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Last Updated on December 28, 2021

 Berkeley, US 


Formats: In-person 

Duration: 2.5-3 years 

Intakes: August

 Accreditations: AACSB 

Cost: $137,000

 Avg. Starting Salary: $122,488 

Avg. GMAT score: 700 

Avg. Undergrad GPA: 3.5


Become the Leader You’d Want to Follow

Challenge yourself. Own your career. Discover yourself as a leader.


Build a deep foundation in the basics, and find the flexibility to grow in the direction you choose.


Engage with a supportive community and opportunities to lead that will be with you for life.


Showcase your leadership capabilities, and build connections to advance or make a change. 


A Rigorous, Multi-Faceted Curriculum

Our rigorous curriculum steeps you in different ways of thinking and in multiple perspectives and reinforces your growing knowledge with experiential learning. 

The 13 required courses in the core curriculum build on each other to give you the analytical tools and essential knowledge to lead successfully. You then tailor your course of study with a wide array of electives to achieve your goals and feed your passions.


The top-ranked Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program is rigorous enough to ground you in general management principles, yet flexible enough to be completed on your terms, typically in 2.5 to 3 years. A wide range of electives allows you to dive deeply into the subjects and experiences you need to take your career where you want to go.

Being on campus, and being taught by the world-class Berkeley MBA faculty envelops you in the complete academic experience, even while you continue to work. And you take your learning to work with you, for real-time return on your investment.

Structured for Your Success

From the foundational to the inspirational, the Evening & Weekend Berkeley MBA Program is designed for the working person you are today, and the leader you want to become.

Be your best in your current role while building leadership skills for what comes next. Experience the rigor and rewards of a complete MBA experience on your schedule.

Schedule Options

You have a job. You have career aspirations. Our Evening & Weekend MBA Program positions you to excel in both arenas by making it possible to earn your MBA while you continue to grow at work; you can choose from two schedule options: evening or weekend.

All entering students start the program together in late July or early August when the entire class convenes for the required WE Launch orientation weekend. A glance at the annual academic calendar shows you how you can fit work and study together.


Choose your course schedule to strike a balance between your current career responsibilities and your career aspirations. While designed to be completed in 3 years, you can earn your MBA in 2.5, or you may take more time if needed. You also are able to switch between evening and weekend after completing your third semester to take electives in another schedule option. Our program office team works with you to design the course of study that works best for you.

A Learning Community

From orientation to graduation, your class forges its own identity. In your first year you are part of a cohort of 70 students. In addition to taking core courses together, your cohort connects you with others and with the program office, student government, and faculty.

Because Berkeley Haas faculty emphasize teamwork and collaboration, you are part of a study team of five or so students. Each team is selected to include diverse professional experiences to ensure you learn from and with people with different perspectives and skills. 

You also can lean into the benefits of being on the Haas and UC Berkeley campus: speaker series, research centers, extracurricular activities, athletic events, and more. 

Redefining Leadership


We develop a different kind of leader. A leader who takes intelligent risks, advances bold ideas, and thrives on new ways of thinking.

Instead of accepting conventional wisdom, our leaders make decisions based on evidence and with a deep understanding of human and organizational behavior. They lead with confidence and without arrogance, aware that business decisions have human and social impacts.

Your Evening & Weekend MBA leadership education starts with core courses covering general business fundamentals. Every class in the program emphasizes teamwork and collaboration, essential skills you will rely on throughout your career. As you move into electives, you realize the full benefit of being able to tailor your learning to serve your needs.

Global Focus


The world has never been smaller: Global supply chains and trade bring us closer together. The world has never been larger: New markets and borderless communities are reshaping business.

The Berkeley MBA opens the world to students through classroom experiences and on the ground in countries near and far. We expand your worldview and your awareness of who you are and what you have to contribute to the world.

Evening & Weekend MBA Global Learning Opportunities

International Business Development (IBD)

Our signature international MBA experience pairs student teams with for-profit and nonprofit organizations worldwide on real-life consulting projects. International Business Development involves work in the classroom and two weeks in-country during the summer.

Seminars in International Business (SIB)

Each SIB course looks at a country through the lenses of local culture, history, and the business environment. SIB widens your understanding and perspective on how business is conducted in a particular region of the world, most recently South Africa, China, and Brazil. SIB encompasses classroom sessions, followed by one week spent in-country during the summer or over spring break.

Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM)

GNAM leverages resources from 30 leading global business schools, bringing students together to explore how business is done in countries at every stage of their development. You can participate through Small Network Online classes or participate in a Global Network Week at a member school.

Design Sprint for Corporate Innovation

In this course, students address a real-world business issue using their knowledge and skills in design thinking, innovation strategy, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Design Sprint combines classroom work in Berkeley with one week at the THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam, as well as in-person meetings with the client.

International Exchange

When you have completed your core courses, you are eligible to participate in the international exchange program. You will earn 10 credits at one of our partner schools in Spain, France, Hong Kong, or the Netherlands.

Experiential Work


No Berkeley MBA is complete without experiential learning. It is the best way to demonstrate the real-world impact your classroom learning and freshly honed skills can have. There are more than a dozen experiential electives in our curriculum, and many electives feature hands-on learning as well.

One experiential learning opportunity you’ll share with your entire class is WE Innovate, a mid-program retreat that challenges students to apply design thinking, collaboration, and leadership skills to a team challenge. 


Our deep relationships with leading organizations extends from the Bay Area to around the world, opening up unmatched opportunities for MBA students to participate on team projects that the gamut from consulting work for nonprofits and government agencies to major corporate transformation initiatives. Here are just a few:

International Business Development (IBD)

Our signature international MBA experience pairs student teams with for-profit and nonprofit organizations worldwide on real-life consulting projects. IBD involves work in the classroom and two weeks in-country during the summer.

[email protected]

[email protected] pairs teams of Berkeley MBA students with top executives at leading firms such as Cisco, Disney, Clorox, Wells Fargo, Visa, and Panasonic. Your task is to solve a competitive challenge faced by the client company.

Lean Launchpad

Lean Launchpad delivers an actual entrepreneurial experience. You are exposed to all of the demands and decisions required of an early-stage start-up, from developing a business model to customer development to market evaluation. Based on the feedback you receive, teams rapidly iterate the product to deliver what customers would purchase and use.

Social Sector Solutions

Social Sector Solutions matches student teams with social enterprises, nonprofits, and public organizations to perform strategic consulting projects that address pressing issues for the client. Teams are coached by consultants from McKinsey. Clients have included the Berkeley Food Network and the Museum of the African Diaspora.

Design Sprint for Corporate Innovation

While in residence at the THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam, you solve a real-life business challenge for a client by using a structured approach that draws on design thinking, innovation strategy, and entrepreneurship. 

Program Structure

All Evening & Weekend students will:

  • Take a minimum of 42 semester units (22 units of core and 20 units of elective courses)
  • Participate in WE Launch and WE Innovate

First Year

  • We Launch
  • Economics for Business Decision Making
  • Leading People
  • Marketing Management
  • Data & Decisions
  • Macroeconomics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Leadership Communication
  • Intro to Finance
  • Ethics and Responsibility in Business
  • Electives (optional)

Second Year

  • Operations 
  • Fundamentals of Design Thinking
  • Electives
  • Strategy
  • Electives
  • WE Innovate
  • Electives
  • Electives (optional)
  • Electives
  • Electives
  • WE Lead

Entry Requirements

Each year, we enroll a high-performing class, with students coming to the Berkeley part-time MBA program from a variety of industries and bringing a broad range of perspectives. They are students who will add to the richness of the classroom experience and engage in the Haas community.

We admit candidates with professional experience that demonstrates potential for a career in senior management, and whose attributes and experience suggest leadership, maturity, ethical character, teamwork, and goal orientation.

What We Look For


Our students have demonstrated leadership potential and bring solid work experience and expertise from an array of industries, functions, and companies.


We look at your past academic performance for an indication that you will thrive in and make valuable contributions to our rigorous learning environment.


We shape innovative leaders guided by the Berkeley Haas Defining Leadership Principles, and we look for reflection of these values in your application.

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