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Continuing Professional Development, commonly known as CPD, is an essential component of professional growth and competence in the ever-evolving world of finance and accounting. For those who are part of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), CPD is not just a recommended practice but a mandatory requirement to maintain their professional status. One of the frequently asked questions among ACCA members is where to find free CPD courses with certificates. In this article, we will explore the world of free CPD courses and how they benefit ACCA members.

ACCA and Capitalise have joined forces to deliver free learning modules that will help you, the accountant, to better understand the needs of your clients. They will help you understand the options available and discuss hot topics like:

  • the importance of credit scores
  •  the rise of sustainable funding
  • how to approach these conversations to help you get closer to your clients.

As well as hearing from the Capitalise team, you will be introduced to a series of subject experts who will expand and enhance your knowledge around these key subjects.

Capitalise and ACCA

Capitalise was established in 2015 to help make the increasingly complex funding landscape easier to understand for small businesses and their trusted advisers.

Capitalise works with over 100 lenders, from Fintech to traditional banks and alternative lenders, as well as numerous other capital partners to support funding. Its funding solutions include working capital, invoice finance, secured and merchant funding. Partnering with accountants to help deliver funding, Capitalise discovered that small businesses were four times more likely to get access to the capital they needed.

Today, Capitalise works with more than 3,000 accountants across the UK and South Africa and has delivered over £1bn in approved funding offers, supporting almost 10,000 small businesses, across a range of sectors and size.

Supporting businesses further, Capitalise can also assist with credit improvement, debt recovery, R&D Tax credits and grants. This helps accountants better support their clients and create healthier and more sustainable balance sheets.

How Many CPD Points Do I Need ACCA

Before delving into the realm of free CPD courses, it’s crucial to understand the CPD point requirements set by ACCA. The number of CPD points you need depends on your membership status and category. ACCA distinguishes between three categories: affiliates, associates, and fellows. As an ACCA affiliate, you must complete 40 units of CPD in each calendar year, while associates need to earn 80 units. For fellows, the requirement is 120 units.

CPD points are distributed based on various activities, including structured learning, technical reading, and non-technical activities such as mentoring and volunteering. ACCA provides a comprehensive guide to help members understand how to accrue CPD points, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with their guidelines.


One of the common misconceptions among ACCA members is that CPD has to be an expensive endeavor. Contrary to this belief, ACCA encourages members to explore a wide range of free CPD options. These options are not only cost-effective but also valuable in terms of knowledge enhancement.

Many organizations, including ACCA, offer free webinars, seminars, and workshops that provide CPD points. These sessions often cover various topics, from technical updates to professional skills development. ACCA’s website and member resources regularly list upcoming free CPD events, making it easy for members to access these opportunities.

Free CPD Courses for ACCA Members

In addition to webinars and seminars, there are various other sources for free CPD courses for ACCA members. Online platforms and learning institutions often provide free courses that cater to accounting and finance professionals. These courses may cover a range of subjects, such as financial reporting, taxation, or risk management.

Moreover, ACCA members can consider utilizing resources from public institutions and professional bodies. Many government organizations and industry associations offer free training and CPD opportunities. These can be an excellent way to meet your CPD requirements without spending a dime.

What Is Verifiable CPD ACCA

To meet ACCA’s CPD requirements, it’s crucial to understand the concept of verifiable CPD. Verifiable CPD is CPD that can be easily substantiated and validated. ACCA expects its members to maintain records and evidence of their CPD activities. This means that for any CPD activity to be considered valid, it must be verifiable.

Verifiable CPD should include information such as the activity’s title, date, duration, and the CPD units earned. It should also include proof of participation, like attendance certificates or confirmation from the CPD provider. Without these verifiable records, your CPD may not be recognized by ACCA, and this could lead to difficulties in renewing your membership.

In conclusion, while fulfilling your CPD requirements as an ACCA member is essential, it doesn’t have to be a costly endeavor. There are various options available for free CPD courses and activities that can help you accumulate the required CPD points. It’s crucial to stay updated with ACCA’s guidelines and verify your CPD activities to ensure your professional status remains intact. In doing so, you can continue to excel in the world of finance and accounting and make the most of your ACCA membership.

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