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Last Updated on October 25, 2021

Acceptance Statistics

The University of Washington School of Medicine works to support the physician workforce needs of Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI) region. As such, around 96% of our class on average are residents of one of the five states that we support. We do accept applicants from outside the WWAMI region; however, it is far more competitive. Therefore, we recommend that all applicants looking to apply to the UW School of Medicine ensure that it is the right fit for their aspirations.

We do not accept international or Canadian students. Applicants with DACA status who reside in a WWAMI state and who are legally authorized and recognized by their state’s residency office as a resident for WWAMI educational purposes will be considered for admission. (See Residence Certification).

Class Sizes

There are a certain number of designated seats per state based on legislative funding. These numbers have changed in the past, but have remained steady for 3 years now. OOR applicants are only considered for the Seattle class.

Seattle100 Seats*
Spokane60 Seats
Alaska20 Seats
Montana30 Seats
Idaho40 Seats
Wyoming20 Seats

*10 Seats approx per year are for MSTP (MD/PhD)

Entering Class of 2020

These numbers include the Medical Scientist Training Program (M.D./Ph.D.) applicants.

* WWAMI is an acronym for Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho. All other applicants are referred to as being from out-of-region (OOR).

Entering class of 2020 by Foundations Site (Total class = 270)

Completed Secondaries1,19677151589113095N/A
Offers Made358176262338472622

*2 are MSTP

E20 Class Facts

Disadvantaged (Self-Designated) 20%
Attended a Rural High School 13.7%
Enrolled Directly after their Undergrad Program 9%
Military Service .07%
Age Range 20–43
Underrepresented in Medicine* 20%

* Prior to E20 data the groups that were included in this designation were African American/African/Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Pacific Islander/Hawaiian Native, and American Indian/Alaska Native. As of E20 some Southeast Asian subgroups have been added to these in our Underrepresented in Medicine count: Bhutanese, Burmese, Cham, Hmong, Khmer, Lao, Mien, Thai and Vietnamese.

2020 Matriculated

American Indian/Alaska Native440
Black/African American761
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander000
2+ More Races (W/URM)541
2+ More Races (No URM)14140
Not Indicated13121

For the Latinx/Hispanic group, students may be multi-racial but are counted exclusively in that grouping due to alignment with federal/national data collection and reporting methods.

Data for both the MD and MSTP program are included, and students are not double-counted.

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WWAMI (Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana, Idaho applicants)

Offered Acceptance310317282288282

OOR (Out-of-region applicants)

Offered Acceptance4841554430

Alternates Accepted

E-202047 (43)739 (8)76
E-201832 (28)33210 (9)3
E-2017305 (4)4 (2)44
E-201632 (26)2410 (9)2

The whole number is the position on the waitlist; (#) is the actual number of applicants accepted. The difference is due to alternates declining the position.

E20 Acceptance Rates

These are the average rates of acceptance for each applicant pool over the last three years for the M.D. program only. The percentage represents the number of applicants offered admission divided by the number that applied for that cohort.

Seattle 15%
Spokane 22%
Alaska 38%
Montana 31%
Idaho 26%
Wyoming 40%

Out-of-region applicants 0.3%

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