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In the fast-paced world of academia, the demand for innovative and efficient educational pathways is ever-growing. Dual degree programs, especially those that offer a combination of a master’s and a doctorate, are gaining popularity for their ability to provide students with a comprehensive and streamlined education. These programs allow individuals to earn both a master’s and a doctorate degree simultaneously, reducing the overall time and effort spent in pursuit of advanced education. This article delves into various dual degree programs available online, covering diverse fields of study and their potential benefits.

What is a Dual Degree Program or Joint Masters and PhD Programs?

A dual degree program is typically structured to double-count some of students’ earned course credits to the completion of both degrees – masters and PhD. While the policies that govern these programs vary, essentially, dual masters and doctorate degree programs allow participants to:

  • Meld two different interests and study immersion-style
  • Customize their course plan
  • Bulk up a resume with extra skills and knowledge
  • Research at the highest academic level
  • Course share instead of completing the same material twice

How to Apply to Joint Masters and PhD programs?

Applicants for dual masters and doctorate degree programs may need to apply separately for admission to both the schools within their university. This then indicates their intent to pursue a dual degree.

As a result, you should talk to admissions counselors and program directors during the application process. That’s one way to ensure you have all the required materials for starting graduate study.

Dual Degree vs Double Major

Joint masters and PhD programs are not to be confused with double majors or two degrees at the same academic level. A conjoined Masters/PhD program blends two postgraduate programs in areas such as:

  • Business administration
  • Law
  • Political Science
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Psychology
  • Nursing

The curriculum usually draws from the syllabus of both programs, though the course load is a bit heavier. This may stretch out time to completion. But still usually takes less time than earning the degrees separately.

For example, American University offers a MA / PhD in Psychology. In this case. courses are an in-depth analysis in concentrations such as Behavior, Cognition, and Neuroscience and Clinical Psychology.

12 Common Joint Masters and PhD Programs

Some grad schools with joint masters and PhD degree programs may have a separate page devoted to dual degree and joint degree programs. Then again, they might require a conversation with the departments.

Below are some common programs to consider, including dual masters and PhD programs online. Remember, though you may not see the particular dual degree you’re looking for, this list of schools is open to joint masters and PhD degrees. Therefore, contact admissions to see if the one you want to pursue is a possibility.

Are there PhD and MBA dual degree programs?

There are multiple MBA / PhD joint programs to consider that enable graduate degree students to hone their grasp of the day to day management issues that today’s professional face along with functional skills in another area. In many of these programs, the MBA coursework usually comes first.

Here are a few joint masters and PhD programs in business administration to check out, with partner programs that offer each type of dual degree.

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Executive MBA/Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Students at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing and Carey Business School could study patient care and safety as they deepen their grasp of corporate leadership in a DNP / Executive MBA. The first step is learning more about the Executive MBA and adding a DNP.

During this program, courses strive to teach problem solving skills as students refine their ability to lead health care teams through a blended course plan. This melds the core of an MBA (operations, marketing, finance) with the essentials of a DNP, such as population health and translational evidence.

Dual Degree Programs at Johns Hopkins:


Juris Doctor (JD) / Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The dual-degree program in business and law is planned out so that students might complete both degrees with six fewer courses than would be required if the degrees were pursued separately. Students who complete the dual degree earn an MBA with a focus in business law as well as the JD degree.

Meld interests in business with the background needed to function in the legal sectors through a Joint JD/MBA program at George Mason University.

Dual Degree Programs at George Mason University:


MBA / Doctor of Medicine (MD)

During these programs, tomorrow’s doctors analyze how to more efficiently run independent practices or pursue leadership roles in hospitals by developing savvy boardroom skills.

The joint MBA / MD program at Boston University is designed for students who are interested in both clinical medicine and the business side of healthcare. This program usually takes students five years to complete and covers topics in both profit and non-profit settings.

Dual Degree Programs at Boston University:


MBA / Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

While pursuing an MBA/PharmD degree, the curriculum blends business courses with a health care-infused syllabus and advanced pharmacy practice. For example, Nova Southeastern University offers a joint MBA / PharmD degree where you might complete a final project that could satisfy two of nine required advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs).

Dual Degree Programs at Nova Southeastern University:

Additional MBA Programs at Nova Southeastern:


MBA / Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)

Dual Masters and PhD Programs in Psychology sometimes admit students to the MBA program during their second yea, as this is one of the programs where the MBA course come after initial courses in the PsyD program.

One example is the MBA / PsyD joint degree at Widener University, which is designed for students pursuing I/O psychology, consulting psychology, or organizational psychology. In this program, the core curriculum, applied field experiences, and professional development activities integrate clinical psychology with an in-depth analysis of organizational and business systems.

Dual Program: Masters and PhD in Psychology

Psychology, the scientific study of the human mind and behavior, is a field that offers a wide array of applications in both clinical and research domains. Dual degree programs that combine a master’s and a doctorate in psychology provide an ideal platform for students aspiring to excel in this discipline. These programs typically enable students to first acquire a solid foundation through a master’s degree and then delve into specialized research and clinical practice at the doctoral level.

Online dual programs in psychology offer flexibility and convenience, making it easier for individuals to balance their education with work or other commitments. These programs are designed to accommodate students at various stages of their academic journey, whether they are fresh graduates or seasoned professionals seeking to enhance their knowledge and career prospects.

Dual Degree in Computer Science and Finance

The intersection of technology and finance is a thriving domain, where computational skills and financial acumen are highly sought after. Dual degree programs in computer science and finance bridge the gap between these two seemingly distinct fields, equipping students with the expertise to excel in roles that demand both technical and financial expertise.

The online format of these dual programs allows students to access high-quality education without geographical constraints. By combining a master’s in computer science with a master’s in finance or business, individuals can tap into a range of career opportunities, including financial analysis, algorithmic trading, and financial software development.

Dual Degree: Computer Science and Business

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and technology, professionals who can navigate both worlds are invaluable. Dual degree programs that combine computer science and business studies provide an ideal platform for those who aspire to excel in technology-driven business environments. These programs equip students with a strong foundation in computer science and a deep understanding of business management, creating a unique skill set that is in high demand.

Online dual degree programs in computer science and business are designed to be flexible, allowing students to complete coursework at their own pace while continuing their professional careers. Graduates of these programs can explore career options in various sectors, such as technology consulting, project management, and entrepreneurship.

Dual Masters and PhD Programs in Education Online

Education is a field where continuous learning and advanced degrees can significantly impact one’s career trajectory. Dual degree programs that combine a master’s and a doctorate in education are tailored to meet the needs of educators and administrators seeking to enhance their qualifications and expertise.

These online programs offer the flexibility needed for educators to continue working while pursuing advanced degrees. With a focus on both theory and practical applications, students in these programs can develop a deep understanding of educational methodologies and leadership, making them well-prepared for roles as educational administrators, curriculum developers, and academic researchers.

Masters and PhD Combined Programs in Computer Science

The realm of computer science continues to expand and evolve, making it essential for professionals in this field to stay current and competitive. Dual degree programs that offer both a master’s and a doctorate in computer science are ideal for those looking to advance their knowledge and careers in this ever-dynamic field.

Online dual programs in computer science are designed to be flexible and accommodate students from diverse backgrounds. These programs provide in-depth knowledge of computer science theories and practical skills, preparing graduates for roles in research, academia, software engineering, and various leadership positions in the tech industry.


Dual degree programs that combine master’s and doctorate degrees offer a unique and efficient way to pursue advanced education. Online options have made these programs more accessible to a wider range of students, providing the flexibility needed to balance education with work and other life commitments. Whether you’re interested in psychology, computer science, finance, business, or education, dual degree programs can help you reach your academic and career goals more efficiently and effectively. The decision to embark on such a path can be a transformative one, enhancing your expertise and opening up new and exciting opportunities in your chosen field.

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