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The UCI International Studies major prepares you to become an informed and capable citizen of the world. This interdisciplinary program is grounded in comparative study, international exchange, and service learning experiences. UCI’s location in the heart of Irvine offers a truly unique environment that lets you learn from a diverse range of cultures through immersion and service toward global community.

International Studies is a program of academic learning, critical thinking, and cross-cultural inquiry that prepares students to live in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world. UCI’s prestigious College of Humanities will help you prepare to be a citizen of the world. We encourage you to explore their website to learn more about our excellent academic programs and the diverse array of opportunities in the global marketplace.

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The major in international studies provides an interdisciplinary perspective on global politics, economics, cultures and history. International studies majors acquire twenty-first-century analytical skills and knowledge that will enable them to understand and contribute to shaping the rapidly evolving global community. The degree in international studies prepares students for careers in a variety of fields such as international public policy, international business and finance, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and academic research and teaching.                      

International Studies vs. International Relations: What's the Difference?

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UC Irvine International Studies (IS) offers a variety of programs that allow students to pursue the international studies major on a part-time or full-time basis at University of California, Irvine. Through their unique programs, IS students are able to reach across disciplines and interact with faculty from other majors to create their own personalized curriculum, gaining a deeper understanding of global studies. Many courses in the program utilize an interdisciplinary approach that spans many academic disciplines. By taking courses from other departments, IS students are able to learn about different perspectives in particular subject areas as well as different cultures.

UCI’s International Studies (IS) department offers a wide range of courses, programs and activities to help students think globally and apply this understanding to local issues. With an emphasis on international culture, language learning and creating a global perspective, IS stimulates intellectual curiosity and gives you the tools to become an engaged member of the world community.

uCI international studies change of major requirements

Requirements for the major include a core set of courses: Introduction to Global Studies, Global Cultures and Society, Global Political Ideologies, Global Political Economy, Human Rights and Global Governance, and Global Environmental Issues. Also required is an additional lower-division social science course, and the Global and International Studies Forum. Students also choose both a geographic focus and a global focus to enable them to broaden and deepen areas of knowledge and topics of particular interest. The final requirements are competence in a language other than English and an international experience or approved internship.

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Requirements for the Major

All International Studies majors must complete a minimum of 16 courses for a letter grade, with a minimum GPA of 2.0.

A. Complete:
INTL ST 1Introduction to Global Studies
B. Select four from the following:
INTL ST 11Global Cultures and Society
INTL ST 12Global Political Ideologies
INTL ST 15Global Political Economy
INTL ST 16Human Rights and Global Governance
INTL ST 17Global Environmental Issues
C. Select one from the following:
ANTHRO 2AIntroduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
HISTORY 21AWorld: Innovations
HISTORY 21BWorld: Empires and Revolutions
HISTORY 21CWorld: Nation, War, and Rights
INTL ST 13Global Economy
INTL ST 14Introduction to International Relations
POL SCI 51AIntroduction to Politics Around the World
SOC SCI 5DUS & World Geography
SOCIOL 2Globalization and Transnational Sociology
D. Competency in a language other than English. 1
E. Geographic Focus: Select two upper-division courses in any one geographic area. 2
F. Global Focus: Select five upper-division courses. At least two courses must be from Module A. 2
Module A:
INTL ST 100Global Trials
INTL ST 101AGlobal Social Movements
INTL ST 101BGlobal Cities and Slums
INTL ST 102AGlobal Refugees and Stateless People
INTL ST 103ACase Studies in Global and Planetary Health
INTL ST 104AGlobal Trafficking
INTL ST 104BWGlobal Gender and Sexuality
INTL ST 106AGlobal Political Ecology
INTL ST 106BGlobal Food Environment
INTL ST 150Racism and Global Apartheid
INTL ST 163Global Inequalities
Module B:
For a quarterly list of approved upper-division courses, please visit the Social Sciences Undergraduate Student Affairs Office: https://www.undergrad.socsci.uci.edu/policies/index.php
G. Two quarters of INTL ST 183A, one quarter of which must be taken during the junior or senior year as a capstone experience.
H. At least one quarter of international experience. 3
1Competency is established by college-level course work equivalent to UCI’s fifth quarter of study (usually 2B).
2Visit the Global and International Studies website for a list of approved courses. Although some courses are listed in more than one focus, students may not double count a course for both their geographic and global focus areas. Study abroad counts as one course in the geographic focus.
3Majors are encouraged to study abroad through the University’s Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) or the Independent Programs, which are available for periods of a quarter, year, or summer. When this is not possible, work overseas (through Independent Programs) or a domestic internship with the UCDC Internship Program, the UCI Washington D.C. Academic Internship Program, or Social Science Internship Program (SOC SCI 197) with an international focus may be substituted. Study abroad counts as one course in the regional focus.

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Honors Program in International Studies

The Honors Program allows International Studies majors to engage in research leading to the completion of an honors thesis. The topic for the honors thesis is selected by the student, in consultation with a faculty advisor, and should reflect a theme consistent with the student’s module in the International Studies major.

The honors program is open to all junior and senior International Studies majors with an overall GPA of 3.0 and a 3.5 GPA in the major.

During the spring quarter of the junior year or during the summer before the senior year, students formally apply to the honors program. Students will be notified of their selection to the honors program by September 1. In the fall quarter, students enroll in International Studies INTL ST H180, Honors Research Seminar. In this course, each student formulates a written research plan (i.e., prospectus) for the honors thesis. Students also select a faculty member who agrees to supervise the research, evaluate the written work, and approve the honors thesis. In the winter quarter, students enroll in International Studies INTL ST H190, Honors Thesis, with their faculty advisor. The faculty advisor supervises and evaluates data collection and analysis and reads and edits chapter drafts. In the spring quarter, students enroll in a second quarter of INTL ST H190, Honors Thesis, with their faculty advisor. The thesis is to be completed by the student and approved by the advisor prior to the end of the quarter.

Honors students must also demonstrate a high level of language proficiency by completing two courses beyond the 2A level in language, literature, or culture taught in their chosen international language.

International Studies majors are also required to pursue some form of international experience, as explained in major requirement H.

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