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Home Horticulture Online – the art and science of caring for plants

Grow your gardening knowledge, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener. There are no course prerequisites, although a basic knowledge of plants is helpful.

In this 12-week non-credit program, you will receive the same science-based training that OSU Extension Master Gardener trainees receive in Oregon, moderated by a skilled instructor. (Please note, you will receive the same education, however, this program does not lead to a Master Gardener Certification).

This is one of our most popular courses. By the end of the program, you will know: 

  • The basics of botany and entomology
  • Integrated pest management and pesticide safety
  • Soils, fertilizers and composting
  • Ornamental herbaceous plants and woody plants
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Indoor and container gardening
  • Sustainable landscaping
  • Prevention and diagnosis of plant problems using least-toxic methods

Online Certificate of Home Horticulture

For each topic, you will have the chance to learn and interact with the instructor and your classmates via:

  • A recorded lecture
  • Additional lectures for optional specialized knowledge
  • Forum assignments and discussions with the instructor and other students
  • Weekly quizzes to help you retain information
  • Extensive additional resources to help ensure your long-term success

Upon successful completion of the online course, you will receive a digital Certificate of Home Horticulture.

NOTE: Though this is the same training as the Master Gardener program, this Certificate of Home Horticulture will not lead to a Master Gardener Certification.

Scholarship Opportunity

A very limited number of scholarships are available.

Applications are due three weeks before the start of the next course.  You will receive a notification at least two weeks before the start of the next course.

 You can complete your Home Horticulture Certificate scholarship application here. 


If you live in Oregon and are interested in becoming an OSU Extension Master Gardener Volunteer, visit this website to find out about in-person training in 2022.

Targeted Gardening Short Course Series

If you do not need or desire the full certificate course, or only want to study certain topics, you might be interested in the on-demand Gardening Short Course Series, which pulls from sections of the Home Horticulture Online program.

Natural Gardener Classes

Gardening is a fascinating journey that allows you to create and nurture living art. If you’re new to gardening or looking to refine your techniques, natural gardener classes can provide invaluable insights. These classes typically cover a wide range of topics, including soil preparation, plant selection, propagation, and organic gardening practices.

Natural gardener classes are often offered by local community colleges, botanical gardens, and gardening centers. They provide hands-on experience and guidance to help you develop a green thumb and make your garden flourish. These classes are perfect for individuals who prefer in-person learning and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow gardening enthusiasts.

Is There Any Course for Gardening?

Aspiring gardeners often wonder if there are courses specifically designed for gardening. The answer is a resounding “yes.” Gardening courses come in various forms, ranging from short workshops to comprehensive diploma programs. These courses cater to individuals at every skill level, from beginners to experienced gardeners looking to expand their expertise.

Gardening courses cover a wide array of topics, including plant care, landscape design, pest control, and sustainable gardening practices. Many universities, technical colleges, and even online platforms offer gardening courses, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

Online Gardening Courses for Beginners

In our digital age, the internet has opened up a world of opportunities for learning, including gardening. Online gardening courses are particularly beneficial for beginners, as they allow you to start at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

Beginner-friendly online gardening courses cover the fundamentals of gardening, such as understanding soil, choosing the right plants, and basic maintenance. These courses often include instructional videos, virtual demonstrations, and access to gardening communities where you can seek advice and share your progress.

Free Horticulture Courses Online Australia

Australia, with its diverse landscapes and climate, presents unique opportunities and challenges for gardeners and horticulturists. If you’re looking for horticulture courses specifically tailored to the Australian environment, you may be pleased to know that there are free options available online.

Several Australian universities and institutions offer free horticulture courses through Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platforms. These courses cover various horticultural aspects, from plant physiology to landscape management. They are an excellent way to get a taste of horticulture without financial commitment.

Online Degree Courses in Horticulture

For those who are passionate about horticulture and wish to pursue it as a career, online degree courses in horticulture are the way to go. These programs are more comprehensive and cover advanced topics, including plant breeding, pest management, and horticultural business practices.

Online horticulture degree programs are offered by universities and colleges around the world. They usually grant certificates, diplomas, or even bachelor’s degrees. Pursuing an online horticulture degree allows you to combine your passion for gardening with a professional qualification, opening doors to various career opportunities in agriculture, landscaping, or even research.


Gardening is not only a therapeutic and rewarding hobby but also a field of study and a potential career path. Whether you’re a novice looking to grow your first tomato plant or a seasoned gardener aspiring to become a horticulturist, there is a course or program tailored to your needs and interests. Natural gardener classes, gardening courses, online options for beginners, free horticulture courses, and comprehensive online horticulture degree programs offer a plethora of choices to help you cultivate your green thumb and take your gardening skills to new heights. So, go ahead and embark on this exciting journey of becoming a natural gardener or horticultural expert – your garden will thank you for it!

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