The University Of Sydney School Of Medicine

Last Updated on December 26, 2022

The University of Sydney School of Medicine is responsible for teaching the next generation of doctors, and provides you with the ancient knowledge that will serve as a foundation for your medical career. The School of Medicine’s mission is to improve health and reduce inequities through our programs in education, research, clinical care and policy.

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The University Of Sydney School Of Medicine

Doctor of Medicine
Become a doctor at Sydney Medical School

Our Doctor of Medicine (MD) program is an excellent training platform on which to build a career in medicine. Our graduates provide professional, diligent and ethical care to the community.
Medicine course options
There are two ways to enter the MD program.

After completing any bachelor’s degree students can apply for entry into our four-year postgraduate course.

Doctor of Medicine
Undergraduate admission is available for high school leavers who have achieved exceptional results. Only 30 domestic and 10 international places are available in these degrees. The seven-year double degree medicine pathway combines the Doctor of Medicine with an undergraduate degree in arts or science.

Bachelor of Arts and Doctor of Medicine
Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Medicine
Admission process
The admission process for the Doctor of Medicine is very detailed, please follow our step-by-step timeline and download the latest version of the Admissions Guide available on the relevant course page.

Innovative new curriculum
The new MD curriculum and course structure was launched in 2020 to enhance learning opportunities through earlier clinical exposure, added personalisation options, new research opportunities, and immersive clinical placements in the last year of the program, preparing students for practice as a doctor.

Key benefits of the new program include:
Earlier clinical exposure: The program increases clinical exposure and immersion throughout the degree. You will gain hands-on experience from as early as your second week.
Personalised pathways: You will have the opportunity to develop skills in specific areas through elective and selective studies.
Research opportunities: The program integrates a substantial research project in year three over a 14-week period with access to some of the world’s leading researchers, institutes and networks.
Pre-internship year: The entire fourth year of the program acts as a pre-internship, giving students full clinical immersion.

Learn about the new structure of our MD program
New Dubbo Stream
From 2022 the Sydney MD Program will be offered in two streams – the Metropolitan Stream based in Sydney, and the Dubbo Stream based in central-western NSW.
The Dubbo Stream has been developed under the Australian Government Murray-Darling Medical Schools Network (MDMSN) initiative, with the aim to establish five satellite medical programs in rural NSW and Victoria.

Learn more about completing your medical degree in Dubbo.

Why study the MD at Sydney
Diverse student cohort: A biomedical science degree is not a prerequisite.
Preparation for entry: A foundational knowledge course is available to all students on enrolment to ensure assumed knowledge in anatomy, physiology, molecular and cell biology is met.
Innovative curriculum: We focus on small group, team-based learning and integrating theory with practice.
Early clinical contact: You will gain hands-on experience from as early as your second week through our extensive network of clinical schools.
Placements: You will have access to placement opportunities in both rural and international settings to develop your experience in a wide range of medical environments.
Research excellence and training: You will have access to some of the world’s leading researchers, institutes and networks.
Accreditation: The Doctor of Medicine is fully accredited by the Medical Board of Australia.
Study abroad opportunities: Sydney Medical School has extensive international connections. You can undertake a four to eight week clinical or research placement overseas during your elective term.
International student opportunities: If you are an international student, there are a number of opportunities for you to undertake rotations in your home country.

university of sydney medicine fees

Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine – there are different tuition fees for the undergraduate and postgraduate components of this combined degree. In 2021, the indicative fee for commencing the Bachelor of Science is $50,000 and the indicative tuition fee for commencing the Doctor of Medicine is $84,000.

university of sydney medical school acceptance rate

Overall, applicants have a 1 in 3 chance to be accepted into medicine on the basis that each applicant is able to apply for all undergraduate places.

university of sydney medical school requirements

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