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Last Updated on December 24, 2022

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Undergraduate Majors


UMass Lowell is a comprehensive research university offering more than 100 undergraduate majors in a wide array of disciplines across our six colleges. Some programs allow students to earn both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in as little as five years. Minors within academic departments, as well as interdisciplinary minors, allow students to pursue an additional area of interest.

  • American Studies1: B.A.
    • General Option
    • Thematic Option
  • Applied Biomedical Sciences: B.S.
    • Clinical Science Option
    • Medical Laboratory Science Option
  • Art: B.F.A.
    • Animation & Interactive Media Concentration
    • Studio Art Concentration
  • Biology: B.S.
    • General Option
    • Biotechnology Option
    • Bioinformatics Option
    • Ecology Option
  • Biomedical Engineering: B.S.E.
  • Business Administration: B.S.B.A.
    • Accounting Concentration
    • Analytics and Operations Management
    • Entrepreneurship Concentration
    • Finance Concentration
    • International Business Concentration
    • Management Concentration
    • Management Information Systems Concentration
    • Marketing Concentration
  • Chemical Engineering: B.S.E.
    • General Option
    • Biological Engineering Option
    • Nanomaterials Engineering Option
    • Nuclear Engineering Option
  • Chemistry: B.S.
    • General Option
    • Biochemistry Option
    • Forensic Science Option
  • Civil Engineering: B.S.E.
  • Composition for New Media: B.M.
  • Computer Engineering: B.S.E.
  • Computer Science: B.S.
    • General Option
    • Bio-Cheminformatics Option
    • Cybersecurity Option
    • Data Science Option
  • Criminal Justice: B.S.
    • General Option
    • Corrections Option
    • Crime and Mental Health Option
    • Homeland Security Option
    • Police Option
    • Violence Option
  • Digital Media1: B.A.
  • Economics: B.A.
  • Education: B.A.Ed.
    • Disability Studies for Educational and Community Organizations Option
    • Elementary and Moderate Disabilities Option
  • Electrical Engineering: B.S.E.
  • Electrical Engineering/Computer Science (double major): B.S.E.
  • Electrical Engineering/Physics (double major): B.S.E.
  • English: B.A.
    • Creative Writing Concentration
    • Journalism & Professional Writing Concentration
    • Literature Concentration
    • Theatre Arts Concentration
  • Environmental Engineering: B.S.E.
  • Environmental Science: B.S.
    • Environmental Science Option
    • Geoscience Option
  • Exercise Science: B.S.
    • Clinical Option
    • Exercise and Fitness Management Option
  • Graphic Design: B.F.A.
  • History: B.A.
  • Industrial Engineering: B.S.E.
  • Liberal Arts1: B.L.A.
  • Mathematics: B.A.
  • Mathematics: B.S
    • General Option
    • Applied, Computational Mathematics Option
    • Bioinformatics Option
    • Business Applications Option
    • Computer Science Option
    • Probability & Statistics Option
    • Teaching Option
  • Mechanical Engineering: B.S.E.
  • Meteorology and Atmospheric Science: B.S.
  • Music Business: B.M.
  • Music Performance: B.M.
    • Instrumental Option
    • Voice Option
  • Music Studies: B.M.
  • Nursing: B.S.
  • Nutritional Science: B.S.
    • General Option
    • Nutrition and Wellness Option
    • Dietetics Option
  • Peace & Conflict Studies1: B.A.
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences: B.S.
    • Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management Option
  • Philosophy: B.A.
    • General Option
    • Communications & Critical Thinking Option
    • Philosophy & Religious Studies Option
  • Physics: B.S.
    • General Option
    • Astronomy and Astrophysics Option
    • Radiological Health Physics Option
  • Plastics Engineering: B.S.E.
  • Political Science: B.A.
    • American Politics Concentration
    • International Relations and Comparative Politics Concentration
    • Law and Politics Concentration
    • Political Communication and Public Opinion Concentration
  • Psychology: B.A.
    • General Concentration
    • Behavior Analysis Concentration
    • Developmental Disabilities Concentration
    • Community Social Psychology Concentration
    • Clinical Psychology Concentration
    • Health Psychology Concentration
  • Public Health: B.S.
    • Community Health/Health Promotion Concentration
    • Health Sciences Concentration
  • Sociology: B.A.
    • General Concentration
    • Policy & Social Problems Concentration
  • Sound Recording Technology: B.M.
  • World Languages and Cultures: B.A.
    • French Option
    • French/Spanish Option
    • Italian/Spanish Option
    • Spanish Option

Academics at University of Massachusetts – Lowell – Majors, Faculty & More

Wondering what academic life at UMass Lowell will be like? In addition to the degrees and majors, as well as the faculty composition at UMass Lowell this section includes detailed information on freshman retention rates, reasons students did not graduate, and an analysis of full-time and tenured faculty vs. adjunct teaching staff.

All About Academics

What’s the point of going to college without academics? Find out more about the faculty and staff, what majors and fields of study are offered at this college, and information on online classes if offered. Here are some of the things you’ll learn in this section.

  • The student to faculty (instructor) ratio.
  • The Majors offered at this college.
  • What online and distance learning options are available.

Faculty Resources

The total number of instructional staff teaching the 14,004 undergraduate students at University of Massachusetts – Lowell is 1,112 . When this is adjusted to account for those with part-time status, the result is the “full-time equivalent” (FTE) count. Using the FTE count for students and staff results in a “student to instructor” ratio of 17 to 1 which makes University of Massachusetts – Lowell worse than the typical college regarding instructional attention.

For every instructor (FTE) at University of Massachusetts – Lowell , there are 17 undergraduate students (FTE). This ratio is worse than the typical college concerning instructional attention.
57%The majority of the instructors (57.0% ) are full-time.
100%The vast majority of instructors (100.0% ) are “faculty” rather than “lecturers”.57%The majority of the faculty (57.0% ) are full-time.60%The majority of the faculty (60.0% ) are adjuncts (not in the tenure system)

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