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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

Your graduate education is a valuable investment, but many students feel overwhelmed when it comes to covering the cost of tuition and other living expenses. We are here to help each student find the right solution to put a Yeshiva University graduate degree within reach.

Types of Funding
Unlike undergraduates, graduate students are not eligible to receive federal grants. Graduate funding comes from four main sources:

Institutional Aid — Funding from the university, typically in scholarships or graduate assistantships
Federal Aid — Funding from the government, typically the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan and the Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loan
External Funding — Funding from a source outside of the university or government, such as a scholarship, grant or fellowship
Private Loans — Funding, in the form of loans, that comes from non-government sources, which you can find and apply for on your own
Institutional Aid
At YU, the funding options are primarily merit-based, partial scholarships or assistantships. This funding is available for both domestic and international students. The specific details vary by program — contact the admissions office for your program of interest to learn more:

[email protected] | 1.833.241.4723

wurzweiler school of social work tuition

Federal Aid
Federal aid is available for domestic students (eligible US citizens and non-citizens). To apply for federal aid, you must first submit and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) each year you are enrolled to receive funding.

The Department of Education requires that each university establish a “cost of attendance” for their programs. The amount allotted for scholarships and other funding, internal and external scholarships, and other forms of aid, cannot exceed this amount.

You can receive student loans for:

Direct expenses — tuition and university fees
Indirect expenses — may include health insurance, supplies, transportation and other reasonable living expenses. Any loan amount, after fees, that exceeds the bill amount from the university will be issued to the student as a refund, which can be used to pay for indirect expenses.

The Yeshiva University Office of Student Finance manages the federal aid process. This office can speak more specifically on federal financial aid and how their office works with graduate students. You can reach them at 212.960.5399.


Types of Loans

How to Apply

Important Dates

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Loan Forgiveness
External Funding
External funding comes from a source outside of the university or government, such as a scholarship, grant or fellowship. These are opportunities you can find and apply for on your own. Please note that grants may be paid to you directly and you are responsible for putting this money aside to pay your bill. You are required to report all outside aid to the Office of Student Finance.

We have gathered a list of external funding sources to explore and the U.S. Department of Education also maintains a list to review. Please note we do not endorse any external funding source and cannot offer assistance in applying for these opportunities.

Mayor’s Scholarship
Military Personnel and Families
Yellow Ribbon
Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants
Financial Aid for International Students
While international students are not eligible to submit a FAFSA, you may be eligible for institutional aid, depending on your program of interest. Contact the admissions office for more details.

Curricular Practical Training

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Other Funding Resources
Payment Options
There are several payment options available to facilitate the payment of tuition and fees. Students may make payment in full by credit card, check, electronic checks (ACH payments) or bank wire payments. All payments and payment plan budgets need to be completed and submitted by the payment due date preceding each semester.

Learn more about your payment options.

Budgeting for Your Graduate Degree
We strongly suggest creating a budget for your graduate degree prior to applying for loans so you can better estimate how much you’ll need to borrow. Additionally, outlining your budget may help better control your expenses over the course of your program. For a good place to start budgeting, complete this form to download our sample budget worksheet.

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