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In the digital age, e-commerce has revolutionized the way we shop, making it convenient and accessible for people worldwide. With the rapid growth of online retail, the demand for high-quality product images has surged. This demand has given rise to a niche but promising job market known as e-commerce photography jobs.

Mentored by Ace Photographer – Karthik Srinivasan ( To Be Announced )

Our Fashion Photography workshop is conducted at our premises in Mylapore, Chennai; and outdoor sessions take place at different locations as per availability and weather conditions. Mentor Karthik Srinivasan has tailor made the workshop to suit his own style of photography, and demonstrates the same to the students over a 2 day period.

While studio lighting and fashion photography can seem like an out of reach dream to many a budding photographer, Karthik demystifies them into comprehensible sessions of pure understanding of the techniques involved. At the end of the workshop, you will be much more comfortable handling lighting or posing a model for that matter. Karthik also encourages students to work on their own individual styles, which should be the ultimate goal for any photographer.

While the workshop is aimed at the aspiring professional photographer already having some knowledge of photography, it would also be of help to those trying to establish a style identity of their own. In either case, at the end of the workshop, ou would be charged up to recreate your own portfolio with the techniques demonstrated.

Our workshops are conveniently scheduled on weekends and there are no overheads apart from the fees. We provide the shooting space, the lights and accessories, the model and even your lunch! Day 1 starts with Karthik Srinivasan demonstrating lighting styles used in the fashion industry, followed by time allotted for the students to experiment what they have learn during the second half of the day. Day 2 takes the fashion scenario outdoors.

Key Areas Covered by :

  • Operating Studio Lights
  • Using Light modifiers
  • Quality of Light
  • Lighting with one light
  • Using fill and accent lights/flare
  • The right lighting angles
  • How distance affects quality of light
  • Uses of shadow areas
  • Foolproof tips to light your subjects
  • Posing your model – body language
  • Separation between background and subject using lighting
  • Mixing flash and ambient light
  • Hands on time with equipment and fashion model
  • Shoot using beauty, portrait lighting

( To Be Announced )

Our Location :

 Classes Time Schedule :

  Day 1 – Indoor
10 – 11Karthik Srinivasan introduction to fashion photography.
11 – 12Various lighting modifiers explained
12 – 1Demo of 2 lighting types with Models and Stylist’s
1 – 2LUNCH (at the premises)
3 – 4Students practice time with Models and Stylist’s
4 – 5Demo of 3 lighting types with Models and Stylist’s
5 – 6Students practice time with Models and Stylist’s


 Day 2 – Outdoor (Location TBD)
10 – 11Karthik Srinivasan introduction to Outdoor Photography
11 – 12Demo of lighting types with Models and Stylist’s
12 – 1Students practice time with Models and Stylist’s
1 – 2LUNCH (at the premises)
2 – 3Demo of 2 lighting types with Models and Stylist’s
3 – 6Students shoot for their portfolios with Models and Stylist’s

The Rise of E-commerce Photography

E-commerce photography involves capturing product images for online retailers. These images play a crucial role in attracting customers, influencing purchase decisions, and enhancing the overall shopping experience. As a result, e-commerce companies are constantly in need of skilled photographers who can create visually appealing product photos.

Skills Required for E-commerce Photography

To excel in e-commerce photography, one must possess a unique set of skills. Photographers need to understand lighting, composition, and post-processing techniques to showcase products in the best possible way. Additionally, knowledge of specific equipment, such as cameras, lenses, and studio lighting, is vital.

Chennai Photography Course: Nurturing the Photographer in You

Chennai, the cultural and artistic hub of South India, has long been a hotspot for aspiring photographers. The city offers a myriad of opportunities to explore and hone your photographic skills. A photography course in Chennai can be your gateway to entering the world of visual storytelling.

Why Chennai for Photography?

Chennai’s rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and diverse communities provide endless inspiration for photographers. From the bustling streets of Mylapore to the serene beaches of Marina, Chennai offers a canvas for photographers to create captivating images.

Choosing the Right Photography Course

In Chennai, photography courses cater to a wide range of interests and skill levels. Whether you are a beginner looking to grasp the fundamentals or an experienced photographer seeking to refine your craft, Chennai has courses tailored to your needs.

B&H Photography Classes: A World of Photography Knowledge

B&H, the renowned electronics and camera store in New York City, has expanded its services to include photography classes. B&H photography classes offer aspiring photographers an opportunity to learn from experts and enhance their skills in an iconic setting.

The Legacy of B&H

B&H Photo Video has been a trusted name in the photography industry for over 45 years. Their reputation for providing high-quality products and services makes them an ideal choice for those seeking to improve their photography skills.

What to Expect from B&H Photography Classes

B&H offers a wide range of photography classes and workshops. These classes cover various topics, from photography basics to advanced techniques. Participants can expect to learn from experienced instructors, have access to state-of-the-art equipment, and connect with fellow photography enthusiasts.

Photography Course in Chennai Part Time: Balancing Passion and Career

Many photography enthusiasts have a deep passion for capturing moments but may not be able to pursue photography as a full-time career. In such cases, a part-time photography course in Chennai can be the perfect solution to balance passion and a day job.

The Benefits of Part-Time Courses

Part-time photography courses allow individuals to continue with their current careers while learning photography on the side. This approach ensures financial stability while pursuing one’s passion, making it an attractive option for many.

Finding Part-Time Photography Courses in Chennai

Chennai offers a variety of part-time photography courses that cater to different schedules and skill levels. These courses provide flexibility and can be adapted to suit your personal and professional commitments.

Fashion Photography Courses in India: Striking a Pose in the Glamorous World

Fashion photography is a dynamic and captivating field that combines art and commerce. India, with its vibrant fashion industry, has become a hub for aspiring fashion photographers. Fashion photography courses in India offer a chance to explore this glamorous world.

The Allure of Fashion Photography

Fashion photography goes beyond capturing clothing and accessories. It’s about creating an image, a story, and a brand. It’s a field that demands creativity, a keen eye for detail, and a deep understanding of aesthetics.

Pursuing Fashion Photography in India

India’s fashion industry has seen remarkable growth in recent years, offering numerous opportunities for fashion photographers. Many reputed institutions and workshops across the country provide specialized courses that prepare aspiring photographers for the challenges and excitement of the fashion world.

In conclusion, the world of photography is diverse and full of opportunities. Whether you’re interested in e-commerce product photography, looking for courses in Chennai, exploring B&H photography classes, considering part-time photography courses, or dreaming of a career in fashion photography, there’s a path for every aspiring photographer to follow. Photography is not just a profession; it’s an art form, a means of expression, and a way to capture the beauty and stories that surround us.

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