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Last Updated on July 28, 2023

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University Of Lausanne Chemistry

The chemical sciences are of vital importance in the modern world, and the research undertaken in our Institute spans fundamental studies in theoretical chemistry and biochemistry to applications in devices and engineering. Fundamental research in our Institute led to the discovery of dye sensitized solar cells and drugs and diagnostics developed within our Institute are now in widespread use. We continue to take a leading role in all aspects of chemistry including research at the interface of biology and physics as well as in sustainability and nanoscience.

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Science of creation, pillar of all industries, chemistry is currently the central discipline of modern research, at the crossroads of all natural sciences.

Understanding a biological mechanism, dreaming and producing a new drug, creating a revolutionary material, inventing a clean and safe manufacturing process, designing new sources of energy for the future of humanity, understanding the subtle balances governing our environment for protect it: so many missions for chemists and chemical engineers today.

The chemistry and chemical engineering section is currently the largest chemistry school in Switzerland by the annual number of graduates. It trains top scientists and engineers in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering and biotechnology and offers a Bachelor of Science degree in 180 credits, then two Masters, the Master in Molecular and Biological Chemistry and the Master in Engineering. chemical and biotechnology.

Holders of a master’s degree or an equivalent title can finally join our Doctoral School (EDCH) to undertake doctoral studies and obtain the degree of Doctor of Science or Doctor of Science in Technical Sciences.

Different areas of research are grouped together at the Institute of Chemical Science and Engineering (ISIC).

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