Top Universities For Mechanical Engineering UK

Last Updated on August 28, 2023

The Best UK Universities for Mechanical Engineering

Offering an excellent job outlook and high salaries, it’s not surprising that Mechanical Engineering is one of the most popular disciplines among international students.

Having already given the world famous mechanical engineers, like Nikola Tesla, Rudolf Diesel, Felix Wankel, and James Watt, Europe is one of the best places where you can study a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

But which are the best mechanical engineering schools? Let’s look at data from the latest global university rankings:

  • U.S. News & World Report Rankings
  • QS Rankings by TopUniversities
  • World University Rankings by Times Higher Education

1. U.S. News Rankings 2021: Mechanical Engineering

  • Imperial College London, the UK
  • Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Netherlands
  • University of Southampton, the UK
  • University of Cambridge, the UK
  • Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
  • University of Padua, Italy
  • Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium
  • Lund University, Sweden

2. QS Rankings by Subject 2021: Mechanical Engineering

  • University of Cambridge, the UK
  • Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Netherlands
  • Imperial College London, the UK
  • University of Oxford, the UK
  • ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Politecnico di Milano, Italy
  • EPFL, Switzerland
  • RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

3. World University Rankings 2021: Mechanical Engineering

  • University of Oxford, the UK
  • ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Imperial College London, the UK
  • EPFL, Switzerland
  • TU Delft, the Netherlands
  • Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • RWTH Aachen University, Germany
  • University College London (UCL), the UK
  • University of Manchester, the UK
  • KU Leuven, Belgium

We also recommend these European universities where you can study a Mechanical Engineering degree:

  • University of Bristol, the UK
  • Aalborg University, Denmark
  • LUT University, Finland
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany
  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Groningen, the Netherlands

Top Universities For Mechanical Engineering UK

Student reviews of the best mechanical engineering schools in Europe

We’ve listed a few reviews left by students who enrolled at these top mechanical engineering universities. You can find more reviews on many university pages on our portals.

Student reviews of universities on Studyportals' websites

University of Cambridge

“The University of Cambridge is incredible in offering students an almost unique student experience, in terms of extra-curricular opportunities, a college community, the formals, the gowns and of course the intense and very personalised teaching. With one-to-one supervision and small teaching groups, the quality of education is very good.”


“Lausanne is a fantastic city, full of life, students and events. Moreover, EPFL is a very good university, especially in the scientific domain, and offers many services to students, from 3D printing to sport activities. Also, ESN Lausanne is very active and organises a lot of interesting and fun events! I had a great time!”

University of Padua

“People in Padova are wonderful! They are so open-minded, friendly, sociable and relaxed. I love them because they love life. Professors were very helpful and friendly. They treated al students a little like their own children or friends. At the same time, they were very professional, required us to study hard and do everything as best we can.”

Lund University

“Lund University is vibrant and really inspiring. It is one of the top 100 universities in the world, so it is a really lively center where brilliant people from all over the world can meet and share experiences.”

Best Mechanical Engineering Universities in UK | 2021

Picking the best universities in any city and subject is always a hard choice. It demands a lot of research into different ranking factors.

So, we have ranked these universities based on their nature of programs, QS University rankings, and their number of students.

Hence, the top 10 best mechanical engineering universities in the U.K are;

  • University of Southampton
  • University of Leeds
  • Heriot-Watt University
  • University of Bath
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Strathclyde
  • University of Oxford
  • Imperial College London
  • University of Cambridge

#10. University of Southampton

The University of Southampton Mechanical Engineering program with industry placement will put you on the path to becoming a chartered engineer.

In here, you’ll pick the basics about mechanical design, structures and materials, then select specialist topics to study.

Furthermore, the Project work throughout the degree gives you the opportunity to apply your design skills to real-world problems.

In the course, you learn the essential principles of engineering in matters such as modelling and computing, systems design, law and finally, management. All these will be for a total period of four years.

You can have extended visit to their design workshops and studios while also showcasing your work in their Engineering Design Show. For this and many other reasons, the University of Southampton is one of the best mechanical engineering universities in the U.K.Apply Here

#9. University of Leeds

This course offers a wide range of advanced subjects to develop your knowledge across the mechanical engineering disciplines.

This institution strongly advises the use of the application of computational methods and packages in mechanical engineering analysis, design and manufacture to solve complex engineering problems.

So, you can choose from a wide range of modules that allow you to streamline your studies to match your own interests or career ambitions.

Researchers will train you in their world-class facilities to enable you to create a breakthrough in your career. So, it’s the perfect chance to build a wide range of knowledge and skills to help you build an exciting and challenging career.

In addition to this institute’s advanced CAD facilities for design work, they possess the latest industry-standard software for computational fluid dynamics and finite element modelling of material stress analysis.

So, why should you ignore them? Register to take up a place immediately.Apply Here

#8. Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt has a very good track record of graduate employment in its mechanical engineering program. Indeed, this record has been the force attracting the amazing students that fill their campuses today.

As a high demand for mechanical engineers continues to rise, Heriot-Watt plays a key role in all industrial sectors ranging from aerospace, oil and gas, through food and transport to manufacturing, chemical and the entertainment industries.

Heriot-Watt mechanical engineering courses are ranked 1st in Scotland and top 10 in the UK by the Guardian University Guide 2020 and 2nd in Scotland by the 2018 National Student Survey.

Hence, they remain one of the best mechanical engineering universities in the U.K.Apply Here

#7. University of Bath

The University of Bath prepares students for rewarding careers in engineering. Indeed, they have a reputation for excellence in teaching, research and industrial collaboration.

Their courses give you advanced engineering knowledge complemented by practical and transferable skills, and the chance to gain professional experience during your degree.

They MEng courses in mechanical, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing and design. During your undergraduate degree, you must execute a project.

You’ll need to work in teams and individually to develop your skills and use what you learn practically.Apply Here

#6. University of Bristol

Mechanical systems ensure our machines work, from satellites to miniature cameras. And Mechanical engineers design and implement practical solutions for these products and processes, making the optimal use of new materials and technologies.

If you love maths and physics and have a flair for design and creative thinking, look no further.

Bristol is the perfect place for you for so many reasons. Apart from their forward-thinking nature and research-driven potential, they offer personal supervision as well.

This supervisor or mentor guides you when you seek assistance throughout your time in the program.

Furthermore, you get the opportunity to study abroad using any of the options.

Bristol’s project works and a lot of other opportunities make them one of the top mechanical engineering schools in the U.K and the world at large.Apply Here

#5. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow has been delivering world-class engineering education and research for more than 150 years as much as they are the oldest School of Engineering in the U.K.

This School provides an enabling research environment with world-leading research groups and facilities, in addition to a vigorous PhD programme and a wide variety of research topics. Their research covers a wide range of Engineering subjects.

Most times, they have interactions with biology, chemistry, computer science, medicine and physics.

Generally, they form part of the Glasgow Research Partnership in Engineering (GRPE).

Due to continuous investment to build internationally excellent research and by providing an outstanding learning environment for talented students from all backgrounds, their aim is not only to maintain this position but to improve upon it.

Hence, thereby retaining the status quo as one of the select numbers of institutions that are regarded as being the best in the world.Apply Here

#4. University of Strathclyde

Mechanical engineers get a lot of recognition for their knowledge and skills in conceiving, designing, implementing and operating devices, machines, engines and energy systems.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde targeted for graduate recruitment by more than 60 companies.

Hence, you can see that the quality of knowledge they dispense is top-notch.

Currently, they rank 6th in the UK for Mechanical Engineering in the Complete University Guide League Table 2020.

No matter the course you’re studying, you have a study abroad option available. Hence, Mechanical Engineering with International study guarantees that the international study experience is recognized in the title of the degree award.Apply Here

#3. University of Oxford

The Department of Engineering Science is the place wherein engineering is properly taught and well understood.

Every academic staff is committed to a common engineering structure in addition to advanced work in their own specialities, which include most areas of the subject.

Furthermore, they basically possess rigid links with computing, materials science and medicine.

When you’re a student at Oxford, you have a very broad view of engineering based on a scientific approach to the fundamentals. Hence, this is part of the tradition that started that has helped build them for over one hundred years.

Therefore, they’ve remained relentless in educating great engineers, and research at the cutting edge!

Graduates of engineering at Oxford venture into different spaces of occupations – into designing cars, building roads and bridges, creating new electronic devices, producing pharmaceuticals, into healthcare and aerospace, into additionally study for higher degrees and in many other directions.

Hence, they are one of the best mechanical engineering universities in the U.K.Apply Here

#2. Imperial College London

Imperial College London is one of the world’s leading centres for studying mechanical engineering in the whole world.

They have a tradition of excellence in certain core areas. These core areas include; research and practice, leadership and teaching.

The department of mechanical engineering at ICL have 100 permanent members of staff and around 120 fixed-term research staff.

Generally, they make up the numbers of one of the UK’s leading university departments of Mechanical Engineering. As expansion keeps looming, more staff members could join this number.

This department closely collaborates with industries while gaining the support of the research councils, hence, they deliver world-class research. For this reason, when you graduate from this school, everyone regards you as a first-class researcher.

Staying in an exciting and encouraging environment, there are more than 500 high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students.

These students have access to facilities, resources, and the motivation they need to reach their full potential. So, there’s no doubt that ICL is one of the best mechanical universities in the U.K.Apply Here

#1. University of Cambridge

Cambridge’s Department of Engineering remains one of the few truly integrated engineering departments in the world.

Furthermore, it is also the largest department in the University. Its breadth and scale bring a unique advantage that others don’t possess at all.

In this department, their research portfolio shows excesses of world-class excellence, which come together to treat a lot of challenges in engineering.

So, graduate teaching seeks to bring students into the heart of the latest research and developments.

Generally, the undergraduates build a strong foundation in all engineering disciplines together with very deep knowledge of their chosen specialist field.

In the field of research, teaching and graduate study, the Department of Engineering grants students, members and industry partners a highly networked community for sharing and developing engineering knowledge.

Hence, they have the top spot when it comes to the best mechanical engineering universities in the U.K.

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