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Accounting is the method to accumulate the data and report the financial information. It gives information about the performance, cash being utilized for the business, and financial positions. To learn Accounting, enroll in Great Learning Academy’s free Accounting courses, which will help you understand its concepts better. You can also earn free Accounting certificates on completing the programs.

Accounting is known as the primary business language. It can be used to infer the investments, financial transactions, and their results. It is a comprehensive system that collects financial information, analyzes it, and communicates its information. Learning Accounting will help the aspirants who plan on pursuing financial Accounting education or business management. Learners who are mathematics admirers will find Accounting very interesting. 

To keep the financial records and reports, you will require to know Accounting. It is not easy to handle the statements and information of large transactions happening in an organization. This is where Accounting comes into the picture. Accounting helps you keep a record of all the financial information and prepare reports on them. This helps widely in business management. There are specific standards an Accountant follows while maintaining the financial transaction information of an organization. 

The easy decision to take free online accounting courses can be happened upon with very little time or effort necessary. One may be finding herself bored with filling out test-procedure specification reports and needing to change course from software engineering and into a financial position requiring all of the basics granted by a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) degree. Or perhaps, she has worked through a few accounting periods and is wholly accustomed to the record-and-post adjusting entry cycle specifics but needs to further her knowledge with the ever-expanding distributed ledger possibilities of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Regardless of where one is on the path of processing financial decisions, these free online accounting courses deliver incredible viewpoints of the multitudinous, flexible, and convenient options available.

Every organized society needs information ordered and recorded concerning its activities and accomplishments, and accounting was created to fulfill this need. Comprehending and efficiently orchestrating so many exchanges and transfers is integral, as they can affect so many outcomes from simply solidifying a single investment opportunity or ultimately destroying a whole company. For example, the massive pivot still evolving worldwide from on-premise, office-centered rows of cubicles to individualized and remote work-from-home style positions needs sound, focused decisions coordinating all purchases, reimbursements, investments, and compensatory avenues – to name a few. Categorizing all available assets regarding employees, office equipment, and whole real estate investments is a massive undertaking alone. On top of that is the need to clearly delineate their value, position the assets to best account for scope and purpose, and negotiate the conflicts that will maximize those resources and increase the company’s future prospects. This is only part of the advising role that accountants play while engaged in all types of businesses. Free online accounting classes like Financial Accounting Fundamentals form a possibly crucial foundation for anyone wading into this field or looking to develop a larger salary.

Free Online Accounting Courses

Students interested in pursuing an accounting specialization will learn how to collect and assemble the needed information to evaluate the financial data and guide wise business decisions. These free online accounting classes can lead to degree programs, ultimately inspiring future financial leaders and preparing them for a wide range of satisfying careers. Just like these courses, even entire MBA in Accounting programs are now provided online. Through MOOCs on Coursera and edX, everyone can enjoy the convenient, online format, allowing them to continue working full-time while earning their accounting certificates. The following examines these free online accounting courses in more detail and uncovers what makes each of them unique.


Determining which free online accounting courses are most appropriate to list firstly considers a general overview of accounting topics. Secondly, these best-viewed classes are from the leading business schools throughout the country, which are ideally equipped to research, discern, and discuss the latest trends. The courses must be from the upper-level specializations and degrees to better see the full range open to beginners and up through advanced specialists. Coursera and edX are recognized leaders of the pack, which have proven their online platforms and are unrivaled at focusing the lens further. These MOOC websites also have optimal partnerships with many top schools, providing an even better perspective outside of their own offerings.

#1 Accounting in Engineering – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management allows all to enjoy a free online accounting class. MIT provides this course on the edX platform.

Management in Engineering: Accounting and Planning is a free online accounting course that consists of a mathematically rigorous framework constantly pushing to understand financial markets and is delivered with data-driven insights from two distinguished professors. Coming from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Senior Lecturer Abbott Weiss joins Professor Jung-Hoon Chun. Together they lay out intermediate coursework meant to bridge the gap between business people and engineers. As mentioned, some decent effort will be needed to successfully navigate this course during its two-month time frame consisting of 10 to 12 hour weeks. From within an engineering framework, this free online accounting curriculum provides the experience of managing to open doors for novices that are perhaps less technical or engineers who are more people-oriented. Within this class, the learner will solidify their basic business knowledge in finance, sales, and marketing, practice constructing financial statements, and build up an analytical toolset for effective decision-making. Instilling these managerial abilities into the modern leader is essential for successful companies amidst the increasingly diverse business world. The class is the third in a series of eight that combine to form a Principles of Manufacturing MicroMaster’s Program produced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and entirely hosted via edX. These graduate-level courses that showcase deep learning and in-demand skills are designed to advance careers and put learners on a pathway to an advanced degree. They even count as credits in at least a dozen Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Engineering Master’s degrees linked through edX.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology produces this comprehensive free online accounting course and offers it through edX. The Sloan School of Management at MIT upholds the University’s respected reputation. Accordingly, U.S. News & World Report positioned the business school as the fifth-best amongst United States universities. Also, as an AACSB-accredited business school, Sloan is an internationally recognized top choice for graduates. It offers business students the benefit of learning in a technologically-driven environment. Additionally, MIT generously provides over 200 online classes – an almost unprecedented number for this quality – all through edX, covering a massive variety of subjects in 11 full programs.

Course Name: Management in Engineering: Accounting and Planning
Business School: Sloan School of Management

#2 Accounting in Entrepreneurship – University of Maryland, College Park

The University of Maryland, College Park houses one of the top business schools offering leading business courses. This free online accounting course expounds on entrepreneurial finance.

Financing Innovative Ventures is intended for aspiring or active corporate venture opportunists looking to secure and manage the proper funding from the right investors at the ideal time. Hosted through edX, this online accounting class will help clarify fundamental accounting and financing principles so entrepreneurs will be better able to guide their business and stay focused on its core underpinnings. It is meant as introductory for learners without an accounting background. Being the fourth and final course in the Professional Certificate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, only a minor investment of about 11 hours over four weeks will bring about a wealth of knowledge. The resources gained from this free online class include highlighting the multitude of financing options, reviewing the basics of valuations, dilution, and non-dilutive sources of funding, and structuring a pitch for funding. New corporate ventures need to rely on internal and external funding sources, and understanding the solid fundamentals is central to the class’s second week. The following week will discover the process and tools needed to assess the venture’s growth, locate its true value, and strategize a comprehensive funding plan. This strategy is the key to unlocking financial resources and efficiently funding the company’s growth. Finally, the student will solidify this thinking into a clear investment proposal searching to land the repeatedly sought, but usually only hard-won funding. Michael Pratt, a lecturer of technology entrepreneurship, teaches the practical dos and don’ts of pitching and inspires the learners to create compelling stories for their new ventures.

At the University of Maryland in College Park, the Robert H. Smith Business School is well versed in experiential learning, and it shows. Their online classes include hands-on projects and propel students through introductory levels all the way through advanced programs. According to U.S. News & World Report’s list for its online MBA programs, the University of Maryland’s Smith School, is an outstanding place to learn, rated at number 10. The school of business is even accredited through the AACSB. The University of Maryland provides this online accounting course and almost 50 more free online programs through the accessible edX platform.

Course Name: Financing Innovative Ventures
Business School: Robert H. Smith School of Business

#3 Accounting Analytics – University of Pennsylvania

Wharton’s 140-year-old finance department continually shows its leadership as it always has been at the forefront of financial education and research. The University of Pennsylvania presents a free online accounting course titled Accounting Analytics.

Accounting Analytics is a free online accounting course proposed by the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and is available through Coursera. Lasting four weeks and requiring 10 hours to complete this class, students examine accounting data and how it is relevant to financial performance and forecasting scenarios, including consumer behavior predictions, corporate strategy, and risk management. The skills gained explicitly in the first week include ratio analysis involving financial statements, decision making through forecasting, and corporate finance valuation. The second week isn’t any slower and is replete with an earnings management discussion covering the means, motive, and opportunity of intentional bias in financial statements. The following week reviews earnings management through a big data lens, specifically while asset prediction models are used to discover possible statement manipulation. Further understanding is then given towards connecting non-financial metrics to financial performance and recognizing the predictive analytics necessary to produce optimal results. As the fourth of five parts in the Business Analytics Specialization, this class brings together the previous analytic sections to prepare the engaged student for the capstone project that partners with Yahoo. Led by the experienced accounting professors Brian Bushee and Christopher Ittner, the hands-on design provides invaluable experience in examining and creating data-driven decisions, ultimately preparing the learner for the modern world of accounting for all aspects of business. All of this furnishes the student with an overall financial understanding that further propels them into more advanced financial topics and a rapidly-expanding view of the global financial markets.

Managing a massive curriculum curated by a world-renown faculty, the University of Pennsylvania includes this free online accounting class. The Wharton School MBA, born out of the University of Pennsylvania, is rated the number one program for 2021 by U.S. News & World Report. The business school is also accredited through the selective AACSB. As an original Ivy League member, the United States should be proud of its history and tradition as the University of Pennsylvania is one of the earliest higher education institutions. It is among some of the best experts providing these free online accounting courses.

Course Name: Accounting Analytics
Business School: The Wharton School

#4 Accounting Process – University of California, Irvine

From the University of California, Irvine, the Paul Merage School of Business offers this free online accounting course offered through Coursera. The business school presents this course which explains the ins and outs of the accounting cycle.

Completing the Accounting Cycle is a free online accounting course that is part of an available three-part specialization produced by the University of California, Irvine. It only requires about 10 hours to complete, but it can easily be spread across four weeks for those in need of the most flexible options. So many basics are intrinsic to the most advanced topics within accounting education programs. Practicing them ensures that nothing is overlooked. This class offers a centralized understanding of the accounting cycle, all from within the Microsoft Excel framework. Specifically, the skills earned include adjusting entries, closing entries (focused on the adjustment to retained earnings), preparing income statements, retained earnings statements, and ultimately completing a complete balance sheet. Understanding and recording the four closing entries procedure rounds out the year’s accounting cycle to best prepare for the new fiscal one. And outside of this class, the Introduction to Financial Accounting: The Accounting Cycle Specialization will build the remaining essential skills needed in the accounting cycle regardless of the direction changes encountered along the way. The accounting equation, journal recording, and ledger posting are a few of the many notches available to add to the new accountant’s belt through this specialization. As the learner nears the end, the capstone project requires direct and specific usage of the knowledge, as mentioned earlier, to show true career readiness.

Students can satisfy their curiosity through this free online accounting class, or the University of California, Irvine also provides more than 150 additional courses. From risk management and blockchain to macroeconomics, the courses range across many accounting topics and are all offered via Coursera. Including a complete Project Management degree, UCI offers many of these learning avenues to its students through its partnership with Coursera. The University of California, Irvine’s Merage School of Business is AACSB-accredited. At a solid ranking as its 67th best business school, U.S. News & World Report also further distinguishes the Paul Merage School. Modern students must face industry disruption head-on, and it is the school’s holistic approach to education that aims to help them adapt and even seek to disrupt and find their own true success directly.

Course Name: Completing the Accounting Cycle
Business School: Paul Merage School of Business

#5 Banking – Columbia University

The Institute for New Economic Thinking sponsored this course as an attempt to revive some forgotten traditions in monetary policy that have become relevant again. This free online accounting class is available from Columbia University.

In Economics of Money and Banking, the students learn about the monetary system as an essential infrastructure of a decentralized market economy. They come to understand monetary economics through the key analytical tool of the balance sheet to measure the calculated risk of debt in search of the forecasted investment returns. This computation helps highlight how previously separate capital and money markets have become intertwined more recently into a new system of market-backed credit. Integral to this understanding is ultimately what Perry Mehrling, Professor of Economics, teaches through the balance sheet approach. For over 30 hours spread across 13 weeks, the student will bear this in mind to form a better picture of an economy much larger and more interconnected than ever before. This painting of how banks now supply most market liquidity for a price exemplifies a central bank’s need to protect the ultimate precarious balance. Comprehending the money view’s conceptual apparatus will make sense of modern shadow banking in the financially globalized world and how this is now a part of standard economics.

The Columbia Business School proposes this free online accounting course. The school is ranked in the U.S. News & World Report’s list as the number eight best nationwide. As part of Columbia University, the Columbia Business School is accredited through the United States’ oldest and most prestigious accreditation council, the AACSB. They offer this class in partnership and through Coursera along with over 20 other online courses amongst seven different MicroMaster’s, programs, or certificates. Columbia University acknowledges that so much of its strength originates from the surrounding New York City. It constantly looks to connect its research and education to the vast resources of the great Northeastern hub. The Columbia Business School offers, alongside their in-person options on campus, asynchronous and live-online executive education courses. Columbia University helped produce this course and so many more courses for all of those searching for flexible online class structures. From such a distinctive and distinguished learning environment crossing so many scholarly and professional fields – who would not choose this class?

Course Name: Economics of Money and Banking
Business School: Columbia Business School

The Convenience of Online Learning

Online education has revolutionized the way people learn. It offers unmatched convenience and flexibility, allowing individuals to access high-quality education from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Government accounting is no exception to this trend, as there is a growing demand for certified professionals who can manage public finances efficiently.

Online Government Accounting Certificate Programs

Government accounting is a specialized field that deals with the financial management of public institutions. As such, government accounting certificate programs are designed to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of managing public funds.

These programs are available online, making it possible for working professionals and busy students to pursue a government accounting certificate without disrupting their schedules. Online courses cover various aspects of government accounting, including budgeting, auditing, compliance, and financial reporting.

“Government Accounting Training Courses”

Government accounting training courses are an essential resource for those interested in this field. Whether you’re a financial professional looking to specialize in government accounting or a student just starting your career, these courses offer valuable insights into the unique challenges and regulations governing public finances.

Online courses have made “government accounting training courses” more accessible than ever. They are designed to accommodate diverse learning styles and provide the flexibility needed for individuals to fit learning into their busy lives. These courses are often led by experienced instructors who can provide real-world insights into government accounting practices.

“Can You Take Accounting Classes Online?”

The answer is a resounding yes! You can indeed take accounting classes online. This approach is not limited to government accounting but extends to a wide range of accounting disciplines, including financial accounting, managerial accounting, and tax accounting. The flexibility of online classes allows you to choose courses that align with your career goals and interests.

Online accounting classes provide the same level of quality education as their in-person counterparts. They typically include video lectures, interactive assignments, quizzes, and discussion forums to facilitate learning and engagement. Moreover, students can access resources such as textbooks and digital materials online, ensuring they have all they need to succeed.

Benefits of a “Governmental Accounting Online Course”

A “governmental accounting online course” is tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals seeking to excel in the field of government finance. Here are some key benefits of pursuing such a course:

  1. Flexibility: Governmental accounting online courses allow you to learn at your own pace. You can balance your coursework with your job or other responsibilities, making it an ideal choice for busy professionals.
  2. Cost-Effective: Online courses are often more affordable than traditional classroom-based programs. You can save on commuting and accommodation expenses, and many courses offer financial aid options.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Online courses facilitate connections with peers and instructors from around the world. These networks can be valuable for future career opportunities and collaboration.
  4. Current and Relevant Content: Government accounting is a dynamic field with ever-evolving regulations and practices. Online courses are often updated regularly to reflect the latest developments, ensuring you receive the most current education.
  5. Accreditation: Reputable online government accounting courses are accredited, ensuring the quality and recognition of your certificate.


In conclusion, “can you do an accounting course online?” Yes, you absolutely can. Online government accounting certificate programs, “government accounting training courses,” “taking accounting classes online,” and “governmental accounting online courses” have opened doors for countless individuals to pursue a career in government accounting. The flexibility, accessibility, and quality of online education make it a practical choice for anyone interested in mastering the intricacies of managing public finances. Whether you’re already working in the field or starting from scratch, online government accounting courses are the way forward for a bright and rewarding career in government finance.

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