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The University of Turku (UTU) is an internationalresearch university and an active academic community of 25,000 students andstaff members from over 100 different countries. It was founded as the firstFinnish-language university in the country in 1920. The University’s maincampus is located in the historical city centre of Turku – close to the uniquenature and archipelago of Southwest Finland. As one of the leading universitiesin Finland, the University of Turku offers study and research opportunities inseven faculties and seven special units.

Research at the University of Turku  is diverse and international, promoting free,effective and open science and aiming towards new interdisciplinaryinitiatives. Research at the University is profiled through the following sixthematic collaborations: biofutures; digital futures; cultural memory andsocial change; children, young people and learning; drug development anddiagnostics; sea and maritime studies. A strong focus is placed on makingresearch careers attractive and predictable. The University of Turku GraduateSchool coordinates PhD training and 16 Doctoral Programmes, and the Universityhosts two Research Collegia which offer post-doctoral career opportunities.

Each year, over a hundred different innovations anddozens of invention disclosures originate from the research conducted at theUniversity of Turku. The University offers a growth platform for startups andspinoffs stemming from top research and aim to develop entrepreneurial attitudeand activities in the entire University. The University collaborates closelywith the Finnish society and participate actively in the development of it’s region.One of the main strategic goals is also to be a responsible employer bybuilding an encouraging and interactive university, where it is a pleasure tostudy and work.

Education at the University is based on the latestscientific knowledge and meets the changing needs of the society.  As they are creative and innovative experts who are not content with ready-madesolutions, the graduates of the University are sought after by employers.  The University offers a wide choice ofinternational Master’s degree programmes taught in English. The University isactive in international cooperation. It is a member of the Coimbra Group, anetwork of prestigious universities in Europe. Thanks to the outstandingservices, compact campus and active academic society, international studentsand scholars feel at home from the very beginning of their stay at theUniversity of Turku, Finland

University of turku world ranking

University of Turku is one of the top Public universities in Turku, Finland. It is ranked #=295 in QS Global World Rankings 2022.

  • QS World University Rankings#=295
  • QS WUR Ranking By Subject#29
  • Graduate Employability Ranking#301-500

University of turku fees

The tuition fee in Turku UAS is 11 500 EUR per academic year for non-EU/EEA students who start their studies in Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programmes offered in English. Tuition fee does not include accommodation or other living or study related costs

University of turku phd psychology

Turku – PhD programs in Psychology


Years of study


University Of Turku Phd Psychology Masters Fees


 Where can a PhD in Psychology find a career?

Doctorates are hired by schools and colleges, hospitals, pharmaceutical concerns, psychotherapy centers, research academies, government agencies and police departments. Doctorates career paths are in private and industrial sectors, as well as hold clinical positions or are employed in research and academic support service.

 Why hold a degree of PhD in Psychology?

Analysts of company recommend obtaining doctorate’s degree due to favorable working surrounding and low-stress level of work. Doctoral work candidates are sought by academic establishments and companies.

 Finland, Turku – PhD programs in Psychology statistics

Information about 1 PhD program in Psychology at 1 university in Turku, Finland. Furthermore, you can choose one of 1 Bachelor program in Psychology at 1 university and

University of turku psychology

Studies in psychology are for the most part conducted in Finnish. The Turku School of Behavioral Sciences, a cooperative effort between the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University, offers a number of courses in English.

If you are coming to study psychology at the University of Turku as an Erasmus student, you can contact Senior Lecturer Mika Koivisto.

Courses in English for International Students 2018–2019

Turku School of Behavioral Sciences offers several joint courses in English that are open for international students from both universities. Sing up for courses at Åbo Akademi University through MinPlan (Åbo Akademi University students) or by emailing amanuensis Yasmin Nyqvist  at least 7 days before the beginning of the course. For courses at Turku University, through NettiOpsu (Turku University students) or email secretary Minna Varjonen 7 days before the beginning of the course.


  • PSYK8951 Consciousness and brain 5 or 8 ECTS
  • PSYK8950 Introduction to evolutionary psychology 6 ECTS
  • PSYK8959 Affective neuroscience 3 ECTS or 5 ECTS (Affective neuroscience 3 ECTS + PSYK4111 Emotions 2 ECTS)


  • PSYK3517 Cognitive Neurosciene 5 ECTS
  • PSYK3405 Psychology of Language 3 ECTS
  • PSYK3517 Introduction to Bilingualism 5 ECTS


  • Forensic Psychological Assessment 1, 5 ECTS (University of Turku course code PSYK8955) 
  • Forensic Psychological Assessment 2, 5 ECTS (University of Turku course code PSYK8956)


  • Social psychology 5 ECTS (University of Turku course code PSYK8949)

Courses offered by Turku Brain and Mind Center academic year 2018–2019 
More information can be found on the Website Minor in Neuroscience

See also courses offered by University of Turku: Courses for exchange students

Postgraduate studies

Post-masters-level or postgraduate degrees available in the discipline of psychology include licentiate and doctoral degrees in psychology as well as Ph.D. Postgraduate studies can be completed either as a full-time researcher or while working elsewhere. All doctoral students at the University of Turku belong to the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS) and one of its doctoral programmes.

​Psychology is among the disiciplines of the Doctoral Programme of Social and Behavioural Sciences of the faculty of social sciences as well as the Doctoral Programme in Clinical Investigation (CLIDP, Faculty of Medicine). The field of psychology also has a national doctoral programme of psychology (DOPSY) until the end of 2015, but no new students are admitted.

The degree of licentiate of psychology can be completed as a four-year specialist training programme in one of the following fields: developmental and educational psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology, psychotherapy, and work and organizational psychology. This specialist training is organized by Psykonet, the cooperation network of all six Finnish psychology departments/disciplines.

All information on postgraduate/doctoral studies at the faculty are available on the websites of the faculty, the faculty’s doctoral programme and the UTUGS. For more information on becoming a doctoral student, please go through the faculty’s website. You should also contact the discipline’s staff in advance.

Education in psychology is primarily aimed at leading up to professional competence in psychology. The high quality of the education rests on cooperation with the six Finnish departments/sections of psychology through the Psykonet network.

Research in psychology straddles the borders of several fields of science. Psychology studies human activities and their general principles by asking questions such as the following.

How does the human mind work? How does the brain operate? What is it that makes humans function? Why do humans behave as they do? How does the human mind develop over a lifetime? What causes various emotions? How does human behaviour change when in company? How do the functions of the mind and behaviour vary from one individual to another?

The human mind and human behaviour are studied in all possible walks of life and in a number of different situations: in traffic, in school, in a sports team, and in meetings, as well as in states of depression, happiness, inebriation and anger.

University Of Turku Phd Psychology Masters Requirements

  • Psychology Education

The education of psychologists in Finland is a 5 year study which follows the format of 3 years BA + 2 years MA.

Recognition of university education programmes as meeting EuroPsy requirements is undertaken in cooperation with the National Awarding Committee (NAC)

  • Programmes that meet EuroPsy requirements:

Recognised programmes exist at 6 universities in Finland. All six of these programmes meet the EuroPsy requirements and are listed below:

Name of UniversityCityMA/MSc Degree Programmes
University of Eastern Finland  JoensuuMA (Psychology)
University of HelsinkiHelsinkiMA (Psychology)
University of JyväskyläJyväskyläMA (Psychology)
University of TampereTampereMA (Psychology)
University of TurkuTurkuMA (Psychology)
Åbo Akademi UniversityTurkuMA (Psychology)
  • Supervised practice arrangements (for the EuroPsy Certificate)

At least five months is included in the Master’s degree, and the additional seven months is required after completing the Master’s degree and gaining the right to work as a licensed psychologist.

  • Arrangements for the training of supervisors

Multi-professional supervision training courses are arranged by a number of different organizations.

Most supervisors meet the EuroPsy Level 5 criteria or higher criteria. Level 5: the supervisor satisfies the EuroPsy basic criteria (holding a EuroPsy certificate through grandparenting) and has at least 2 years of full-time independent practice (or its equivalent). These 2 years have been achieved within one specific field (clinical and health; education; work and organisation).

  • Recognition of Title

The title Psychologist is a legally recognized and protected title for all areas of practice

  • Licence to Practice

License or entry in a register is needed for practising psychology

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

There is some provision for CPD.
The license to practise is not restricted in time and there are no revalidation requirements.

Turku University Phd Program In Economics

The Doctoral Programme of Turku School of Economics aims at training of experts for the needs of business, society, and academic comminity. It offers scientific researcher training to solve relevant, current and anticipated problems related to business, economy and society.

Turku School of Economics is among the 5% of the business schools worldwide, which have earned the highly valued AACSB Accreditation. We have been accredited since 2019 and are committed to continually improve the quality of education we offer. 

We offer

  • a 4-year doctoral programme
  • an array of disciplines and research fields where to make your doctoral studies
  • the possibility to study full-time or part time in a slower pace
  • the degrees of Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration, Doctor of Philosophy and Doctor of Social Sciences

In its research and teaching portfolio, the programme covers a multitude of disciplines related to business and economy. Turku School of Economics is primarily known for four focus areas of expertise:

  • entrepreneurship
  • management control
  • networks in business
  • economic policy and markets

The Doctoral Programme of Turku School of Economics is a part of the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS).

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