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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

International scholarships, fellowships or grants are offered to students outside the country where the university is located. These are also called as financial aid and many times the financial aid office of the University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté deals with it. University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté scholarships are offered by University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté to study or research there.

There are various University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté scholarshipsinternships for international students. Apart from the university-based scholarships, there are many other organizations including foundations, trusts, corporates etc. Who offer scholarships for international students. To help, we list out the latest international scholarships, fellowships and grants information. The University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté scholarships application form is also available to apply online for the scholarships.

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As you see, these University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté scholarships can be taken for various degree levels. Explore University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté courses/ degree programs offered for University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté bachelors courses (also known as University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté undergraduate courses), University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté Masters courses and even for University of Burgundy – Franche-Comté PhD courses or research programs.

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Financial supports are available to help eligible students who would like to go abroad for an exchange or an internship.

Make sure that you have enough financial resources before you leave. Even if you are eligible for one or more grants or bursaries, the money may not be transferred to you until several months after you leave France.

This delay is due to the financial and administrative processing of your application. Therefore, you must make sure that you have enough money available both prior to and when you arrive in the country to pay for costs such as your travel, housing deposit and rent, as well as public transport, food shopping, books and monthly bills such as electricity and water. You can also ask for an international bank card before going abroad.

Students who wish to benefit from financial support to finance their semester, year or master’s degree in France can apply for the financial aid below:

This one-year scholarship includes a round trip plane ticket from your home country to France, coverage of study and insurance costs, as well as a monthly stipend (around 700€) for housing, meals and living expenses. Each year, priority areas are identified for the allocation of French Government Scholarships.

How to apply? All information is available on the website of the French Embassy in your country of origin where you can learn about the procedure and the supporting documents required. Application deadlines are different from an embassy to another.

The Eiffel scholarship is an excellence scholarship. All nationalities outside of France are eligible (candidates with two nationalities of which one is French are not eligible). Obtaining this scholarship, for a period of 12 to 24 months, offers a monthly allowance of approximately € 1,181 and the payment of study costs (tuition fees and CVEC fee) among other advantages!

Each year, areas are recognized as priorities. More information here.

Who can apply? The Eiffel Program is reserved for non-French nationals. Candidates
with two nationalities of which one is French are not eligible. Candidates for the master’s component must be 25 or under at the time of the 2022 competition—that is, they must have been born after the 31st of March 1996. The candidate must apply to a Master registered in the fields of study covered by the Eiffel scholarship.

How to apply? Read the guidelines of the Eiffel scholarship carefully. If your field of study is covered by the Eiffel scholarship program, contact the Head of Master of the program you have selected. If he/she decides to support your application, you will receive the guidelines and calendar to follow. The International Relations office of UBFC will grant you access to the platform dedicated to Eiffel applications.

When do I apply? You can contact the Head of Master as of now. If he/she supports your application, you will need to fill out the application form on the dedicated platform before November 29th 2021.

Who is in charge of submitting my application? Only applications submitted by French higher education institutions are accepted.

If you are going on an exchange or as part of a double-degree at one of our partner universities (click on “voir les calques” on the left), you can benefit from an alliance scholarship.

How to apply? Only the heads of your master’s degree are the decision-makers regarding the attribution of this scholarship, after acceptance for your mobility from UBFC and the partner university.

The ISITE-BFC Excellence scolarship is based on your results, experience and projects. It can be attributed for up to 10 months.

How to apply? Only the heads of your master’s degree are the decision-makers regarding the attribution of this scholarship.

The total amount of the scholarship is determined upon your financial situation and your other sources of funding.

Type of scholarshipAquisis (studies)Dynastage (internships)
‘Family quotient’[1]Europe (per month)[2]General (per month)[3]Europe (per month)General (per month)
< 12 915€180€230€300€380€
12 916€ – 19 380€135€173€225€285€
19 381€ – 25 830€90€115€150€190€

[1] The ‘family quotient’ or ‘family income’ (« quotient familial »), is your income from 2018 (either your family’s if you declare yourself with your family regarding income taxes in your country – or yourself if you declare yourself on your own, divided by the number of people composing your household).

[2] If you are funded by a European scholarship (such as Erasmus+), you are concerned by the column « Europe ».

[3] If you are funded by any other options, or in any other case, you are concerned by the column « General ».

For ‘Aquisis’ scholarship (studies scholarship) :

  • Minimum duration : 3 months (88 days)
  • Maximal duration : 10 months (300 days)

For ‘Dynastage’ scholarship (internships scholarship) :

  • Minimum duration : 2 weeks (11 days)
  • Maximal duration : 6 months (180 days)

The scholarship is calculated from the date of beginning to the date of end of internship/studies, written on the internship /learning agreement or the certificate of attendance (for Aquisis).

Payment :

The payment is made in two parts :

  • Advance payment of 80% after attribution of the scholarship
  • 20% remaining after transmission of the certificate of completion and transmission of the end-of-mobility report, maximum 2 months after the end of the mobility

Accumulation :

  • Possibility to accumulate the scholarship from the région Bourgogne Franche-Comté with a CROUS scholarship, a scholarship from a higher education establishment (such as en excellence scholarship) or a sanitary and social scholarship.
  • Possibility to accumulate the scholarship with a scholarship from the European Union (such as Erasmus+).
  • No possibility to accumulate with another scholarship from the région Bourgogne Franche-Comté or another French region on the same subject or the same period.

General eligibility criteria for Dynastage and Aquisis :

  • Follow classes in one of the training centers in Bourgogne Franche-Comté (no e-learning)
  • The request for the scholarship has to be made maximum 1 month after the beginning of the mobility, between January 2nd and October 25th.
  • The mobility has to be pedagogically validated, integrated in the training
  • The mobility has to be abroad, outside of France and French overseas territories, and further than 150km from the home residence (parents’ residence) and further than 150km for the study residence
  • The mobility can’t be in the family’s residence country (parents’ residence) for international students

Specific eligibility criteria for Dynastage (internships) :

  • The internship has to be professional (no linguistic, « au pair » or summer job stays)
  • Need for an internship agreement between the student, UBFC and the host institution
  • Minimum duration : 2 weeks
  • The internship has to take place in only one host institution. If the student carries out two consecutive internships in two different host institutions, two requests have to be made regarding the scholarship from the région Bourgogne Franche-Comté
  • The student can benefit from two scholarships Dynastage (for a maximum cumulated duration of 6 months) throughout his/her higher education (Bachelor or Master level)

Specific eligiblity criteria for Aquisis (studies) :

  • Minimum duration : 3 months
  • The studies period is a training period, and not an internship period. Internships in a research lab, administrative or technical services of a teaching establishment or institution abroad are not eligible to the Aquisis scholarship.
  • The student can benefit from only one Aquisis scholarship (for a maximum duration of 10 months) throughout his/her higher education (Bachelor or Master level)

Procedure :

The request for the scholarship has to be made online on a specific platform, accessible from the website of the region, maximum 30 days after the beginning of the mobility.

The creation of a personal account has to be made thanks to a specific code, given every year to the international mobility coordinator of your university.

Required documents :

  • Copy of school certificate or student card
  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • RIB (bank slip with bank details)
  • Tax notice for your 2018 income :
    • If the student declared
  • himself/herself on his/her own in 2018 : copy of his/her tax notice + a copy of his/her parents’ notice
  • If the student declared himself/herself with his/her parents in 2018 : copy of his/her parents’ notice.
  • For foreigners : if parents can’t provide a tax notice in French about the 2018 income, the region will need a document with official translation (in local currency and euros) about the household income and the composition of the household

Other information :

If the tax income is > 25 830€, and therefore the student is not eligible to a Aquisis or Dynastage scholarship, his/her situation can be re examined if one of the following situations happened between 2018 and 2020 : long illness, unemployment, divorce, full time job to part time job, decease, handicap, force majeure.

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