Top Environmental Management Graduate Programs

Last Updated on December 23, 2022

Masters in environmental management is a Postgraduate course related to Environment and Pollution. This master degree joins both management and environmental sciences. So if you are seeking top environmental management graduate programs, here is the list of most popular universities offering this program.

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There are many difference, nuances and facets to the field of Environmental Management. Therefore, it is important to note that the masters in environmental management in canada represent more than one program.

What can you do with a master’s degree in environmental management?

When you earn a master’s degree in environmental management you’re telling future employers two important things: that you are a dynamic leader who can inspire teams of people and you’re passionate about conservation.

These valuable traits open up many doors for you. Those who’ve earned a degree from one of these 10 programs below have gone on to find rewarding careers as:

  • Natural resources managers
  • Conservation specialists
  • Environmental scientists
  • Waste management specialists

Top Environmental Management Graduate Programs

Masters Programs in Environmental Management

Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities

Ca’ Foscari University of VeniceVenice , Italy

This Economics and Management of Arts and Cultural Activities program trains you to understand and manage the nature and processes of cultural production by exploring and exploiting the interconnection of the professional worlds of management and culture.

Master in Coastal and Marine Management

University Centre of the WestfjordsÍsafjörður , Iceland

Master in Coastal and Marine Management is a cross-disciplinary resource management program that focuses on coastal and marine issues and mainly draws.

MSc in Environmental Management

Bath Spa UniversityBath , United Kingdom

This Environmental Management course has been specifically developed to address growing environmental and sustainability pressures and create innovative solutions towards a resilient environment and society.

Master in Biology of Environmental Change (BEC)

University of Eastern FinlandJoensuu , Finland

The Master’s Degree Program in Biology of Environmental Change (BEC) is a new research-oriented program that aims to increase student’s knowledge of biological and biogeochemical aspects of the state of the environment. The 2-year education offers advanced knowledge in environmental science, biology, biogeochemistry, hydrobiology, ecotoxicology, environmental policy and law, and environmentally oriented forestry. 

MSc in Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management (MEDfOR)

University of Lisbon – MedforLisbon , Portugal

MEDfOR is a two-year world-class Master Course Program. The MEDfOR emphasis is to prepare the future generation of engineers, managers, researchers, and teachers involved in Mediterranean forestry and natural resources management.

M.S. in Environmental Management

University of San Francisco – College of Arts & SciencesSan Francisco , USA

USF’s Master of Science in Environmental Management (MSEM) trains students for careers in environmental agencies, consulting firms, and nonprofit organizations. Incorporating a comprehensive mix of science and policy courses, our program gives students the background they need to develop solutions to environmental problems.

Master Environmental and Sustainability Management

IMC University of Applied Sciences KremsKrems an der Donau , Austria

The master program Environmental and Sustainability Management prepares you for the implementation of ecological and social strategies in companies.

Master in Sustainable Solid Waste Management

Ural Federal UniversityYekaterinburg , Russia

The objective of the program is to contribute to building a global elite group of professionals in public administration with all necessary theoretical and practical skills in the field of development of projects and programs in sustainable solid waste management, participating in planning solid waste management business processes and providing its logistic, marketing, and financial support, able to act as competent and responsible leaders at international cooperation in this sphere, creating environment for innovative development in the sphere of solid waste management in local, regional, national and international levels.

Master in Development Studies and Foresight

Palacky UniversityOlomouc , Czech Republic

The aim of the program Development Studies and Foresight is to prepare foresight-focused professionals for careers in environment and development policy and practice. The  duration of the program is 2 years. Students will be awarded the title of “Magister”, abbreviated as “Mgr.” which is equivalent to the Master of Science (M.Sc.). This program has 3 specializations – Foresight, International Development Studies and Global Development Policy (joint master degree, with University of Clermont Auvergne, University of Pavia). 

Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management (MS)

The New School

The New School is at the forefront of addressing global environmental issues, thanks to Milano’s Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management (EPSM) program. This program is designed to turn students’ passion for environmental change and sustainability into careers with impact. 

MPhil in Environmental Science, Policy and Management

The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHong Kong

ESPM is an interdisciplinary research and education program covering a wide spectrum of environmental interests. The research programs focus on the dynamics and interconnection of scientific, technological, environmental socio-economic and policy challenges facing the world. 

Master of Science in Environmental, Safety and Health Management

The University of FindlayFindlay , USA

The master of science in environmental, safety and health management degree is designed to provide graduates with the necessary skills to provide leadership in environmental, safety and occupational health careers.

Master of Environmental Science

Edith Cowan UniversityJoondalup , Australia

This course provides students with skills and experience in environmental science, focusing on project management, occupational health and safety, sustainability, monitoring and reporting.

Master of Science in Environmental Economics and Management

The Hebrew University of JerusalemJerusalem , Israel

The Environmental Economics and Management master’s program focuses on economic issues in the areas of environmental and natural resources, marketing, and finance. These include public economics and government intervention to control environmental effects; planning of efficient extraction and use of natural resources; allocation of water and land resources; regulation of agricultural product marketing in local and export markets; industrial organization; economics of the family; mechanism design; game theory; political economy, and more. Students participate in research as part of their master’s thesis.

MSc in Advanced Water Management

Cranfield UniversityCranfield , United Kingdom

Around the world, the quality and quantity of water in streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and underground is significantly affected by human activity. At Cranfield University, we capitalise on our industry connections to provide students with the up-to-date skills and knowledge needed to tackle these challenges in a career in today’s environmental water management sector. 

List of Top Environmental Management Schools and Programs

Indiana University in Bloomington, IN

According to Forbes magazine, Bloomington is ranked number one on the top-ten list of cities with the best work-life balance.

In 2019, U.S. News and World Report ranked Indiana University’s Bloomington campus as the best graduate school for environmental policy and management. In addition to undergraduate programs, the school also offers joint master’s degree programs in environmental science and public affairs. These allow students to learn about the workings of the systems while simultaneously studying the environment. Courses in public management, economics, public affairs, law, finances and budgeting make up this program. Doctoral degrees are also offered.

Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY

At Syracuse University, earth sciences graduate programs at this university allot full-tuition scholarships and teaching assistant, research assistant, and fellowship stipends for approximately 30-35 students.

Syracuse University was ranked #8 (tied) on the 2019 list of environmental policy and management graduate schools by U.S. News and World Report. The university offers a minor in environment and society. At the undergraduate level, students can earn a B.S. degree in earth sciences or a B.S. in earth sciences with a focus in environmental sciences. A B.A. in earth sciences is also offered, in addition to a minor in earth sciences.

At the graduate level, a myriad of courses and programs are offered for students to earn Master of Science (M.S.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees in areas of study such as environmental geology, biogeochemistry and global environmental change.

Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan

Michigan State University supports an annual environmental research conference on its campus. Michigan State University is tied at #84 on the 2020 list of national universities by U.S. News and World Report.

At the undergraduate level, students can pursue a B.S. in environmental sciences and management or a B.S. in environmental studies and sustainability. For graduate students, the school offers a Ph.D. in environmental science and policy as well as certificates in environmental modeling.

masters in environmental management canada

A master’s degree is a postgraduate academic degree. One must already have an undergraduate degree to apply for a master’s program. Most master’s degree program would require students to complete a master’s thesis or research paper. The area of environmental management encompasses a wide variety of topics.

MA/MSc in Environment and Management

Royal Roads University

Victoria, Canada

The Master of Arts in Environment and Management (MEM) is designed for those of you who want to make a difference in your community, in your professional practice, through your work to a more sustainable world for all, and not just some. 

Master of Engineering Leadership in Integrated Water Management

University of British Columbia – Faculty of Applied Science

Vancouver, Canada

The Master of Engineering Leadership (MEL) in Integrated Water Management is designed for engineers and environmental science graduates who want to develop and lead advanced and sustainable water management initiatives.

European Masters environmental and energy management

Ecole Supérieure Ouverte à Distance

Canada Online, Canada +14 More

The holder of the European Master Environmental Management and Energy integrates functions of responsibility in the private and parastatal organizations of all sizes.

Masters European Eco-Management and Energetic


Canada Online, Canada +22 More

European Master ** issued by the European Federation of Schools (FEDE) – an association governed by Swiss law ( 60-79). The European Masters is a European diploma validated by the IACBE (International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education) is an American accreditation body.

European Master’s Degree in Sustainable Development Management

Ecole Supérieure Ouverte à Distance

Canada Online, Canada +14 More

The holder of the European Master in Sustainable Development Management participates in the consideration and implementation of the principles of sustainable development in the company’s policy and strategy. 

masters in environmental management in uk

The Master of Science provides an opportunity for graduates to obtain advanced research skills and knowledge in a professional learning environment. A Master of Science (MS) degree can provide you with the foundation of knowledge and key competencies you’ll need throughout your career

Students who want to learn how to make environmental laws and policies should take classes in environmental management. Some offered courses may be government budget planning, environmental chemistry, hazardous waste management and theories of water management.

MSc in Environmental Management (Waste, Energy, Water, Oil and Gas)

Glasgow Caledonian University – The School of Computing, Engineering and Built Environment

Glasgow, United Kingdom

The MSc Environmental Management programme develops an environmental specialism within the context of previous qualifications and experience. Specialist streams include Energy, Oil & Gas, Water or Waste. 

MSc in Environmental Management

Bath Spa University

Bath, United Kingdom

This Environmental Management course has been specifically developed to address growing environmental and sustainability pressures and create innovative solutions towards a resilient environment and society. 

MSc Environmental Management

University of Stirling

Stirling, United Kingdom

This course was established over 25 years ago and is now widely recognised as an international leader in training environmental managers for work in both the public and private sectors. Environmental managers play a vital role in the protection and sustainable use of resources. Students learn to address issues such as adaptation to climate change, biodiversity and sustainable energy management. At the local level, Environmental Management focuses on conservation and protection of land and water resources and natural habitats. 

MSc in Environmental Management for Business

Cranfield University

Cranfield, United Kingdom

This Environmental Management for Business MSc is designed to prepare you for a successful environmental management career working in business, the public sector or NGOs. Delivered in association with the globally renowned Cranfield School of Management, this course enables you to develop the advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to critically evaluate complex environmental issues, develop effective strategies and lead their implementation. 

PgDip/MSc in Environmental Management

Ulster University School of Geography and Environmental Science

Belfast, United Kingdom

Environmental Management techniques are integral to conservation, agriculture, forestry, industry and countryside planning. This online programme is designed both for new graduates who lack professional experience in environmental management and, for professionals in the environment sector who wish to develop their careers, updating their knowledge and skills. It aims to satisfy an industrial and public sector demand for environmental scientists.

MSc Environmental Management

University of Hertfordshire

Hatfield, United Kingdom +2 More

Whether you are a graduate looking for a career in environmental management or an experienced environmental professional, our Environmental Management M.Sc. enables you to develop the knowledge and skills required to implement environmentally sustainable solutions within businesses and organisations around the world. 

MSc Environment, Politics and Development

SOAS University of London

London, United Kingdom

This programme takes a critical political ecology frame and examines environmental policy and its intersections with development from a social justice angle. It is taught and convened by leading political ecologists and offers a critical analysis of key issues including water, forestry, climate, fisheries, agricultural production, biodiversity, conflicts and energy supply. 

MSc in Environmental Risk Management

University of Glasgow Postgraduate Programmes

Glasgow, United Kingdom

This interdisciplinary programme will allow you to acquire an in-depth understanding of how risks from natural hazards materialise and affect societies globally and to develop conceptual and analytical skills to assess and propose an innovative solution. 

MSc Wildlife and Conservation Management

Scotland’s Rural College SRUC

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

This programme encompasses a broad range of topics and land uses. Conservation management, rural land use planning, land-use history, and more. The factors affecting the wider environment are constantly increasing and range from agriculture and forestry to recreation, urban development, and population growth. These in turn have knock-on effects such as climate change, water, and food shortages, habitat and species loss, and the impact of non-native species. One of the areas where these factors come together is in the field of wildlife and conservation management where the public use of the countryside interacts with professional land managers and can result in conflict. This programme encompasses a broad range of topics and land uses ranging from conservation management to rural land use planning and interpretation to land-use history. Applications are accepted from those either with or without specifically related previous qualifications – previous students have included graduates of History, Education, Business Management and Engineering, as well as Biological and Natural Sciences. Non-graduate entrants have included students with significant experience in aspects such as countryside rangering, town & country planning, and ecology.

MSc/PGDip Energy, Water & Environmental Management

Abertay University

Dundee, United Kingdom

The course is designed and delivered by a team consisting of industry practitioners and leading academics drawn from the School of Engineering, Science & Technology and the Dundee Business School.

MSc Environmental Management (Conservation)

University of Stirling

Stirling, United Kingdom

We’ve offered our innovative Environmental Management course with a specialisation in Conservation since 2013. With this Masters degree, you’ll gain the scientific knowledge and learn the approaches for conservation science and practice. 

MSc in Advanced Water Management

Cranfield University

Cranfield, United Kingdom

Around the world, the quality and quantity of water in streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and underground is significantly affected by human activity. At Cranfield University, we capitalise on our industry connections to provide students with the up-to-date skills and knowledge needed to tackle these challenges in a career in today’s environmental water management sector.

MSc Water and Environmental Management

University of Hertfordshire

Hatfield, United Kingdom +2 More

Environmental water management is of increasing importance to all types of organisations in the UK and throughout the world. There is a growing need for qualified and trained environmental water managers. The M.Sc. Water and Environmental Management course focus on sound water management and the requirements of sustainable development. 

MSc in Environment & Sustainable Development

University of Glasgow Postgraduate Programmes

Glasgow, United Kingdom

This multi-disciplinary programme is designed for those wanting to pursue a career in environmental project management. It will give you the tools to apply economic analysis to a range of environmental management problems with a focus on developing countries. You will gain a scientific perspective on how environmental and resource constraints impact upon development.

masters in environmental management yale

The Yale School of the Environment offers a variety of degree programs to prepare students for careers in environmental science, management, and policy — many of which can be customized to meet each student’s professional goals.

Master of Environmental Management

In the Master of Environmental Management (MEM) degree program, students learn to understand the relationships between environmental science, management, and policy and how they can be leveraged to help solve problems and achieve sustainability.

Master of Forestry

The Master of Forestry program prepares students for careers in sustainable natural resource management and policy — solving critical sustainability challenges and resource conflicts across a complex web of social, political, and ecological systems.

Research-Focused Master’s Degrees

Develop critical research skills and learn grant-seeking strategies in these highly individualized programs which offer a deeper disciplinary focus on forest-related topics (Master of Forest Science — MFS) or other environmental issues (Master of Environmental Science — MESc).

Master’s Application Deadline: December 15

For guaranteed consideration of your application, all materials must be completed and submitted electronically no later than the deadline of 11:59 PM EST, December 15.

Application Fee Waived for 2021-2022 Applicants

To reduce the financial barrier and encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to apply, YSE is waiving the application fee for 2021-2022 Applicants!

Application files completed by the deadline are guaranteed to receive a review by the Admissions Committee. We encourage serious applicants to submit all necessary materials prior to the December deadline

Note: All materials must be uploaded to the electronic application. Extra materials will not be included in your application file. Materials become the property of Yale School of the Environment and will not be returned to applicants or enrolling students.

Application Materials

  1.  Completed online application form.
  2. Essays and Statements
  3. Résumé or curriculum vitae
  4. Three letters of reference
  5. Official transcripts
  6. Official test score report — TOEFL/IELTS
  7. Application fee
  8. Explanation of gaps in resume (Optional)
  9. Official test score report — GRE, GMAT or LSAT (Optional)

Review Process

They look for students capable of making effective contributions to scientific knowledge or to professional service in addressing environmental problems. Special weight is given to relevant experiences after graduation from college. Clarity regarding professional career goals is a critically important part of the applicant’s personal statement. Admissions staff and faculty review teams read the applications submitted to the Master’s degree program. Final admissions decisions rest on an integrated assessment of the components described above.


Deferral Policy

As a policy, the Yale School of the Environment does not typically grant enrollment deferral requests that will allow you to defer admission to a later year and instead asks you to reapply. (i.e. Requests for financial reasons, educational reasons, professional opportunities, etc.).

The Yale School of the Environment will only consider enrollment deferral requests for the following reasons:

  • Fulbright Scholarship
  • Extenuating serious Medical Emergency

In the event a deferral request is approved, the deferral will only be granted for a one year time period. Requests for deferral must be submitted in writing via the YSE Official Deferral Request Form with relevant supporting documentation.

Deposit Extension Policy

Students who are offered admissions into YSE must submit a non-refundable $500 enrollment deposit by 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on the deposit date for the application round. As a policy, YSE does not offer deposit extensions.

Please note: Students who are offered admission from the waitlist will be expected to submit a deposit by the corresponding waitlist deposit deadline.

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