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Last Updated on July 29, 2023

What After PhD Marine Biology?

PhD Marine Biology courses have high demand in India as well as abroad. So the job prospects and the availability of the jobs are enough and comfortable in India. PhD Marine Biology is the ultimate academic qualification that a student can achieve in the field of Marine Science and Marine Biology. 

After the completion of this course, the candidates will be available to apply for different job roles open in several companies.

The names of some common job profiles in the field of Marine Biology are AquaCulturist, Researcher, Marine Researcher, marine Scientist, Marine Biologist, Marine Biology Professor Biotechnology Specialist, Environmental Consultant, and Research Biologist etc. 

Following table highlights the top PhD Marine Biology jobs, along with the description and the average salary

Job ProfileJob DescriptionAverage Salary (INR)
Marine BiologistMarine Biologists are responsible to research and analyze various underwater ocean animals, plants, tiny creatures, corals and other microorganisms. They study their behaviors, life cycle and other important things to contribute to Marine Science.9.00 LPA
ProfessorProfessors of Marine Biology are those hired by different colleges and universities to teach Marine Biology to the students in their department. They have to generally teach Postgraduate level and PhD level Marine Biology. 3.50 LPA
Environmental ConsultantEnvironmental Consultants are responsible to provide various environmental aspects of any product or material produced by companies. They are hired by the companies and the need to provide advice on environmental hazards.6.26 LPA
Marine IllustratorMarine Illustrator is responsible for making visual representations of Marine Science and Marine Biology from different purposes. They have to illustrate and make charts, diagrams on different marine animals, plants, creatures and microorganisms 2.88 LPA
Research BiologistResearch Biologists are responsible to deeply research on the Marine Science and Marine Biology including the marine animals, Plants and Microorganisms etc. They have to collect samples from various sources to conduct various experiments on them and prepare an authentic report. 4.50 LPA

PhD Marine Biology: Salary Trend Graph

The Salary Trend Graph for PhD Marine Biologist shows as follows –

PhD Marine Biology Salary Trend

What are the Future Scopes of PhD Marine Biology?

PhD Marine Biology is the highest possible degree in the field of Marine Biology. After the completion of PhD Marine Biology, the students can pursue any desired foreign fellowship or can enable them to get into the industry of Marine Biology. The popular areas of employment after PhD In marine Biology are Laboratories, Research Laboratories, Colleges, Universities, Marine Firms, and Research Firms etc. 

PhD Marine Biology has a great market value in India and as well as outside India because the whole world and the society is closely dependent on the Ocean and Marine life.

The candidates after completing PhD Marine Biology can also devote to the Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute and the Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture as a scientist. They are one of the most prestigious organizations in India. 

Besides working as a scientist, they can also work there as researchers. PhD Marine Biology has a great scope to work as researchers in the various coastal research centers and as well as in various universities in India.

You shall be highly welcomed, if you wish to make funding in the various projects backed by others in the field of Marine Biology and Oceanography.

PhD Marine Biology has an entrepreneurial side as well. The students who possess fascination being entrepreneurs, then he or she devotes themselves with Marine Biology. 

They can invest themselves producing permanent slides Plankton, Herbarium Sheets etc. These products have great demand in the market and they are very much essentials for the colleges and the universities offering PhD Marine Biology.

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