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The City University of New York (CUNY) is renowned for its diverse academic offerings, and psychology is no exception. With numerous CUNY colleges and graduate programs dedicated to this field, prospective students often wonder which institutions offer the best psychology programs. In this article, we will explore CUNY schools with excellent psychology programs, their graduate offerings, and help you determine which one might be the best fit for your academic and career goals.

Which CUNY schools offer a psychology degree?\


According to the NCES College Navigator, these 10 CUNY schools offer a general psychology program:

Bachelor Psychology Majors:

  1. College of Staten Island CUNY
  2. CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College
  3. CUNY Brooklyn College
  4. CUNY City College
  5. CUNY Graduate School and University Center
  6. CUNY Hunter College
  7. CUNY Lehman College
  8. CUNY Medgar Evers College
  9. CUNY Queens College
  10. CUNY York College

Graduate Psychology Majors:

  1. CUNY City College
  2. CUNY Graduate School and University Center
  3. CUNY Hunter College
  4. CUNY Queens College

Some of these schools also offer majors in psychology specializations. For example, Industrial and Organizational Psychology is offered as a bachelor’s major at these schools:

  • CUNY Bernard M Baruch College
  • CUNY Graduate School and University Center

Clinical Psychology is offered as a graduate major at these schools:

  • CUNY City College
  • CUNY Graduate School and University Center
  • CUNY Queens College

CUNY School Psychology Graduate Programs

For many aspiring psychologists, graduate programs are the gateway to a successful career in the field. CUNY offers several notable graduate psychology programs that cater to various interests and specialties. These graduate programs prepare students for a range of psychology-related careers, from clinical and counseling psychology to experimental and research-based roles. Some of the prominent CUNY institutions with strong psychology graduate programs include Hunter College, City College, and Brooklyn College. Each of these schools offers distinct specializations and research opportunities that appeal to students seeking advanced degrees in psychology.

  • Hunter College: Hunter College, part of the CUNY system, boasts a robust psychology department with a variety of graduate programs. Their Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program is highly regarded and offers training in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of psychological disorders. For those interested in research, the M.A. program in General Psychology is an excellent choice.
  • City College: City College’s Psychology Department is known for its diverse and inclusive academic environment. Their Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program places a strong emphasis on urban and multicultural psychology. If you are interested in understanding how psychology intersects with diverse populations, this program may be ideal.
  • Brooklyn College: Brooklyn College offers a Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program that focuses on preparing students for professional practice. With faculty members engaged in various research areas, it’s an excellent choice for those interested in both clinical practice and research.

Good CUNY Schools for Psychology

While the graduate programs at various CUNY institutions provide excellent opportunities, it’s essential to consider undergraduate psychology programs too. Many students begin their psychology journey at the undergraduate level, and CUNY schools offer strong programs for those at this stage. Here are a few CUNY schools known for their quality undergraduate psychology programs:

  • Queens College: Queens College offers a well-rounded undergraduate psychology program that emphasizes research skills and critical thinking. The department encourages students to participate in research projects and internships, providing a solid foundation for future studies or employment.
  • John Jay College of Criminal Justice: If you’re interested in the intersection of psychology and criminal justice, John Jay College is an excellent choice. Their forensic psychology program is highly regarded, preparing students for careers in law enforcement, corrections, and related fields.
  • Lehman College: Lehman College offers a strong undergraduate psychology program with a focus on preparing students for graduate studies or careers in clinical psychology. They emphasize hands-on experiences, making it an excellent choice for students interested in a practical approach to psychology.

Best CUNY Psychology Programs

When it comes to determining the “best” CUNY psychology program, it’s essential to consider your individual goals, interests, and preferences. Each CUNY institution has its unique strengths, and what’s best for one student might not be the same for another. To determine the best CUNY psychology program for you, consider the following factors:

  1. Specialization: Are you interested in clinical psychology, research psychology, or another subfield? Choose a CUNY school that aligns with your specialization.
  2. Faculty: Research the faculty members and their areas of expertise at each CUNY school. A strong faculty can greatly impact your education.
  3. Location: Consider the location of the school, as it can impact your overall experience and opportunities for internships or research collaborations.
  4. Financial Considerations: Explore tuition costs, scholarships, and financial aid opportunities at different CUNY schools.
  5. Internships and Research Opportunities: Investigate the availability of internships, research projects, and other experiential learning opportunities.
  6. Alumni Success: Research the success of alumni from the programs you are interested in. Alumni success can be an indicator of the program’s quality.

Which CUNY is Best for Psychology

In conclusion, determining which CUNY school is the best for psychology depends on your individual preferences and goals. CUNY offers a wide array of psychology programs, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, making it accessible for students with diverse interests and career aspirations. When making your decision, be sure to thoroughly research each program, consider your desired specialization, and evaluate the faculty, location, and financial aspects. By doing so, you can find the CUNY psychology program that aligns best with your educational and career objectives. Remember, the best program is the one that best suits your unique needs and ambitions.

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