which it is expected to participate in functional and development projects to put into practice what has been learned in the classroom phase. The internship project is defined – for each student – by the placement office of the Master, in consultation with the course faculty, in order to enhance the vocational vocations and skills that emerged during the classroom teaching activity. This internship period can take place in companies, consulting firms, multinational companies, located in Italy. You can indicate your geographical and business preferences for the destination of the internships.


Participants will be evaluated, through a selection, based on the curriculum, psychoattitudinal tests and a motivational interview. To book for the selection it is necessary to fill in the Booking Form


There are 3 partial scholarships that allow the candidate to pay only € 3,400.00 plus VAT, made available by the sponsoring companies and sponsoring companies.

Master in Environmental Management of Mountain Areas (Double degree with Universität Innsbruck) (MSc)

This double degree program focuses on sustainable landscape development as well as ecosystem and land-use management in mountain areas.

Course description

Our program is highly interdisciplinary and it is offered in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck (Austria). Both universities contribute their expertise in an integrative way to ecological, engineering, and socio-economic perspectives of mountain landscape management.

The program takes advantage of the particular location of the partner universities in the Central Alps and includes both student and teacher mobility between the two countries. Courses will be taught by lecturers from both universities.


At a Glance

  • Degree class: LM-73
  • ECTS credits: 120
  • Duration of the course: 2 years
  • Courses will be taught in: English
  • Places available: 30 EU + 5 non-EU
  • Campus: Bozen-Bolzano and Innsbruck
  • Tuition fees: € 750 per year

The first study year is to be completed at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano and focuses on basic natural science and technical skills and competences in 9 compulsory modules.

The second study year at the University of Innsbruck, with two compulsory modules and several elective modules, gives students the possibility to focus on environmental and resource management, nature protection, landscape ecology and planning, agriculture and forestry as well as water and waste management in mountain areas.

Students work in interdisciplinary teams to carry out scientific research that is result-oriented, focused on targets, and related to their Master dissertation project.

Exchange programs and internships

Currently, we offer exchange programs with almost 20 partner universities all over the world.

This study program does not involve a compulsory internship. You can still choose to carry out a voluntary internship and choose from the long list of Italian and foreign businesses the University of Bozen is partnered with.

Career opportunities

The interdisciplinary and research-oriented Master program opens up a wide range of occupational opportunities for graduates all over the world, in particular environmental assessment, monitoring and management of protected areas, project planning and Eco-certification in the fields of agriculture and forestry, analysis and natural hazard assessment of hydrogeological origin, and elaboration of development plans of agricultural mountain areas, as well as various scientific careers.

Well prepared and ready for the job market. On the website of AlmaLaurea, you can check statistical data about graduates’ satisfaction and their employability.


In order to gain admission to the course, you will be required to prove that you already have a B2 level of competence in the English language. If you do not have an official language certification, you can take a language exam at our university.

There is no admission exam or interview.

Master Environmental and Sustainability Management

Sustainable business

Sustainable business is on everyone’s lips. It can be studied at the IMC FH Krems: The extra-occupational master program Environmental and Sustainability Management qualifies you to take on responsible, relevant activities in the national and international occupational field.

©IMC FH Krems

target group

You want to take over senior and senior staff functions at national and international companies, associations or NGOs and research institutions. They plan and think responsibly and are interested in environmental, sustainability and energy management as well as corporate social responsibility (CSR).

career paths

The degree program enables you to support organizations in implementing environmental sustainability policies and strategies in terms of both corporate and social responsibility. They are able to handle resources with care and to plan and act responsibly both within and outside the company.

©IMC FH Krems

Details about the study

Become an ambassador for sustainable business: During your studies, you will study trends and opportunities in environmental and sustainability management and learn how to anchor ecological and social approaches in companies and organizations.


Our Master’s program in Environmental and Sustainability Management teaches you skills that empower you to help companies and organizations implement environmental sustainability policies and strategies.

Become an expert in the course of your studies or an expert in sustainable business!

  • economy and society
  • Management systems and standards
  • Communication and reporting
  • Ecological and technological fundamentals
  • Research methods and scientific work
©IMC FH Krems
At a glance
  • Duration: 2 years / 4 semesters
  • Format: Extra-occupational
  • Lecture Language: German
  • Degree: Master of Arts in Business (MA)
  • Start of study: every year in September
  • Tuition: € 363.36 per semester for EU / EEA nationals,
    € 3900 for non-EU / EEA nationals

For more details too

  • Entry requirements,
  • Admission procedure,
  • Dates and deadlines and
  • online application

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