Types of jobs after bsc chemistry

Last Updated on February 6, 2022

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Types of jobs after bsc chemistry

What to Do After B.Sc. Chemistry? Career Options, Courses List & Jobs

What to Do After B.Sc. Chemistry? Career Options, Courses List & Jobs

“Think like a proton and stay positive”

BSc or Bachelor of Science degree opens up a number of career options for the candidates. Whether you are from Maths, Chemistry, Physics or Biology, BSc degree holder can always go for research work, advanced studies or career in related areas.

After pursuing a  BSc Chemistry candidates can go for different job opportunities. But we advise you to first pursue MSc degree in Chemistry through IIT JAM Exam and then head-out to secure a job.

BSc Chemistry Scope – Career in Chemistry after Graduation

Nowadays most of the industries use the chemicals in everything directly or indirectly like in pharmaceuticals, electronic products, construction even in food products.

This creates an opportunity for chemical science graduates, as they have vast and in-depth knowledge about the different types of chemicals, compositions and their properties.

The research laboratories, industries (mainly chemical & pharmaceutical) and colleges & universities are the three major sectors where they recruit the chemical graduates.

Scope for Higher Studies after BSc Chemistry

After graduating, one can also opt for postgraduate studies to get a sturdy hold of their chemical passion such as Masters in Chemistry.

Why Choose Master of Science (Chemistry)?

Diverse career opportunities

 Finest and reputed profession

 High paid jobs in government and private sectors

M.Sc. Chemistry: Course Highlights

Program LevelPostgraduate
Full FormMaster of Science in Chemistry
Duration2 years
EligibilityGraduation (Chemistry as one of the main subjects at 10+2 level)
Admission ProcessEntrance Exams
Direct Admission to College
Course FeesUp to 50,000 (Approx.)
Top Entrance ExamsIIT JAM
BHU Entrance Exam, Indian Institute of Science MSc
Chemistry Entrance exam
Top 5 CollegesLoyola College, Chennai
Madras Christian College, Chennai
Stella Maris College, Chennai
Hansraj College, New Delhi
Ramjas College, New Delhi

Note: Most of the students go for IIT JAM Exam to complete their Master’s Degree through top colleges in India like IITs, NITs, CFITs etc.

Some of the academic PG degrees you can pursue after BSc Chemistry for bright future are listed below:

 MSc Analytical Chemistry

 MSc Applied Chemistry

 MSc General Chemistry

 MSc Inorganic Chemistry

 MSc Instrumental Analysis

 MSc Medical Chemistry

 MSc Molecular Chemistry

 MSc Organic Chemistry

 MSc Physical Chemistry

 MSc Theoretical Chemistry

 MSc Drug Chemistry

 MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry

 MSc Physical & Materials Chemistry

 MSc Bio-Chemistry

 Master’s degree in Computational Chemistry

 M E. / M Tech in Chemical Engineering

Higher Studies after MSc in Chemistry

If you really find the chemistry between you and this field sparkling you to pursue higher studies after MSc Chemistry can opt for courses like MPhil Chemistry or PhD in Chemistry.

If you are interested in regular PhD after your post-graduation, you can appear in various exams like GATE JRF, TIFR, CSIR NET JRF etc., depending upon your field of study and choice of the universities and colleges.

If you are interested in applying for the Integrated PhD courses right after your graduation, then you can go for exams like IIT JAM Exam, GATE etc. to get into the Best PhD universities in India.

IIT JAM Free Study MaterialCSIR NET Free Study Material

Certification Courses After BSc Chemistry

There are a few options of certification courses available after BSc Chemistry that help you reinforce your academic prowess, out of which a very common one is PGDAC (Post-Graduate Diploma in Analytical Chemistry).

Career in Chemistry after Graduation

Career in Chemistry in India after BSc

Employment Areas for Bachelor of Science [BSc] Chemistry – BSc Chemistry graduates can find a career in Chemistry in the following sectors –

Chemical Laboratories

Clinical Laboratories

Health Care Industry

Pharmaceutical Companies

Cosmetics and Perfume Industry

Military Hospitals

Fertilizer Plants

Energy Firms

Forensic Labs

Government Jobs like – Banking, SSC, Railways etc.

Thus, the subject of Chemistry can offer a wide range of employment opportunities to candidates in both private as well as government sectors.

BSc Chemistry candidates can also pursue their career in the field of teaching and technical writer.

Job Profile for Bachelor of Chemistry

A sea of career options, starting from in industry, government to academic, are available for Chemistry graduates. Pick the one that’s your call –


Pharma Assistant


Lab Assistant

Clinical Research Specialist






Pharmaceutical Sales Executive


Technical Writer etc

Top Recruitment Companies for B.Sc. Chemistry Graduates

Top companies in Chemical, Petrochemical and Pharmaceutical industry are:

 SRF Limited

 IGL businesses

 Reliance Industries Limited

 Gujarat Fluorochemicals


 Deepak Nitrite Limited

 Gharda Chemicals

 BASF India Ltd


 Solar Industries India Ltd

 Glenmark Pharmaceuticals


 UPL Ltd etc.

Some Stats for BSc Chemistry (Source – PayScale)

Here are some Key Stats that BSc Chemistry graduates must know like percentage wise no of male and female candidates go for a job, their salary, job satisfaction and in which cities they are mostly get recruits.

 Percentage of Male Candidates – 79%

 Percentage of Female Candidates – 21%

 Salary – 1 to 10 Lakh per annum

 Job Satisfaction while working after BSc Chemistry Degree – Highly Satisfied (Rated as 4 out of 5)

 Popular Cities where candidates get recruits – Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad

Final Note:

This is true that there has been a lot of development in the subject of Chemistry over the years, so there are great opportunities for the candidates in the future.

Eduncle suggest choosing the path as per your interest, abilities and satisfaction as every candidate has different talents, values, goals and interest.

We love to answer your queries so look no further; call us for assistance – 1800-120-1021 (toll-free). If you are seeking more information on MSc or PhD, feel free to comment us in the below section.

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high salary jobs after BSc chemistry

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Earning a degree in chemistry provides opportunities for a wide variety of careers in many different fields, including science, research, business and healthcare. With a chemistry degree, you can find a position that suits your particular interests while also earning a high salary.

In this article, we explore 15 examples of jobs you can get with a chemistry degree, in order from lowest to highest in earning potential. While some of these positions are available to those with a bachelor’s degree, others might require additional certifications or education.

Chemistry degree jobs

Here are 15 popular jobs to consider with a chemistry degree:

1. Chemical technician

National average salary: $17.29 per hour

Primary duties: Chemical technicians are responsible for ensuring research chemists are able to properly and efficiently perform studies in a lab. They might complete items such as monitoring equipment or using techniques to help in specific research tasks.

Companies with this position: GE Corporate, TTM Technologies, HydrochemPSC

2. Toxicologist

National average salary: $20.76 per hour

Primary duties: Toxicologists are responsible for testing various blood and tissue samples to detect the presence of pharmaceuticals, poison, alcohol and other substances in the body. They might help answer questions related to criminal cases.

Companies with this position: Diversey, Inc., Boehringer Ingelheim, Sonora Quest Laboratories

3. Chemistry teacher

National average salary: $26.18 per hour

Primary duties: Chemistry teachers develop and present curriculum related to chemistry science. They are responsible for ensuring the effective transfer of knowledge to their students through lectures, tests, projects and more.

Companies with this position: C2 Education, Catapult Learning, Sylvan Learning Center

4. Water chemist

National average salary: $29.08 per hour

Primary duties: Water chemists are responsible for studying and monitoring the presence of chemicals in water. They might perform tasks like ensuring water purification processes are safe, collect and analyze water from various ecosystems and make projections to help determine various rules, regulations and policies.

Companies with this position: Solvay, Mylan

5. Analytical chemist

National average salary: $59,309 per year

Primary duties: Analytical chemists study substances for toxicology examinations, developing pharmaceuticals, answering forensic questions and more. Analytical chemists might work for a particular lab or organization, and might also adopt particular specialties like forensics or toxicology.

Companies with this position: Eurofins, Honeywell

6. Synthetic chemist

National average salary: $66,949 per year

Primary duties: Synthetic chemists test and develop chemical compounds to create new material for a specific purpose. They typically work in a lab and can develop materials for nearly any industry including healthcare, manufacturing and food and beverage.

Companies with this position: U.S. Navy, SGS, Pfizer Inc.

7. Quality control chemist

National average salary: $66,949 per year

Primary duties: Quality control chemists, or QC chemists, monitor and test the use of materials during the production process to ensure all standards are met. QC chemists typically work in the pharmaceutical or manufacturing fields. They might also develop new products and testing methods.

Companies with this position: PepsiCo, Oldcastle, Thermo Fisher Scientific

8. Organic chemist

National average salary: $66,949 per year

Primary duties: Organic chemists research, manipulate and study materials that contain carbon. They might perform various scientific studies to identify or find applications for materials. Many different professions might employ organic chemistry like chemical engineers, veterinarians, pharmacology and more.

Companies with this position: Hexion Inc., Sasol, NMS Labs

9. Forensic scientist

National average salary: $68,263 per year

Primary duties: Forensic scientists collect and analyze evidence from a crime scene. This might include items like dirt samples, blood samples, fingerprints and more. They are responsible for using their expertise to report on and present their findings in legal cases.

Companies with this position: State of Idaho, Quest Diagnostics, CDC Foundation

10. Hazardous waste chemist

National average salary: $69,201 per year

Primary duties: Hazardous waste chemists are responsible for monitoring and managing chemical pollutants in the air and water. They might work for entities with large production and manufacturing operations to ensure processes adhere to rules and regulations. They might also work to develop plans for better, more efficient ways for organizations to manage hazardous waste.

Companies with this position: TRADEBE Environmental Services, CoreRx Inc, PPD

11. Geochemist

National average salary: $82,168 per year

Primary duties: Geochemists study the appearance, movement and effect of chemical compounds of the earth. This might involve the movement and distribution of compounds through water systems, the chemical makeup of minerals and more.

Companies with this position: Antea Group, ExxonMobil, Golder Associates

12. Oceanographer

National average salary: $83,705 per year

Primary duties: Oceanographers are responsible for researching marine ecosystems. They perform scientific studies on topics like seafloor geology, ocean life, water compounds, circulation and more.

Companies with this position: U.S. Navy, Tetra Tech, PAE

13. Materials scientist

National average salary: $86,315 per year

Primary duties: Materials scientists study and analyze both natural and manmade items to learn more. Their findings might be used to develop new materials, alter materials or make decisions about using materials in a different way.

Companies with this position: Superior Technical Ceramics, TEKNOVA, BioBridge Global

14. Chemical engineer

National average salary: $92,978 per year

Primary duties: Chemical engineers use various methods of research including mathematics and biology to create and develop production processes related to chemicals. Their work aids in manufacturing products like pharmaceuticals, food, fuel and more.

Companies with this position: Kao USA, Pace Analytical, HCL America

15. Pharmacologist

National average salary: $94,193 per year

Primary duties: Pharmacologists perform studies on new and existing drugs and other pharmaceuticals for their effect on humans and animals. They study the source and chemical makeup of drugs. They might be responsible for ensuring drugs are safe and adhere to rules

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