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Last Updated on December 28, 2022

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The bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degree program prepares individuals for careers in professional nursing in hospitals and other health care agencies. This traditional BSN program provides a foundation for progressing to positions of increased responsibility, leadership, and continued education in graduate programs. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a bachelor of science in nursing degree from the UW–Madison School of Nursing.

The curriculum includes courses in nursing as well as in liberal arts and sciences. Most students enter UW–Madison as pre-nursing students and spend their first two years completing nursing prerequisite and general education courses. Students then apply midway through their sophomore year to enter the nursing program as juniors. From there, the two-year nursing component includes lectures, laboratory, and clinical courses. Nursing courses emphasize clinical decision-making and the application of theoretical knowledge. Clinical experiences can be up to 90 miles from Madison and may include ambulatory sites, clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, home health agencies, geriatric facilities, school districts, nursing homes, policy centers, etc. This range of sites and opportunities gives students comprehensive exposure to a broad range of patients, illness, and care in both clinical patient and community health settings. Elective courses in general education and in nursing permit students to pursue individual interests.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Accelerated BSN

The Accelerated BSN Option is a 12-month, hybrid nursing program designed for individuals who already have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The College of Nursing offers three Accelerated BSN cohorts each year with start dates in February, May and October.

The UW Oshkosh Accelerated BSN Option was the first accelerated nursing program of its kind in the United States. Since 2003, the College of Nursing has graduated more than 1,100 accelerated nursing students who represent a strong cadre of registered nurses with diverse experiences and educational backgrounds.

Over the years, the Accelerated BSN curriculum has been honed and perfected to encompass the highest quality nursing education. Instructional components of the Accelerated BSN Option consist of nursing theory courses offered 100% online; clinical rotations completed in or near a student’s home community, and three on-campus residencies: orientation weekend, a two-week lab/clinical combination and advanced concepts/capstone week.

Deadlines to apply

  • February Cohort: July 30
  • May Cohort: October 30
  • October Cohort: March 30

The Accelerated Option is:


The attrition rate is less than 1%, and first-time NCLEX pass rates consistently exceed the national average. Our graduates are well-prepared and able to assume the role of a professional registered nurse.


Courses are completed at the rate of one credit per week. Students must meet high academic and professional standards.Z


UW Oshkosh’s undergraduate nursing program is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

The Accelerated Option is not:



Each cohort progresses through the curriculum together. Students must adhere to all course schedules and due dates. It is recommended that students reduce or forgo employment during the program to ensure their success.Q


Although the coursework requires a significant amount of independent studying, courses are closely guided by the instructor in a highly structured online learning environment.Q


Coursework is rigorous to best-prepare competent, new nurses. Students typically spend 8-12 hours on coursework each day.

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