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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

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Depending on whether you are a student or just have an interest in the uab school of dentistry tuition, I’ve prepared this article to help guide you. Whether you’re a parent, employee, faculty member or alumnus, I guarantee that you will find the information regarding University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) School of Dentistry’s fees and tuition helpful.

uab dental school requirements

uab school of dentistry tuition

 Tuition and Fees (Resident):$129,431*Tuition and Fees (Non-Resident):$227,269*Class Size:76Applicants:890GPA:3.77DAT AA:20.7Institution Type:PublicYear Established:1948Location:Birmingham, AL*Note: Cost calculation does not include living expenses, student loan interest, or loan origination fees. 

Accreditor: American Dental Association, Commission on Dental Accreditation

ProgramAccreditation StatusPeriods
PredoctoralAccredited7/8/1951 – Current

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Tuition & Fees

Tuition (per year) for 2021-22

Tuition and fees for the next academic year will be posted in early June. These values typically increase around 3% each year for planning purposes but are tentative pending Board of Trustees approval.

Alabama residents$29,782

Student Health Program

Student Health Service (per academic year)$250
Prepaid Dental Health Program (per academic year)$102
Hospital Insurance (some form of insurance is required for all students per year)$1,966

Equipment and Laboratory Fees (per academic year)

Anatomy Lab Fee (first year students)$350
Preclinical technical laboratory (first and second year students)$4,192
Preclinical technical laboratory (third and fourth year students)$25
Prosthetic laboratory per year (third and fourth year students)$300
Technique goldVariable (purchase of approx. 20 d.w.t. gold at current market value by second year students for use in preclinical courses in operative dentistry and removable prosthodontics) At cost.
Breakage fee (Seniors only)$15

Miscellaneous Fees

Integrated National Dental Board Examination (fourth-year students)At cost
Clinic Fee — First and second year (per academic year)$126
Clinic Fee — Third year (per academic year)$4,296
Clinic Fee – Fourth year (per academic year)$4,296
CPR fee (first year students)$26
Advanced Cardiology Life Support (ACLS) Third year$26
ASDA Dues (per academic year) (voluntary)$105

Special Fees Paid Only When Applicable

Cap and gown rental for Doctor of Dental Medicine (fourth-year students)$93
Graduation and diploma fee (fourth-year students)$60

Additional Expenses

The estimated cost of books, equipment, and supplies (exclusive of tuition and fees shown on preceding schedule) for four years at the School of Dentistry is $10,000. This amount includes approximately $650 for books and $250 for supplies. The above costs vary from year to year due to changes in prices and curriculum. Students should be aware that dental kits must be paid for at the time of purchase. *This fee schedule is subject to change at the beginning of each academic year.

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