welding schools in colorado

Last Updated on July 30, 2023

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welding schools in colorado

Welding Classes in Colorado (Top Schools)

Colorado map

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Are you searching to work in a promising industry?

If so, consider welding as an option, especially if you enjoy working with your hands.

We will provide a list of the top welding schools in Colorado for those who reside there.

Furthermore, you will receive important information about welding.

Job Responsibilities

A welder fuses different materials using some specific tools.

As a welder, you should be able to use all the instruments required to complete your project.

Although it sounds easy, there are certain skills you need to have.

Out of the many responsibilities a welder has, here are the most important ones:

  • Good comprehension of guidelines, blueprints, and sketches.
  • Ability to adhere to all the required guidelines.
  • Examining of the basic material to decide which welding method should be used.
  • Out of the 100 procedures, we can mention arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, and gas metal arc welding as some common ones.
  • Knowing when a specific instrument should be used according to the chosen method.
  • Make sure the equipment and instruments are kept intact.
  • A welder should know how to work with the many different instruments required for the task.
  • These include manual and electric devices.

Why Should You Work as a Welder in Colorado

Welding is a fulfilling job.

If you like using your hands and work outside, welding is the ideal choice for you.

It is also a great career for those who like to handle metals and fire.

You will help in constructing impressive structures like bridges and buildings.

Furthermore, the welding industry is on the rise.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2026 the employment opportunities will increase by 6%.

Below are the required skills for a welder:

  • A keen eye to detail
  • Technical skills;
  • Physical power;
  • Good endurance;
  • Manual dexterity;
  • Good at working with the hands;
  • Spatial-orientation awareness.

Colorado Median Wage in Welding

A median salary of a welder in Colorado is about $39 415 per year.

It’s slightly lower than an average salary throughout the country which is $39 533 per year.

Top 10% of welders in Colorado earn a median salary which is about $45 281 per year.

At the same time, the top 10% of welders throughout the country earn $45 418 per year.Annual Salary Range:$34K$39K$45K

Average Salary of Certified Welders in Colorado

City NameSalary
Colorado Springs$39,454
Fort Collins$38,341

* Salary information last updated 2022

Where Can An Accredited Welder Get Hired in Colorado?

There are many industries available to an accredited welder.

Colorado welders can get hired for projects such as:

  • Buildings, bridges, and other structures
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace applications
  • Power plants and refineries for gas and oil field
  • Constructing ships
  • Manufacturing and maintenance of cars and motorcycles

Colorado’s Best Welding Schools

We tried to offer important information before compiling a list of the top Colorado welding schools.

Read below to see which these are, and remember each school adheres to the American Welding Society’s SENSE Accreditation Program.

The schools offer important welding classes like Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick), or Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG).

While a few schools only request for the completion of the 10th grade, most others ask for a GED or a high-school diploma.

15 Welding Schools in Colorado

School NameAddress
Bollman Technical Education Center9451 N. Washington St. Thornton, CO 80229 United States
Colorado Educational CenterPO Box 999 Cannon City, CO 81212 United States
Community College Of Denver – CCD2570 31 St. Denver, CO 80216 United States
Durango High School2390 Main Ave Durango, CO 81301 United States
Emily Griffith Technical College1205 Osaga St. Denver, CO 80203 United States
Front Range Community College4616 South Sheilds Fort Collins, CO 80526 United States
Lincoln College Of Technology11194 E. 45th Ave. Denver, CO 80237 United States
Morgan Community College Fort Morgan920 Barlow Road Fort Morgan, CO 80701 United States
Pickens Technical College500 Airport BLVD Aurora, CO 80011 United States
Pikes Peak Community College5675 S. Academy BLVD Colorado Springs, CO 80906 United States
Prairie View High School Welding12909 E. 120th Ave. Henderson, CO 80640 United States
SW CO Community College33057 HWY 160 Mancos, CO 81328 United States
Tic Holdings Inc2645 Jacobs Circle Steamboat Springs, CO 80487 United States
Warren Tech13300 W. 2nd Place Lakewood, CO 80228 United States
Western Colorado Community College2508 Blickmann Ave. Grand Junction, CO 81505 United States

welding schools near me

6 Welding Schools in Denver, Colorado

Denver map

A career in welding offers more choices of industries to work in than just about any other career path out there!

Work on industrial shutdowns, as military support personnel, in shipbuilding and repair, motorsports, underwater…

Discover the best welding schools in Denver, CO.Search Welding Technician Programs

Get information on Welding Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information. Sponsored Listings

Certified Welders annual average salary in Colorado is $39,415 – ABOVE U.S. AVERAGE!

Lincoln Tech

Lincoln Tech logo

Lincoln Tech opened its doors in 1946. Since then, the institution has been providing technical skills training and superior education to the students for in-demand careers in a supportive learning environment. Lincoln Tech is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges.

Choose one of the programs or courses from the 5 areas – Culinary, Automotive, Skilled Trades, Health Sciences, Spa & Cosmetology, and Information Technology.  The Welding Technology program with Introduction to Pipefitting prepares individuals for entry-level positions as structural and pipe welders. A Welding Technology and Metal Fabrication program is also available. Visit School Website

AddressAddress: 11194 E 45th Avenue Denver, CO 80239

Emily Griffith Technical College

Emily Griffith Technical College logo

Emily Griffith Technical College was founded over a century ago as a place that provides opportunities ‘for all’. It is one of the few colleges in Denver that is recognized as a Hispanic Serving Institution by the US Department of Education. Emily Griffith is the largest and most affordable tech college in Colorado.

The college offers traditional programs and courses, as well as adult and continuing education, night classes, and hybrid-online courses. The Welding program will give the students hands-on experience in key welding processes. Visit School Website

AddressAddress: 1860 Lincoln Street Denver, CO 80203

Community College of Denver

Community College of Denver logo

Community College of Denver opened its doors back in 1967. It is one of the 13 institutions in the Colorado Community College System. Over 8.000 students are enrolled at the college every year. CCD supports a vibrant local economy through the preparation of a well-trained workforce. The college is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

CCD offers degrees and certificates in a wide range of fields. Online courses are also available. The Associate of Applied Science in Welding will prepare you for entry-level positions as construction, production or fabrication welders . Visit School Website

AddressAddress: 1111 W. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80204

Red Rocks Community College

Red Rocks Community College logo

Red Rocks Community College was established back in 1969. Today, RRCC is one of the finest higher education institutions in Colorado.  It has campuses in Lakewood and Arvada and is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

The college offers numerous degree and certificates in in-demand career fields – Health Careers, Fire Science, Law Enforcement, Computer Technology, and Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. The Welding program was designed to develop the skills necessary for entry-level positions in the industry. Visit School Website

AddressAddress: 13300 W Sixth Ave Lakewood, CO 80228

Front Range Community College

Front Range Community College logo

Front Range Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The mission of the college is to enrich lives through learning. The institution welcomes individuals from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds.

Front Range Community College offers flexible online classes, evening classes, and traditional options. Choose from more than 60 academic programs and acquire a degree or certificate of completion. The Gas Metal Arc Welding course was designed to enhance the skills and knowledge in accordance with industry standards. The Welding and Metal Fabrication program will prepare you for entry-level positions in the industry. Visit School Website

AddressAddress: 3645 W 112th Ave Westminster, CO 80031

Pickens Technical College

Pickens Technical College logo

Pickens Technical College’s main mission is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and work habits that will help succeed in the workforce. The institution operates under the governance of the Aurora Public Schools Board of Education. It is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education.

The college offers nearly 50 certificate programs to high school students and adults. The Welding vocational training program includes both classroom instruction and hands-on training in the latest welding techniques. The graduates will be prepared to take the American Welding Society certification test.

how long is welding school

How Long Does it Take to Become a Welder?

Welders play an important role in the mechanical trades, fusing the metal joints necessary for everything from skyscrapers to scooters. It’s skilled work that can have safety consequences if not done right. This may be one reason why employers usually prefer to hire those with welding training and welding certification.

The time it takes to earn these credentials depends on the type of welder training program and certification you’re looking for. Typically, welding training ranges between 7 months and 2 years of hands-on instruction, depending on the program you choose. If you’re considering becoming a welder, take a closer look at the educational requirements below.

Welder Definition

Welding professionals use over 100 different processes; many of them involve the application of heat to permanently join metal parts. They primarily work in the manufacturing industry, for specialty trade contractors, in repair and maintenance shops, or for merchant wholesalers. Five percent of welders are self-employed.

The Professional Path to Become a Welder

The path to becoming a welder can vary; however, due to employer preferences and requirements, post-secondary welding programs and industry certifications are two common steps. A high school diploma or GED and on-the-job training are also usually required in terms of welding education. It’s important to note that becoming a welder may take anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on the kind of training a welder pursues. For example, some welders start out as laborers, and the on-the-job training they earn allows them to advance in the field without ever attending a welding training program at a vocational or trade school. However, starting as a laborer and becoming a welder through on-the-job training can take years .Also, although some employers may be willing to hire inexperienced entry-level workers and train them on the job, many prefer to hire workers who already have training, credentials, and certifications. Employers usually want someone with training, because even welders with formal training still often have to receive several additional months of on-the-job training and in some cases certifications, depending on their employer.

Certified Welder Career Path

Step 1GED or High School DiplomaCareer-Relevant Courses: Computers, Shop Math, Physics & Chemistry3 Months to 4 Years
Step 2Post-Secondary Welding TrainingInstruction in Welding & Cutting Processes, Metallurgy, Welding Safety Practices7 Months to 2 Years
Step 3On-the-Job TrainingTraining Focus Varies with Employer & PositionSeveral Months
Step 4Welding CertificationCertifications from Welding Schools, Employers & Industry OrganizationsVaries with Granting Organization (Usually Involves Test or Inspection)

How Long Does It Take to Get a Welding Certification?

There are several types of welder certification. Some schools, such as Midwest Technical Institute (MTI), certify their students in specific welding processes, including SMAW, GTAW, and FCAW.

Once in the field, welding job applicants typically certify with the company to which they are applying for the positions that will be used on the job. Employers may also prefer to hire candidates with welder certifications from independent organizations, such as the American Welding Society (AWS), the American Petroleum Institute (API), or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

While the test or inspection typically necessary for these certifications may take a number of hours, the process of meeting eligibility requirements, applying for, and receiving the certification can vary in the length of time it takes.

For example, ASME provides certifications to companies that fabricate pressure vessels and boilers. These certifications confirm that companies’ manufacturing processes comply with ASME codes and standards for quality and safety.

ASME Section 9 Welder Qualification & Certification

Implementing a quality program in adherence to ASME standards can require companies to certify that their workers can weld in accordance to the codes outlined in ASME Section 9. Consequently, welders seeking positions working on pressure vessels or pipes may have to test on ASME Section 9 codes. The duration of the certification test depends on the company.

MTI offers welding training at its campuses in Springfield, East Peoria, and Moline, Illinois. The welding program is also available in Springfield, Missouri.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Welding License?

Some states and localities require welders to have a license. For example, welders working in New York City must obtain a license. The process entails an exam and a background investigation, as well as submitting several forms of personal documentation. Other states may have different licensing processes or no requirements at all. For these reasons, the time it takes to get a welding license depends on where one works. Neither Illinois nor Missouri, where MTI offers welding training, require welders to be licensed. RELATED TOPICS

  • How to Become a Welder
  • What Does a Welder Do?
  • Welding FAQ

Hands-On Welder Training

Choose from MTI’s 30-week Journeyman Welder Program or 40-week Journeyman Welder II Program with additional pipe fitting instruction. Whatever your chosen career path, Midwest Technical Institute (MTI) helps you fulfill the requirements of your welding education.

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