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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

Warsaw University of Business [the WWSB University] is a private university operating in the educational market for many years. Since 2011, it has been occupying the second position among all private universities of Warsaw and is also among five universities which have been awarded with the prestigious assessment “A” by the Polish Council of Assessment [Krajowa Rada Dozoru Technicznego]. The criteria used to evaluate include quality of education and scientific research, technology and human resources, educational and scientific organizations, economic value added to business activity and innovativeness.

According to a generally accepted classification of the best business schools in the world, Poland didn’t have a single institution of higher education on that list. However, Poland is an economic power, with over $1 trillion in GDP and an impressive 20 percent annual economic growth for the last decade. Polish business schools are catching up now. One of them is Warsaw University of Business (Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu), a private university operating in the educational market for many years.

Warsaw University of Business [Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu – the WWSB University] is a private university operating in the educational market for many years. In spite of that, the University is graduates over 500 students every year. Some of them are already working in prestigious companies, some of them start their own businesses. Others wait for their turn in widely recognized companies. Nowadays, more and more young specialists prefer to go to universities which offer not only formal education, but also business practice integrated into studies.

The Warsaw University of Business (the WWSB University), a private university operating in the educational market for many years, is consistently ranked among the best business schools in Poland. The school also places an emphasis on international projects, cooperating with prestigious academic centres from all over the world.

Warsaw University of Business, Poland | Courses, Fees, Eligibility and More

Warsaw University of Business [Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Biznesu – the WWSB University] is a private university operating in the educational market for many years. SINCE THEN, the WWSB University was founded in 2001 and has enjoyed unwavering student interest, offering candidates a rich and thoughtful offer of studies in several fields.

The University implements a modern curriculum focused on graduates’ practical preparation to work in their chosen professions, both in Poland and abroad. Nowadays, versatility and flexibility in approach to work are important – that is why the WWSB University constantly adjusts its educational offer and methodology to the needs of the market while at the same time taking care of the comfort of work and studying.

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With more than 200 years of history, University of Warsaw is Poland’s largest and finest university and a leading research centre in Poland being among the top 3% of the world’s best universities.

The University of Warsaw educates 40’000 undergraduate and graduate students, 2’500 Ph.D. students and almost 2’100 non-degree post-diploma students, not counting the UW Open University students of all ages, including children.

The University employs 7’500 people, including over 3’800 academic staff. Currently, there are 24 faculties and almost 30 other academic and research units, including the Centre of New Technologies and University Technology Transfer Centre.

Students are offered over 100 programmes of 1st, 2nd and long cycle Master’s studies in humanities, social, exact and natural sciences, numerous interdisciplinary programmes, as well as 27 English-language programmes and 22 double degree programmes run by UW and international partners. Doctoral education is conducted in four newly-established multidisciplinary doctoral schools, where the students implement an individual research plan.

Students may learn 37 different languages and receive the Language Proficiency Certificate. The University System of Language Provision was distinguished by the European Union with the European Language Label of the Labels award.

The quality of education is confirmed by the annual appraisals conducted by the University itself. Results demonstrate that the majority of students are satisfied with their selection of the university and the education programme and that having a diploma from the University of Warsaw is a definite asset in the job market; 90% of respondents have found employment right after graduation.


The high level of scientific research, as well as its connection with diversity and attractiveness of teaching methods determine the highest position of the University in the country and its strong reputation worldwide recognized also by prestigious international rankings. The University employs 3,800 scholars. Their scientific enquiry extends over 1,400 research topics; students who they concurrently teach have the opportunity of joining in their research projects.

The University of Warsaw is present in more than 20 countries in 5 continents through archaeological excavations, ethnography and cultural studies research. The archaeologists who investigate the ancient Egypt have at their disposal the University’s Research Station in Cairo. Polish telescopes operate at the Las Campanas Observatory in the Atacama Desert, Chile, where UW astronomers perform large-scale sky surveys.


The University of Warsaw cooperates actively with over 1000 foreign and national institutions and collaborates with 680 partners from over 100 countries within direct cooperation agreements. The level of internationalization makes the University one of the leading academic institutions in Central-Eastern Europe. The University is a member of 100 international societies and research networks. The University belongs to the 4EU European University Alliance together with Charles University, Heidelberg University, Sorbonne University, University of Copenhagen and University of Milan.


The University of Warsaw community includes 4,800 foreigners: students, doctoral students, employees and grantees of, among others, the Erasmus programme. According to the European Commission’s assessment of academic exchanges, the University of Warsaw is one of the leaders among over 3,000 institutions in the entire Europe. Located in Warsaw, taking 15th place among most sociable and friendly cities in the world (Business Insider), The University is at the centre of political and economic life and has a lively social and cultural scene.


University of Warsaw belongs to the global community of universities and accepts its universal aims, but its name is strongly bound up with the capital of Poland. In response to the challenges arising from the transformation of the country, the new position of Poland in Europe and the world and the education of knowledge-based society, University of Warsaw defines its mission as follows:

  1. The basis of the University’s activity is the unity of teaching and research.
  2. The mission of the University within society is to guarantee access to knowledge and acquisition of skill to all who are entitled.
  3. The civic mission of the University is the formation of those elites who, in their activities, will serve the imperio rationis rather than the ratione imperii.
  4. The cultural mission of the University is a synthesis of universal and local values.

Types of study offered by Warsaw University of Technology Business School:

  • Executive MBA – two-year postgraduate studies with English as the language of instruction.
  • International MBA – one-year postgraduate studies with English as the language of instruction.
  • Advanced Management Training in Pharmacoeconomics, Pharma Marketing and Law– one-year postgraduate study.
  • Academy of Leadership Psychology – one-semester postgraduate course.
  • Family Business Academy – one-year postgraduate course.

A great advantage of the School is the multicultural European character of studies, both in the case of lecturers and students. Classes are conducted in English with the use of interactive teaching methods and modern technologies. The teaching staff comprises highest class specialists – lecturers of renown Polish and foreign universities. Great attention is paid to participation in classes of experienced professionals from renowned companies.

International character of the studies and effective networking thanks to the Student and Alumni Association causes that the School’s graduates are successful in Poland and in the world. According to the School’s statistics (December 2012)

  • circa 45% are top managers;
  • 30% of graduates hold middle-level managerial positions;
  • 18% choose positions of specialists and experts;
  • 7% of graduates are freelancers.



  • Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Architecture
  • Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemical and Process Engineering
  • Faculty of Chemistry
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology
  • Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering
  • Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Faculty of Mechatronics
  • Faculty of Physics
  • Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering
  • Faculty of Production Engineering
  • Faculty of Transport
  • Faculty of Civil Engineering, Mechanics and Petrochemistry (Plock)
  • College of Economics and Social Sciences (Plock)

Careers Office

All students and alumni of Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) are welcome to take advantage of the Career Services (CS) providing advice, education and information in the field of professional promotion of students, Ph.D. students and graduates of the University.

The main goal of the Career Services’ Team is to support students and alumni of WUT in their personal and professional development. Among others, students and graduates are welcome to meet Career Advisors to get realistic information about the Polish labor market, to learn how to prepare an effective CV and Cover Letter and how to get ready for a job interview. They can also take part in a career coaching session or in training courses focused on skills which are crucial for their further development (e.g.: communication skills, assertiveness, team work, self-presentation, coping with stress, time management and entrepreneurship).

An important tool of CS is a website – www.bk.pw.edu.pl. Over 20 000 students and alumni use this website every day to get current job and internship offers, upload their CV to the database and get access to the list of Employers and important links and articles. 

The office of Career Services also creates opportunities for employers (over 8 000 companies registered at the portal) who are seeking talented students and professionals. First of all, employers are welcome to publish on the website their job/internship advertisements or employer branding materials without any costs. Moreover, all offers are transferred to a Newsletter which reaches approximately 10 000 students and alumni.     

With education which takes into account the needs of the job market and the developing economy, the Careers Services has been conducting since 2012 the study entitled “Monitoring of Professional Careers of Warsaw University of Technology Graduates”. The study aims to determine if the knowledge acquired by students during their education at Warsaw University of Technology was used properly and suggests possible modifications of curricula in order to adapt them to the needs of employers. A study conducted in 2016 showed, among others, that:

  • 85,5% of WUT alumni see a positive influence of graduation from WUT on their career;
  • 61,6% were employed before their graduation – 36,3% of those currently employed found a job within less than a month and 25,7% did not have to look for a job, because employers found them first;
  • 72,7% of questioned WUT graduates are employed, 7,2% run their own business, 19,2% are unemployed but continue their education in postgraduate studies;
  • WUT graduates are most often employed in companies from the IT sector – 17%, architecture / civil engineering – 10%, power / electrical engineering – 6,4%.


The library and information system of Warsaw University of Technology is comprised of over 30 WUT libraries, including: the Main Library with its branches and library points, as well as faculty and institute libraries. The full list of WUT libraries with addresses and opening hours is available at the home website of the Main Library.

The University libraries mainly collect modern literature which presents the current state of science and technology in the world. The libraries have in total 1,500,000 volumes of printed books and journals and circa 10,000 electronic journals, over 136,000 electronic books, available in over 50 databases. The largest collection is located in the Main Library. Electronic resources are available in the whole WUT network and for employees, students, Ph.D. students and postgraduate study participants, upon logging in at the Main Library, also from any computer outside the WUT network.

The Main Library offers library training on using scientific information courses. Some trainings are available on the Moodle platform in the e-learning form supported by lectures and presentations.


rankingWorld RankInstitutoSizeVisibilityRich Filesscholar
rankingWorld RankInstitutoSizeVisibilityRich Filesscholar
16Warsaw School of Economics221385
212Poznan University of Economics37171161
318Cracow University of Economics23283248
419Wroclaw University of Economics2454643
577Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management2314122576
6114School of Banking and Mangement In Cracow2935299511
7144National Louis University Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu20182243291
8255School of Economics and Law Kielce105405296218
9257Warsaw University School of Management320450165151
10260Higher School of Economics Wroclaw46275360511
11297Academy of Management and Administration in Opole267297289370
12325Gdansk Management College70308531511
13359Wyzsza Szkola Biznesu Gorzów Wlkp416420322229
14366School of Management and Banking in Poznań163425368432
15396School of Management and Marketing in Sochaczew344618229326
16447Skarbek Graduate School of Business Economics In Warsaw595440568175
17470Higher School of Finance and Banking in Radom38680350992
18475Politecnica University European Business Schools679254590511
19555Lublin Business School681681416291
20565European Centre for Educational Business School609555381511
21577Higher School of Finance and Accountancy in Sopot514662529511
22616Higher School of Marketing and Management in Leszno716598531511
23629Wrocław College of Management and Finances913615618398
24680Kwidzyn School of Management796808548345
25689Higher School of Economics in Bochnia802852601274
26770Economics College in Stalowa Wola794887429511
27815Warszawska Szkoła Zarządzania – Szkoła Wyższa950770760511
28829Politecnica University Business School795836795511
29874Management College in Szczecin926936824398
30888Higher School of Management in Białystok978924725511
31933Higher School of Economics Bydgoszczy989933894511
32942Wielkopolska Business School MBA11006931083511
331157Higher School of Economics and Management in Łódź11151230802511
341159Center for Management Training International MBA Programme115711511063511
351164Higher School of Business and Management in Ciechanów89211661145511
361171University of Warsaw Faculty of Management College of Business University of Illinois11381205987511
371245University of Warsaw Faculty of Management International Business Program119412451145511
381248Silesia Business School120912351145511

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