Where To Study International Relations In South Africa

Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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Below is the list of best universities in South Africa ranked based on their research performance in International Relations and Diplomacy. A graph of 6K citations received by 658 academic papers made by 10 universities in South Africa was used to calculate publications’ ratings, which then were adjusted for release dates and added to final scores.

We don’t distinguish undergraduate and graduate programs nor do we adjust for current majors offered. You can find information about granted degrees on a university page but always double-check with an official site as it’s constantly changing data.

  1. University of the Witwatersrand South Africa JohannesburgFor International Relations and DiplomacyAcceptance Rate25%Enrollment37,500Founded1922Read more 
  2. University of Stellenbosch South Africa StellenboschFor International Relations and DiplomacyEnrollment27,500Founded1918Read more 
  3. University of Johannesburg South Africa JohannesburgFor International Relations and DiplomacyEnrollment49,910Founded2005Read more 
  4. University of Cape Town South Africa Cape TownFor International Relations and DiplomacyEnrollment22,500Founded1874Read more 
  5. University of Pretoria South Africa PretoriaFor International Relations and DiplomacyEnrollment56,483Male:Female42:58Founded1908Read more 
  6. University of South Africa South Africa PretoriaFor International Relations and DiplomacyEnrollment420,000Male:Female36:64Founded1873Read more 
  7. University of KwaZulu-Natal South Africa DurbanFor International Relations and DiplomacyEnrollment42,500Founded2004Read more 
  8. University of the Western Cape South Africa BellvilleFor International Relations and DiplomacyAcceptance Rate55%Enrollment18,720Male:Female40:60Founded1959Read more 
  9. Rhodes University South Africa GrahamstownFor International Relations and DiplomacyAcceptance Rate45%Enrollment8,200Founded1904Read more 
  10. University of the Free State South Africa BloemfonteinFor International Relations and DiplomacyEnrollment37,000Founded1904Read more 

Liberal Arts & Social Sciences subfields in South Africa

Aesthetics13Anthropology15Archaeology12Art History13Broadcast Journalism11Classics and Ancient History11Communications and Public Relations21Criminology and Criminal Justice17Demography22Early Childhood Education12Education Majors22Forensic Science11Gender Studies16Genealogy14History14Human Rights Law16Intellectual Property and Patent Law11International Law17Journalism and Digital Media12Law15Law Enforcement13Library and Information science13Linguistics11Media Studies12Military science13Negotiation and Conflict Resolution12Occupational Safety and Health12Philosophy11Political Economy14Political Science21Public Policy / Administration15Publishing11Radio and Television broadcasting15Social Work15Sociology22Special Education14Sports / Exercise science10Theology / Divinity / Religious studies15Urban and Regional planning11

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