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Wiesbaden Business School RheinMain University of Applied Sciences

Wiesbaden Business School offers its students an attractive range of degree programs with six study areas. Our aim is to provide practically-oriented education and to employ a problem-solving approach that ensures students can transition smoothly into the world of work. The benchmark the university and the faculty applies is to coach our students towards success in their studies and subsequent working life.

That means that we, as academics, in conjunction with the faculty’s administrative and support staff offer our students a demanding curriculum, and motivate them to achieve outstanding results and success in their degree programs. At the same time, we require and nurture above-average performance – because ultimately: There’s no such thing as a free lunch. And the way the faculty has developed over the years, and its reputation in the business community, encourages us to strive towards balancing knowledge transfer with practice. We measure ourselves by examining how prepared our graduates are for working life – even if, sadly, not all our undergraduates make the grade. Expressed from an economic point of view: academic offerings need to be actively demanded, otherwise there is no success on the market!

More details about Wiesbaden Business School:

Wiesbaden Business School opened its doors to students as a faculty of economics when the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, formerly Fachhochschule Wiesbaden, started operations in 1971. Following on from the earlier diploma degree program of business administration with various focal areas, six degree programs have been developed at bachelor and master levels. These arose from implementing the Bologna process at an early stage in 2001, and the accompanying trend towards specialized degree programs.

Today the faculty is the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences largest department with over 3,000 students and has its own campus located in downtown Wiesbaden. The campus is made up of a representative mid-nineteenth century building connected via a courtyard to the Dieter-Fladung building: a purpose-built complex of buildings with a well-equipped library featuring all today’s media, an attractive refectory and lecture halls, seminar rooms and IT laboratories. The faculty ensures that the preconditions are met for student life in a stylish, cool atmosphere including WiFi and everything else that goes with it.


The RheinMain University of Applied Sciences offers ideal study conditions at four locations in Wiesbaden and Rüsselsheim. Around 13,600 students study in the five faculties of architecture and civil engineering , design, IT, media , social affairs , Wiesbaden Business School and engineering .

Among the more than 70 courses on offer at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, there are bachelor and master courses as well as job-integrated, dual and blended learning courses.

The two locations of the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences are centrally located in the Rhine-Main area. Over 290,000 people live in Wiesbaden, the state capital of Hesse. Rüsselsheim am Main, which lies between Wiesbaden and Frankfurt, has over 65,000 inhabitants.

All courses at a glance

Here you will find an overview of the study programs (courses and fields of study) at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences in alphabetical order. After one click, you will be taken directly to the desired course in the respective department and find all the relevant information there.

Advanced Media Technology (M.Eng.)

Applied Computer Science (B.Sc.)

Applied Computer Science (dual, B.Sc.)

Applied Mathematics (B.Sc.)

Applied Mathematics (M.Sc.)

Applied Physics (B.Sc.)

Applied Physics (M.Sc.)

Architecture (B.Sc.)

Architecture | Building with existing stock (M.Sc.)

Civil Engineering (B.Eng.)

Architectural Heritage (B.Sc.)

Architectural heritage | Building with existing stock (M.Sc.)

Part-time electrical engineering degree (B.Eng.)

Part-time engineering degree in electrical engineering and management (M.Eng.)

Part-time engineering degree in mechanical engineering (B.Eng.)

Part-time engineering degree in Product Development and Manufacturing (M.Eng.)

Part-time engineering degree in industrial engineering (M.Eng.)

Bio and environmental technology (M.Eng.)

Business & Law in Accounting and Taxation (LL.B.)

Business & Law in Accounting and Taxation (LL.M.)

Business Administration (BA)

Controlling and Finance (MA)

Creative Media Conception (MA)

Crossmedia Spaces (MA)

Digital Business Management (B.Sc.)

Electrical Engineering – Connected Systems (M.Eng.)

Electrical and aerospace engineering (B. Eng.)

Electrical engineering (B.Eng.)

Vehicle development, energy technology and production planning (M.Eng.)

Vehicle technology (major in mechanical engineering (B.Eng.))

Financial Services (dual, B.Sc.)

Health-related social work (BA) (will be transferred)

Health-related social work (major in social work: health, social law and social management (BA / LL.B.))

Health Economics (B.Sc.)

Real Estate Management (B.Eng.)

Computer Science (M.Sc.)

Computer Science – Technical Systems (B.Sc.)

Computer Science – Technical Systems (dual, B.Sc.)

Computer Science – Smart Systems for People and Technology (M.Sc.)

Interior architecture – room staging design (BA)

Interior Design – Conceptual Design (MA)

Insurance & Banking (B.Sc.)

Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences (B.Eng.)

International Management (BA)

International Management (MA)

International Media Management (B.Sc.)

International technical cooperation (major in the Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences (B.Eng.) Course)

International Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.)

Communication Design (BA)

Structural Engineering / Construction Management (M.Eng.)

Cooperative engineering degree in electrical engineering (B.Eng.)

Cooperative engineering degree in mechatronics (B.Eng.)

Cooperative engineering degree in media technology (B.Eng.)

Healthcare Management (MA)

Mechanical engineering (B.Eng.)

Mechatronics (major in Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences (B.Eng.))

Media & Design Management (M.Sc.)

Media Management (B.Sc.)

Media: Conception & Production (BA)

Media Informatics (B.Sc.)

Media Informatics (dual, B.Sc.)

Media Technology (B.Eng.)

Medical technology (M.Sc.)

Medical technology (major in Interdisciplinary Engineering (B.Eng.))

Mobility Management (B.Eng.)

Law and Management in Social Work (LL.B.) (will be transferred)

Sales and Marketing Management (MA)

Smart Energy Management (major in Interdisciplinary Engineering (B.Eng.))

Social Work (BA)

Social Work – Part Time (BA)

Social work BASA-Online (BA)

Social work with a focus on education (MA)

Social work with a focus on social space development and organization (MA)

Social Work – Education in Childhood and Adolescence (BA)

Social Work: Health, Social Law and Social Management (BA / LL.B.)

Social Management (major in Social Work: Health, Social Law and Social Management (BA / LL.B.))

Social law (major in Social Work: Health, Social Law and Social Management (BA / LL.B.))

Environmental management and urban planning in metropolitan areas (M.Eng.) (Professional)

Environmental management and urban planning in metropolitan areas (M.Eng.)

Environmental Technology (B.Eng.)

Insurance and Finance (M.Sc.)

Virtual product and process development (major in mechanical engineering (B.Eng.))

Business Informatics (B.Sc.)

Business Informatics (M.Sc.)

Business Informatics (dual, B.Sc.)

Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.)

The Program

Are you aiming at an executive position in international management? Are you interested in a business master’s program in English that qualifies you for executive positions in internationally oriented enterprises and organizations?

Our program provides you with the opportunity of acquiring the required skills while studying in a pleasant learning environment with a pronounced international character.

Learning Objectives

  • Integrated understanding of the different functional management areas in an international business environment;
  • Knowledge of the relevance of macroeconomic issues for internationally oriented businesses;
  • Capability to develop international management strategies;
  • Project and knowledge management skills;
  • Intercultural communication skills;
  • Entrepreneurial thinking;
  • Knowledge of the management challenges and interdisciplinary business topics arising in the APEC environment.

Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of the Bachelor of Arts in International Management degree program at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences or of a comparable economics or business administration degree program. A degree program is considered comparable if, in accordance with §1 of the admissions regulations, it is an economics/business administration degree program with an international focus and generally 240 credit points and the applicant can demonstrate competence in the full spectrum of the following academic fields: international financial management, international accounting/controlling, international marketing and international economic relations. If this background knowledge cannot be definitively assessed based on the documents submitted, the applicant will be invited to an interview.
  • Admission to the program requires a final mark (grade average) of at least 2.2 (in the German system).
  • PROOF OF ENGLISH LEVEL: English skills at the C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), documented by a standardized language test (List of recognized tests).

For detailed information about admission requirements, please refer to the Regulations governing Admission to the Master’s in International Mangement (PDF 240 KB).

Intended Career

Students are being prepared for work in the following areas:

  • Executive positions in internationally oriented enterprises;
  • Executive positions in international subsidiaries of German enterprises, international businesses or international holding companies;
  • Self-employment in an increasingly interdependent global economy.

At a glance

Study locationWiesbaden, Campus Bleichstraße/Bertramstraße
Standard period of study2 semester
Teaching languageEnglish
Accreditation agencyACQUIN
EnrollmentIn summer and winter semesters
Application deadlinesJanuary 15 and July 15Admission regulations (PDF 240 KB) (in English)Admission regulations (PDF 51 KB) (in German)
ContactFor more information please contact the ServiceCenter of the Wiesbaden Business School.

Double Degree Programs with Wiesbaden Business School, Hochschule RheinMain

The double degree programs will provide the opportunity to graduate students from both institutions to simultaneously pursue the Master degree from ZHAW School of Management and Law (ZHAW) and Wiesbaden Business School (WBS).

Upon successful completion of the double degree program, the following degrees will be awarded by the partner institutions:

About the Double Degree Partner – Wiesbaden Business School

Wiesbaden Business School is a renowned business school located close Frankfurt, one the world’s leading financial centers. The institution provides practice-oriented education and employs a problem-solving approach. It ranks as the leading institution in Germany for business law with a specialization in accounting and taxation.

Find out more about the university.

Selection and Documents

Candidates for the double degree program will be selected by their home institution according to selection criteria jointly defined and agreed upon by WBS and ZHAW. Due to the higher workload compared to the ordinary Master study tracks at the partner institutions, only highly qualified students shall be selected for the double degree program.

Each institution reserves the right to require double degree candidates to complete the standard enrolment documents and to provide the results of any required entrance examinations. The host institution has the right to not accept a double degree candidate from the home institution for academic rationales or any other substantial reasons.

Documents required from the Double Degree candidates

  • Completed application form
  • Proof of qualifications: copies of diploma, diploma supplement, grades, transcript of records (ECTS credits)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Evidence of English language skills
  • CV, incl. photo
  • Copy of Bachelor’s thesis or a term paper

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