erasmus university rotterdam admission requirements

Erasmus University College (EUC) welcomes applicants who are highly motivated, academically strong, and curious and open-minded. We strive for a diverse student body who are committed to expanding their intellectual horizons through a Liberal Arts & Sciences education. We evaluate applicants holistically, focusing not only on academic track record but also on motivation for the programme.


We would like to hear from you about why you are motivated to study at EUC. In your application letter, please provide us with examples of your academic and non-academic interests and how they align with a Liberal Arts & Sciences education, so we can find out if our programme is a likely match for you. 

Your motivation letter (in English, maximum 600 words, please use the template that you can download below) should answer the following questions:

  1. What makes you a good candidate for successfully pursuing a Liberal Arts & Sciences degree?
  2. Why do you want to study Liberal Arts & Sciences at EUC?
  3. What additional information would you like the admissions officers to know when considering your application? (excluded from the word count)

Secondary school diploma

You are eligible for admission to EUC if you meet:

Since a number of our courses cover mathematics and statistics, mathematics proficiency is necessary for success in our programme. Additionally, since our programme is taught fully in English, proficiency in English is a strict requirement.

In the list below, you will find our admission requirements per secondary school diploma. If your diploma is not on the list, then don’t hesitate to contact our admissions office, as you may still be eligible for admission. If you don’t meet the requirements, then there are several additional tests that you can take to demonstrate your academic capabilities:

  • Mathematics test: You can take the OMPT-AOpens external if you don’t meet the mathematics requirement. Required score: minimum score of 70%.
    An OMPT-A test score older than two years is no longer considered valid by EUC.
  • English language proficiency test: You can take one of four tests if you don’t meet the English requirement. Required scores:TOEFL-iBTOpens external: 100 with minimum subscores of 20. You can use the institution code C217 to have your score report sent to us.
    IELTS AcademicOpens external: 7,0 with minimum subscores of 6,0
    C2 ProficiencyOpens external or C1 AdvancedOpens external: minimum overall score of 185
    In all cases, test scores older than two years are no longer considered valid by EUC.
  • SAT or ACT: You can take one of these tests if you don’t meet the average grade requirement. Required scores:SATOpens external: minimum total score of 1170. You can use the college code 7443 to have your score report sent to us.
    ACTOpens external: minimum composite score of 27. You can use the college code 7819 to have your score report sent to us. 
    In all cases, test scores older than two years are no longer considered valid by EUC.

Please note that the above-mentioned scores don’t automatically qualify you for admission to EUC. We evaluate applicants holistically and on an individual basis.

Erasmus University Rotterdam, located in the vibrant city of Rotterdam, is renowned for its high-quality education and diverse academic offerings. The Erasmus School of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam offers an esteemed MBA program that attracts students from around the world. To be a part of this prestigious institution, candidates must meet certain MBA requirements. In this article, we will delve into the Erasmus University Rotterdam MBA requirements and explore what it takes to secure a spot in this highly-regarded program.

Erasmus University Rotterdam’s MBA program is designed to cater to students with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Therefore, the admission requirements are comprehensive and designed to ensure that candidates can thrive in the program.

Erasmus University Rotterdam Economics Entry Requirements

For those interested in pursuing a degree in economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam, it’s crucial to understand the entry requirements to secure a place in the program. The Erasmus School of Economics is known for its academic excellence and world-class faculty, making it a sought-after destination for aspiring economists. To help you on your journey, we will explore the Erasmus University Rotterdam economics entry requirements, shedding light on what it takes to gain admission to this prestigious institution.

Erasmus University College Acceptance Rate

Erasmus University College (EUC) in Rotterdam is an honors college that offers a unique and challenging educational experience to students from all over the world. With its small class sizes, interactive learning methods, and interdisciplinary curriculum, EUC is a popular choice for those seeking a more personalized and enriching education. One of the questions on the minds of many prospective students is the acceptance rate at Erasmus University College. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at this important aspect of the application process and what it means for your chances of being admitted to EUC.

Erasmus University Rotterdam Acceptance Rate for International Students

Erasmus University Rotterdam is not only a leading educational institution in the Netherlands but also an attractive destination for international students seeking high-quality education and a culturally diverse environment. With a wide range of programs and courses, the university welcomes students from around the world. One of the key concerns for international applicants is understanding the Erasmus University Rotterdam acceptance rate for international students. In this section, we will explore this topic, providing insight into what international applicants can expect when applying to Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Erasmus University Rotterdam Accommodation

Finding suitable accommodation is a vital aspect of the university experience. Erasmus University Rotterdam understands the challenges students face when it comes to securing housing, especially for those coming from abroad. To make the transition to university life smoother, the university offers a variety of accommodation options. In this section, we will explore the Erasmus University Rotterdam accommodation options, helping you understand the choices available and how to secure a place to live during your studies.

Erasmus University Rotterdam MBA Requirements

The Erasmus University Rotterdam MBA program is highly regarded, attracting candidates with diverse backgrounds and aspirations. To ensure the program’s integrity and to guarantee that students can excel in the demanding curriculum, specific requirements must be met for admission.

  1. Educational Background: Prospective MBA students at Erasmus University Rotterdam are expected to have a strong educational foundation. A bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement, but a master’s degree or relevant work experience can be advantageous. Your educational background should be in a related field, such as economics, business, or a similar discipline.
  2. Work Experience: Work experience is a critical component of the Erasmus MBA application. While the exact number of required years may vary, most candidates typically have at least three to five years of professional experience. This experience is crucial as it contributes to the program’s diversity and the quality of class discussions.
  3. English Language Proficiency: Since the MBA program is conducted in English, applicants must demonstrate a high level of English proficiency. This is typically done through standardized tests like the TOEFL or IELTS. Erasmus University Rotterdam has specific score requirements that applicants must meet.
  4. GMAT or GRE Scores: Many MBA programs require candidates to submit GMAT or GRE scores. Erasmus University Rotterdam is no exception. While there is no set minimum score, strong performance in these exams can significantly enhance your application.
  5. Interview: In some cases, candidates may be required to participate in an interview as part of the admission process. This interview serves to assess your motivation, leadership potential, and interpersonal skills.

Meeting these Erasmus University Rotterdam MBA requirements is the first step in securing your place in the program. Keep in mind that the exact requirements and criteria may change, so it’s crucial to check the official university website for the most up-to-date information.

Erasmus University Rotterdam Economics Entry Requirements

The Erasmus School of Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam offers a wide range of programs, including undergraduate and graduate degrees in economics. Aspiring economists are drawn to the institution’s reputation for academic excellence and innovative research. To become a part of this dynamic academic community, prospective economics students must meet specific entry requirements.

  1. Educational Background: A strong academic foundation is essential for admission to the Erasmus School of Economics. Undergraduate applicants typically need to hold a high school diploma or its equivalent. Graduate applicants must have completed a bachelor’s degree in economics or a related field.
  2. Language Proficiency: Like many universities in the Netherlands, Erasmus University Rotterdam offers programs in English. Therefore, non-native English speakers are often required to provide proof of their English language proficiency through standardized tests like the TOEFL or IELTS.
  3. Specific Program Requirements: Some economics programs may have additional prerequisites or requirements. For instance, a master’s program might require a relevant bachelor’s degree, and specific courses or credits in economics may be necessary.
  4. Application Materials: Candidates typically need to submit a variety of application materials, including academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and a resume. These documents are essential for evaluating your suitability for the program.

It’s important to note that admission requirements can vary depending on the specific economics program you are applying to, whether it’s an undergraduate or graduate degree. Therefore, you should always check the program’s official webpage for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Erasmus University College Acceptance Rate

Erasmus University College (EUC) in Rotterdam is a distinctive institution that offers an enriching and personalized education experience to its students. The college’s unique approach to education, small class sizes, and focus on interdisciplinary learning make it a desirable choice for many prospective students. However, the question on the minds of many applicants is, “What is the acceptance rate at Erasmus University College?”

The acceptance rate at Erasmus University College can vary from year to year and may depend on factors such as the number of applications received and the capacity of the college. It’s important to understand that EUC’s selective admission process ensures that those who are admitted are highly motivated and well-suited to the college’s challenging academic environment.

While specific acceptance rates can fluctuate, EUC typically admits around 30-40% of applicants. This rate reflects the college’s commitment to maintaining a small, close-knit community of students who can benefit from the college’s unique educational model.

Admission to Erasmus University College is highly competitive, and the college values a holistic approach to evaluating applicants. In addition to academic achievements, factors such as extracurricular activities, a personal statement, and letters of recommendation are all considered during the admissions process. This approach ensures that students who are not only academically strong but also passionate about their chosen field of study are admitted to EUC.

Prospective students should keep in mind that while the acceptance rate is an important consideration, it is not the sole determinant of whether EUC is the right fit for their educational goals. The college’s distinctive approach to education, its tight-knit community, and its focus on interdisciplinary learning are equally important factors to consider when making the decision to apply.

Erasmus University Rotterdam Acceptance Rate for International Students

Erasmus University Rotterdam is renowned for its diverse and inclusive environment, making it an attractive destination for international students seeking a high-quality education. Understanding the acceptance rate for international students is a crucial aspect for those considering Erasmus University Rotterdam as their educational home.

Erasmus University Rotterdam has a strong commitment to welcoming international students and fostering global diversity within its student body. While acceptance rates can vary depending on the specific program, the university maintains a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for international applicants.

The acceptance rate for international students is influenced by several factors, including the program’s popularity, the number of available slots, and the competitiveness of the applicant pool. In many cases, the acceptance rate for international students at Erasmus University Rotterdam is similar to that of domestic students, indicating the university’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

To increase your chances of being accepted as an international student, it’s important to pay close attention to the program’s specific requirements and deadlines. You should also ensure that you meet the university’s English language proficiency standards by providing standardized test scores if required. Additionally, a strong application, including a well-crafted personal statement and strong letters of recommendation, can greatly enhance your chances of admission.

Erasmus University Rotterdam is known for its vibrant international community and the support it provides to students from around the world. While the acceptance rate is an important consideration, it’s equally important to focus on meeting the university’s specific admission criteria and making a compelling case for why you are an ideal candidate for your chosen program.

Erasmus University Rotterdam Accommodation

Securing suitable accommodation is a crucial part of the university experience, especially for international students or those relocating to a new city for their education. Erasmus University Rotterdam recognizes the importance of providing housing options that cater to the diverse needs of its students. Here, we explore the accommodation options available to students at Erasmus University Rotterdam and how to secure a place to live during your studies.

  1. University Housing: Erasmus University Rotterdam offers university-managed housing options for both Dutch and international students. These accommodations are located on or near the campus, making it convenient for students to access their classes and university facilities. University housing is available in various formats, including dormitories, shared apartments, and independent studios. It’s advisable to apply for university housing as early as possible since availability may be limited.
  2. Private Housing: Rotterdam has a thriving real estate market, and many students choose to rent private accommodation. You can find a wide range of options, from apartments and shared houses to studios. This flexibility allows you to select housing that suits your budget and preferences. Websites and platforms like Pararius and Funda are valuable resources for finding private housing listings.
  3. Housing Agencies: Some students prefer to work with housing agencies that specialize in finding suitable accommodation. These agencies can assist you in navigating the rental market, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that your housing needs are met.
  4. Student Housing Associations: In the Netherlands, student housing associations play a vital role in providing affordable and quality housing options. They manage various housing complexes designed for students and often offer rental subsidies for those with limited financial resources.
  5. Temporary Accommodation: If you arrive in Rotterdam and haven’t secured long-term housing yet, temporary accommodations such as hotels or hostels can serve as a short-term solution. This provides you with a comfortable place to stay while you search for more permanent housing.

When looking for accommodation, consider factors like location, budget, and proximity to your campus. Additionally, it’s advisable to start your housing search well in advance, as the demand for student housing in Rotterdam can be high.

Erasmus University Rotterdam strives to provide support and guidance to students in finding suitable housing during their academic journey. The university’s dedicated housing office can offer assistance, advice, and resources to help you secure comfortable and convenient living arrangements.

In conclusion, Erasmus University Rotterdam offers a wide range of programs and accommodations to cater to the diverse needs of its students. Whether you’re interested in pursuing an MBA, a degree in economics, or any other field of study, understanding the university’s admission requirements and housing options is essential for a successful and enriching academic experience.

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