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Applying to YU: Undergraduate

As the leading university of the Orthodox Jewish world, we consider it our responsibility to make the YU education affordable for our students and their families. We do this by offering a combination of academic scholarships and need-based scholarships. Overall, approximately three-quarters of YU students receive financial assistance of some kind.

More than any other university, we understand the unique challenges and financial sacrifices of raising a Jewish family. To that end, our financial aid staff works closely with each student to design a financial aid package based on his or her family’s individual circumstances and obligations.

We have provided many details about scholarships on this site, but please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Finance if you have additional questions. We are your partners in this process and are here to assist you in any way we can.

Scholarships Available

Academic Scholarships

About Academic Scholarships

Yeshiva University awards a substantial number of scholarships to undergraduates based on academic achievement, leadership potential and demonstrated commitment to community service. Scholarship recipients are selected on a competitive basis. Awards are reviewed annually and may be renewed until graduation for students who maintain excellent academic records. Academic scholarship recipients are also eligible for need-based scholarships.Honors Scholarships

Students admitted to the Honors Programs at the undergraduate schools are also offered academic scholarships.JFEW Science Fellowships

Stern College for Women partners with the Jewish Foundation for Education of Women (JFEW) and offers the Jewish Foundation for Education of Women Science Fellowships. Recipients of the JFEW Fellowship receive scholarship support for each of three years. Fellows have the opportunity to participate in summer research internships for which they receive a stipend, attend and present research at national and international science conferences, receive one-on-one mentoring by Stern science faculty and participate in lectures and workshops on topics addressing leadership training, career development and academic success.The Katz Scholarship for Jewish Educators

The Mordecai D. and Monique C. Katz Scholarships for Jewish Educators provide substantial tuition support for students preparing for careers in Jewish education as part of the Legacy Heritage Jewish Educators Project at Stern College for Women.

Students major in Judaic studies with a Concentration in Jewish Education. Coursework includes classes in Judaic studies, methodology courses and student teaching. During the senior year, students take courses at the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration of Yeshiva University and may be enrolled in an accelerated program toward earning an MS degree.

All scholarship recipients complete a major in Jewish studies, and will receive tuition support in the amount of $20,000 per year in the form of grants and forgivable loans, renewable for three years on campus in New York. Loans will be forgiven on a prorated basis, post-graduation, over the first two years in the field.

Katz Scholars will be chosen on a competitive basis. The selection committee will consider high school and post-high school Israel records, letters of recommendation and evidence of interest in and talent for a career in Jewish education. After completing the regular application for admission to Yeshiva University, applicants should complete the  Mordecai D. and Monique C. Katz Scholarship for Jewish Educators Application.Professor Thomas Otway Memorial Scholarship

The Professor Thomas Otway Memorial Scholarship, established to honor the memory of the beloved Chairman of the Stern College for Women Mathematical Sciences Department, is for Stern College for Women students committed to a major in computer science. In order to be eligible to apply, the student must have been admitted to the S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program Early Decision or have been admitted to the Program Regular Decision with a minimum academic scholarship of $20,000. The Otway Scholarship of $5,000 per year for up to three years is in additional to the other merit scholarship award the student has received. Professor Otway Memorial Applications should be submitted in the year prior to matriculation at Stern College. The scholarship cannot be deferred.Gewurz Scholarship

Through the Gewurz Family Foundation, Yeshiva University benefactors Samuel and Brenda Gewurz have made a gift to establish a Scholarship Fund for Montreal Jewish Day School graduates. This gift will ensure that two Montreal students will be selected annually to receive a scholarship of $25,000US per year to support their education at Yeshiva University. Students who accept the Gewurz YU Scholarship agree to meet with a member or members of the Gewurz Family and accept occasional speaking, media and other engagements as recipients of the award and as profile students of Yeshiva University.Straus Scholars Program

The Straus Scholars Program seeks to identify and attract exceptionally gifted undergraduate men and women who demonstrate high academic achievement, leadership potential, and commitment to studying the great works of the Jewish and Western tradition. Straus Scholars will undertake a course of study that includes specially designed, unique interdisciplinary courses bridging Torah and the great works of art, literature, philosophy, and political science. Additionally, Straus Scholars will fully participate in supplementary programs and activities offered by the Straus Center, and have the opportunity for small group sessions with visiting dignitaries and intellectuals. Scholars will receive tuition support in the form of an annual scholarship up to $25,000, renewable for up to three years on campus in New York. Acceptance of this scholarship will replace any previous academic offers from Yeshiva University.Masmidim Honors

Men with strong backgrounds in Talmud who are interested in undertaking a rigorous Torah study program may apply to the Yeshiva Masmidim Honors Program. Masmidim honors students may renew their scholarship as long as they continue to fulfill the requirements of the program. The Masmidim Honors Program Application (PDF) includes more information about candidates and how to apply.Graduate Programs

Additionally, two of Yeshiva University’s graduate schools provide full-tuition scholarships to YU alumni admitted to their programs.

Need-Based Scholarships

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