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Last Updated on January 18, 2023

Texas Southern University Law School Ranking is a perfect example. While law school rankings are never a perfect measure of student quality or job outcomes, they do play an important factor for many applicants trying to select their law schools. The ranking of a given law school can also have real impacts on the law schools themselves.

Texas Southern University School of Law is a public law school located in Houston, Texas. The school was established in 1927 and has over 4,000 students. It offers various academic programs such as interdisciplinary studies, law information technology and legal studies. It is also known for housing the largest law library in the Greater Gulf Coast.

Texas Southern University School of Law was founded in 1947 as Houston College of Law and operated under that name for the next 17 years. The college was renamed Houston College of Law in 1964 when it moved to its present location in downtown Houston, Texas. In 1966, the institution became a part of the State University System and its name was changed to Houston College of Law at Texas Southern University. THSCOLE is one of four law schools established by African Americans in the United States. The others are Howard University School of Law, Lincoln University School of Law,and Langston University College of Law.

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Texas Southern University (Marshall) 2022 Rankings

Texas Southern University (Marshall) is ranked No. 147-193 in Best Law Schools. Schools are ranked according to their performance across a set of widely accepted indicators of excellence. 

Law School Program Rankings

  • #147-193inBest Law Schools

2020 Raw Data Law School Rankings

No.Law SchoolGPA LowGPA MedianGPA HighLSAT LowLSAT MedianLSAT HighAcceptS/F RatioEmpl. @GradEmpl. @10MosSt.Pass BarState BarLibraryMale Fac.Fem. Fac.Min. Fac.Min. Stu.
145St. Mary’s University2.893.193.4814815115455.8%9.121.8%70.1%TX70.8%74.5%418,40664.0%36.0%24.6%59.5%
145U. of Idaho2.933.253.5514815315563.5%6.3N/A66.7%ID73.4%79.3%369,71857.5%42.5%11.0%24.5%
145U. of Memphis2.933.413.6314815215552.4%8.035.4%74.7%TN81.1%74.4%277,08269.0%31.0%12.1%22.9%
145U. of the Pacific (McGeorge)3.063.323.5714815315659.5%6.928.2%59.5%CA61.0%58.3%497,41165.7%34.3%11.4%44.0%
155Capital University3.013.253.5414714915264.4%8.036.8%65.8%OH69.4%75.4%265,50167.5%32.5%10.8%21.3%
155Elon University3.023.263.5414715015335.9%8.016.5%47.3%NC46.9%65.3%121,08951.4%48.6%11.1%29.2%
155Florida Coastal2.833.143.3614715015337.8%7.8N/A46.6%FL42.5%67.9%137,16444.1%55.9%19.1%43.5%
155Golden Gate University2.653.033.314715015261.3%6.2N/A50.6%CA47.6%58.3%350,76249.2%50.8%20.5%65.5%
155Hamline University2.863.143.514715115559.5%7.623.8%63.6%MN68.4%80.1%341,01050.9%49.1%10.7%30.0%
155Lincoln Memorial U.2.733.073.5114714915248.0%10.976.5%76.5%TN72.2%74.4%8,69465.6%34.4%15.6%23.4%
155New England Sch. of Law2.823.163.4314715015368.3%N/AN/A54.7%MA74.3%77.3%321,654N/AN/AN/A32.3%
155Northern Kentucky U.2.953.253.5314715015368.0%11.0N/A61.3%KY61.4%75.4%339,16274.2%25.8%9.1%13.2%
155Ohio Northern University3.083.523.7214715115242.2%6.1N/A76.9%OH87.0%75.4%459,49453.1%46.9%9.4%23.1%
155Southern Illinois U.,64748.9%51.1%11.1%23.0%
155U. of Arkansas-Little Rock3.063.33.5914715115552.8%6.48.3%70.8%AR77.5%77.5%299,97456.5%43.5%18.5%21.5%
155U. of Massachusetts2.893.193.4414714815256.9%7.330.6%65.3%MA75.6%77.3%166,29357.5%42.5%7.5%37.6%
155U. of South Dakota3.013.33.6514715015364.8%8.053.7%79.1%SD51.7%68.2%146,00969.7%30.3%12.1%14.2%
155U. of Toledo3.183.443.714715215461.8%6.539.5%69.7%OH68.9%75.4%331,98363.0%37.0%10.9%17.5%
155Vermont Law School2.83.253.5614715115676.4%4.229.8%66.9%VT68.6%68.8%246,55256.5%43.5%6.0%33.9%
155Widener (Delaware)2.893.173.4814714815161.9%10.931.2%59.6%DE66.0%79.6%340,25749.3%50.7%9.3%26.4%
171Barry University2.663.023.3814614815157.5%N/AN/A61.7%FLN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
171Faulkner University (Jones)2.943.133.4314614915150.0%7.724.7%67.5%AL52.6%69.6%379,01164.9%35.1%10.8%30.8%
171John Marshall2.83.23.514614915265.0%8.043.5%71.6%IL71.2%79.0%255,72561.0%39.0%19.5%42.7%
171Oklahoma City University2.873.23.5514614915263.4%12.0N/A74.8%OK76.7%86.9%169,96566.7%33.3%13.0%41.9%
171St. Thomas University2.773.13.4114614815153.8%8.027.6%27.6%FL59.6%67.9%439,68364.9%35.1%27.2%83.3%
171Touro College (Fuchsberg)2.713.03.2614614815055.7%10.0N/A75.2%NY60.8%75.7%460,32760.6%39.4%10.6%40.7%
171U. of Dayton3.033.293.5614614915251.9%6.925.0%63.5%OH67.3%75.4%209,19260.9%39.1%12.5%27.9%
171Western New England2.823.293.6214614815258.7%6.0N/A56.4%MA54.5%76.4%364,16159.2%40.8%11.3%32.9%
171Western State University2.813.013.414614815152.7%11.1N/A52.1%CA58.3%58.3%14,58755.7%44.3%21.3%63.0%
180Ave Maria School of Law2.733.053.3414514815155.1%9.0N/A49.4%FL53.4%67.9%88,81066.7%33.3%9.5%36.9%
180Charleston School of Law2.813.153.4514514715055.6%N/AN/A52.7%SC53.8%71.8%35,24459.5%40.5%2.5%30.6%
180Florida A&M University2.793.093.3614514614949.1%7.0N/A51.1%FL49.6%67.9%425,70750.0%50.0%70.9%71.1%
180Mississippi College2.73.053.5214514815162.5%8.455.7%55.7%MS57.1%64.0%403,95956.3%43.7%16.9%39.3%
180Roger Williams University3.03.283.5114514815169.3%7.8N/A63.9%RI78.0%77.3%290,79855.3%44.7%8.5%34.4%
180Thomas Jefferson2.532.83.0914514714940.4%9.48.6%32.2%CA29.2%58.3%265,17953.4%46.6%17.0%62.0%
180U. of North Dakota2.863.173.514514815264.0%13.6N/A68.8%ND72.3%71.2%286,72441.7%58.3%12.5%33.2%
180U. of the District of Columbia2.722.923.1714514715035.4%N/A52.1%63.4%DC38.5%70.1%N/A43.3%56.7%44.8%74.5%
180Widener (Commonwealth)2.833.113.4514514714862.1%9.123.0%67.2%PA71.4%79.6%196,22267.9%32.1%3.8%25.3%
189Concordia University2.793.043.5214414815159.1%5.220.8%75.0%ID83.3%79.3%58,51651.3%48.7%12.8%26.7%
189North Carolina Central U.,92042.3%57.7%52.6%64.7%
191Appalachian School of Law2.643.053.3214314414762.6%N/AN/A59.5%VAN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A30.8%
191Texas Southern University2.733.033.3714314414735.4%6.5N/A65.6%TX60.0%74.5%N/A44.0%56.0%79.1%85.0%
193Southern University2.552.833.1314214414665.2%17.0N/A48.8%LA57.8%76.6%N/A52.2%47.8%75.2%68.3%
194Western Michigan (Cooley)2.643.023.3313914214786.1%6.1N/A47.2%MI43.9%75.7%753,00065.5%34.5%14.2%52.5%
195Arizona Summit Law SchoolN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AAZN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
196Atlanta’s John Marshall LawN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AGAN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
197Charlotte School of LawN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ANCN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
199Valparaiso UniversityN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AINN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

About the 2020 Raw Data Law School Rankings Report

This report was released in spring 2019.


References to the lowest, median, and highest GPA and LSAT scores, including all data under the headings “GPA Low“, “GPA Median“, “GPA High“, “LSAT Low“, “LSAT Median” and “LSAT High” reflect those of the 25th, 50th, and 75th percentile, respectively, among those applicants granted admission who enrolled as full-time students in fall 2018.

Acceptance Rates

The acceptance rates, indicated under the heading “Accept,” are those of applicants granted admission as full-time students for classes commencing in fall 2018. The acceptance rates of the applicants do not reflect actual enrollment rates, a subset figure.

Student-to-Faculty Ratios

The student-to-faculty ratios are indicated under the heading “S/F Ratio” and show the number of students for that class per faculty member. These ratios reflect the applicants granted admission who enrolled as full-time students in fall 2018.

State & Bar Passage Rates

The bar passage rates reflect those among first-time test takers for the winter and summer 2017 administrations of the bar examinations. “State Bar” indicates the statewide bar passage rate for the jurisdiction in which the greatest number of the law school’s graduates took the bar exam for the reported period. “Pass Bar” is the bar passage rate among those students who passed the bar exam within that jurisdiction.

Employment Rates

The employment rates shown are those of the 2017 full-time graduates at the time of graduation (“Empl. @Grad“) and ten months after graduation (“Empl. @10Mos“).

Law Library Volumes

The data shown under the heading “Library” indicate the number of print and microform volumes, as well as volume equivalents.

Gender, Race & Ethnicity

The data shown under “Male Fac.” and “Fem. Fac.” indicate the percentage of the faculty that are male and female, respectively.

The data shown under “Min. Fac.” and “Min. Stu.” indicate the percentage of the faculty and students that are racial or ethnic minority (Hispanics of any race, American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Black or African American, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, multiracial, non-resident alien, or unknown race).

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Top 7 Law Schools in Texas

University of Texas Austin campus

So you’re an ambitious student looking to jumpstart your career in law, and you want to find the right college? If so, you have come to the right place. Choosing the right law school is foundational to beginning your career. You want a university that will push your limits as a student and set you up for success after school, as well. The bar examination is no joke, and getting a job in the field of law sometimes feels like an even tougher task.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First of all, you need to figure out which law school you are planning on attending.

There are many options in the state of Texas. We have narrowed it down to the top 7 law schools in Texas to assist you in finding the right school:

  1. University of Texas-Austin
  2. Southern Methodist University
  3. University of Houston
  4. Baylor University
  5. Texas A&M University
  6. Texas Tech University
  7. Texas Southern University

Each of these selections earned its spot because the law school provides a top of the line education. They’re all good schools and All-American Bar Association (ABA)-accredited. Learn more about each top-ranked Texas law school:

University of Texas Austin

  • S. News Ranking: 15th
  • Bar Passage Rates: 94%
  • Acceptance Rate: 22%
  • Average LSAT Score: 167
  • Average GPA: 73

The University of Texas-Austin has one of the best law programs in the United States. They boast a bar passage rate of almost 95%. The education pushes you and requires you to put forth your best effort.

The University of Texas-Austin School of Law is also not an easy program to gain admittance. The university only accepts 22% of its applications. You will want to focus on your grades and SAT performance. You should also do some external research to figure out what is required for the application and make sure you submit before the annual deadline.

Southern Methodist University

  • S. News Ranking: 45th
  • Bar Passage Rate:12%
  • Acceptance Rate: 42%
  • Average LSAT Score: 161
  • Average GPA: 63

A private university with an incredible staff and campus, Southern Methodist University takes the second spot on our list.

The education is extremely refined and specific at this college. The professors are amicable and push students to perform their best. The law school has a staggering 94% bar passage rate, which is a good indication of its thorough preparation for the exam.

The Southern Methodist University School of Law is also not extremely selective. 42% of applicants get into this stellar program.

SMU also has some pretty incredible sports teams that will be around when you are looking for something to do in your free time. We know you won’t have much of it, but it’s still something to consider.

University of Houston

  • S. News Ranking: 50th
  • Bar Passage Rate:19%
  • Acceptance Rate: 39%
  • Average LSAT Score: 159
  • Average GPA: 54

The University of Houston has been one of the best law schools in the United States for many years. It is ranked number 50 by U.S. News & World Report. 63% of its graduating class obtained full-time, long-term jobs that were in the field of law.

The school has also been featured on the “Super Lawyers” list and has been covered by the National Law Journal more than once.

If you choose the University of Houston School of Law, you can expect an electric and demanding, yet fulfilling environment.

The school is moderately difficult to get into but does feature a 76% bar passage rate if you are one of the lucky few to gain admittance. There are less than 800 students in the program, which provides a low student to faculty ratio.

Baylor University

  • S. News Ranking: 55th
  • Bar Passage Rate:71%
  • Acceptance Rate: 30%
  • Average LSAT Score: 160
  • Average GPA: 53

Baylor University offers a unique study experience not commonly found at other schools, even in Texas. Baylor University operates on a quarter system rather than a semester structure.

Therefore, a student can start classes in spring, summer, or fall quarter. Then, in the winter quarter, students can focus on the four graduating classes required before receiving your diploma.

Another bonus of the law school is the amazing campus at Baylor University. The gorgeous campus has plenty of things to do, and is reasonably affordable for a private school.

Texas A&M University

  • S. News Ranking: 111th
  • Bar Passage Rate:4%
  • Acceptance Rate: 20%
  • Average LSAT Score: 156
  • Average GPA: 38

One of the biggest focuses of Texas A&M University and its School of Law is the hands-on approach. Students are encouraged to get real world experience to prepare for a career in law.

Programs like Moot Court, Mock Trial, and Alternative Dispute Resolution help students get a feel for what they will be dealing with in real-world situations.

The school offers in-state tuition assistance, and it averages around $32,000 in tuition and fees. It is not hard to see why Texas A&M University ranks among the best law schools in the state. It ranks 111th by U.S. News & World Report and reports an 81% passage rate on the bar exam.

Texas Tech University

  • S. News Ranking: 123rd
  • Bar Passage Rate: 87.12%
  • Acceptance Rate: 55%
  • Average LSAT Score: 154
  • Average GPA: 39

Texas Tech University has a selective law school that only accepts 55% of its applicants. While it is not ranked as high as some other law schools in Texas, the program still performs very well.

If you choose Texas Tech University, you aren’t making a mistake. The law school is not as expensive as some of the other programs on the list. The atmosphere of the university is also top-notch.

Additionally, residents of Texas can receive a wide range of financial assistance from grants and tuition aid. The student to faculty ratio at Texas Tech is favorable, with almost 18 students for every faculty member. As a result, if you are seeking more personable help and attention with your studies, we recommend the institution.

Plus, if you make it through the program, you have an 87% chance of passing the bar exam. We like those odds, and we think you will too.

Texas Southern University

  • S. News Ranking: Unranked
  • Bar Passage Rate:64%
  • Acceptance Rate: 56%
  • Average LSAT Score: 143
  • Average GPA: 11

The Thurgood Marshall School of Law is an ABA-accredited law school that is directly associated with Texas Southern University.

The education provided at the university is of extremely high quality, and one of the foundations of the program is the school library. The TMSL library is so big it spans two separate buildings and houses over 350,000 volumes of literature. “The Natural Jurist” ranked the library 31st out of nearly 200 different law libraries in the nation for resources, material, and special features.

If you plan on spending a good amount of your time in the library, then you need to consider Texas Southern University. 59% of the class of 2017 landed full-time law jobs right after graduation. Texas Southern University also features affordable tuition.

Which School is Right for Me?

All of the law schools we listed in Texas have terrific academic excellence and limitless opportunities. However, choosing the right school for you is not an easy choice with so many worthy considerations.

Our three personal favorites based on performance, acceptance, bar passage rate, and reasonable tuition are:

  • University of Texas Austin
  • Southern Methodist University
  • University of Houston

Baylor University is also worthy based on its high bar passage rate. Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, and Texas Southern University round out an impressive list of in-state law programs.

Final Word

The list should give you a more clear picture of which law school in Texas is best for your needs. All of the schools listed are ABA-accredited and represent excellent choices to further your studies in law.

We recommend doing some of your own research and scheduling a few campus tours before reaching a final determination. Best of luck in the future!

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