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Undergraduate Overview

With the central task of talent cultivation, Tsinghua aims to cultivate people who shoulder the mission and strive for excellence through a “Three-Pronged Approach” by integrating the shaping of values, the cultivating of skills and the imparting of knowledge. Students are expected to develop five essential qualities, namely, well-rounded character, solid and broad academic foundation, innovative thinking, global perspective and social commitment, achieving a combination of comprehensive development and individual development.

Through optimizing undergraduate programs, developing quality undergraduate courses and continuously improving the quality of undergraduate education, Tsinghua builds an undergraduate education system based on general education and integrating general education with disciplinary specialization to help students to become highly-competent, high-level, diversified and creative talents.

Tsinghua offers 82 undergraduate majors and 18 second degree majors, covering 10 discipline categories, namely, science, engineering, literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, medicine and art. As a comprehensive university, the structure and overall arrangement of majors of Tsinghua are characterized by engineering majors with collective advantages, literature, science, management and law majors with distinctive features, cross-disciplinary majors with diverse forms, and adapting to the needs of China’s development.

Degree Programs

Tsinghua University offers Bachelor degrees with duration of 4 years, except for Architecture and Sculpture which are 5 years, and Clinical Medicine which is 8 years. All of the undergraduate programs are listed as follows.

Undergraduate Programs (2019~2020)

1ArchitectureSchool of Architecture
2Urban Planning
3Landscape Architecture
4Building Environment and Energy Engineering
5Civil EngineeringSchool of Civil Engineering
6Construction Management
7Traffic Engineering
8Hydraulic and Hydropower Engineering
9Hydroscience and Engineering
10Civil Engineering and Systems
11Environmental EngineeringSchool of Environment
12Water Supply and Wastewater Engineering
13Mechanical EngineeringSchool of Mechanical Engineering
14Measurement, Control Technology and Instruments
15Micro-electro-mechanical Systems Engineering
16Vehicle Engineering
17Industrial Engineering
18Energy and Power Engineering
Energy and Power EngineeringSchool of Aerospace
19Engineering Mechanics
20Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
21Electrical Engineering and AutomationDepartment of Electrical Engineering
22Electronic Information Science and TechnologySchool of Information Science and Technology
23Electronic Information Engineering
24Electronic Science and Technology
25Microelectronics Science and Engineering
26Software Engineering
28Computer Science and Technology
Computer Science and TechnologyInstitute for Interdisciplinary Information      Science
29Engineering PhysicsDepartment of Engineering Physics
30Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Technology
31Chemical Engineering and Industrial Biological EngineeringDepartment of Chemical Engineering
32Polymer Materials and Engineering
33Materials Science and EngineeringSchool of Materials Science and Engineering
34Mathematics and PhysicsSchool of Science
35Pure and Applied Mathematics
36Information and Computing Science
38Applied Physics
40Chemical Biology
41Biological SciencesSchool of Life Sciences
43General AdministrationSchool of Public Policy and Management
44Business AdministrationSchool of Economics and      Management
45Information Management and Information Systems
48Economics and Finance
EconomicsSchool of Social Sciences
51International Politics
53School of Public Policy and Management
54PhilosophySchool of Humanities
56Chinese Language and Literature
57English Language
58Japanese Language
59LawSchool of Law
60JournalismSchool of Journalism and Communication
61AdvertisingAcademy of Arts and Design
62Theory and History of Arts
67Chinese Painting
68Theory of Arts & Design
69Visual Communication Design
70Environment Design
71Product Design
72Fashion Design
73Public Art
74Craft Art
75Digital Media Art
76Art and Technology
77Ceramic Design
78Industrial Design
79Clinical MedicineSchool of Medicine/Peking Union Medical College,Tsinghua University
80Biomedical EngineeringSchool of Medicine
81Pharmaceutical Sciences
82Political Science, Economics, and PhilosophyXinYa College


Every academic year is divided into three semesters: spring, autumn and summer. The two eighteen-week semesters in spring and autumn are for courses, while the ten-twelve-week summer semester consists of a five-week practical trainings or internship abroad and a five-seven-week vacation.

Tsinghua is striving for an undergraduate curriculum that combines general education and disciplinary specialization. In 2015, the University launched a new round of curricular review to further update its undergraduate programs. The premised curriculum consists of general education (44 credits), disciplinary specialization(96-116credits) and self-directed development (10-20 credits) .In general, total credits for degree requirements vary across programs. For science and engineering four-year degree majors, students need to earn 160-170 credits, for humanities majors, 150-160 credits.

Currently Tsinghua is carrying out a teaching initiative to promote a learning-centered method. Undergraduate curriculum with Tsinghua characteristics is formed on the basis of multiple teaching modes such as Freshmen seminar, Challenge-Based Learning courses, Blended learning method , Textbook Compilation.

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