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Now’s the time to jumpstart your criminal justice career with LSU Alexandria’s online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Criminal Psychology. Delivered completely online, this program provides students the unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the criminal justice system and the benefits of applying psychological insight to the field. Through comprehensive coursework and hands-on learning, students will strengthen their cognitive skills and investigative abilities. Additionally, LSUA’s online programs provide you the opportunity to synchronously interact with instructors (in real-time) via video conferencing and other technologies in a flexible format that fits your busy schedule. These sessions also allow engagement with course content and build a community among our online students. Start earning a flexible degree that allows you to continue dedicating time to your family and community while preparing for a career in fields such as law enforcement, courts, and corrections at the local, state, and federal levels. The program can be completed in four years as a full-time student.

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Online Criminal Psychology

Total credit hours per program: 120 credit hours

Cost per credit hour: $325

Total cost with fees and maximum amount of credits allowed to transfer into the program: $9,750

Total cost with fees: $39,000

The final cost of this program will be determined once all transfer credits are evaluated. Transfer credits may apply for up to 75% of degree requirements. Your academic advisor will work with you to determine if and how any prior college credits earned will apply toward your LSUA degree. For further information about the approval for transfer credits and other requirements, please visit this site.

LSU Online offers financial aid to those who qualify.

The total cost above does not include transfer credit or financial aid. Cost per credit hour and fees are subject to change. Fee schedules may vary by program depending on course-specific fees for proctoring and/or books. Please contact a Student Success Coach for more information.

Course Listings

Online Criminal Psychology

General Education Courses

  • ENGL 1001: English Composition | Credit Hours: 3
  • ENGL 1002: English Composition II | Credit Hours: 3
  • Gen Ed Fine Arts (Fine Arts, Music, Theater) | Credit Hours: 3
  • General Education Mathematics | Credit Hours:6
  • Biology and Physical Science | Credit Hours: 9
  • POLI 2051 American Government | Credit Hours: 3
  • PSYC 2000: Introduction to Psychology | Credit Hours: 3
  • CMST 2060 Public Speaking | Credits: 3
  • HIST 2055 American History I | Credits: 3
  • HIST 2057 American History II | Credits: 3

Major Requirements

  • CJUS 1107: Introduction to Criminal Justice | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 2002: Professional Writing in Criminal Justice | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 2131: Police Process | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 2132: The Judicial Process | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 2216: Corrections Process | Credit Hours: 3
  • PSYC 3001: Cultural Diversity | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 3025: Ethical Leadership in Criminal Justice | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 3030: Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology | Credit Hours: 3
  • CJUS 3215: Juvenile Delinquency | Credit Hours: 3
  • PSYC 2070: Developmental Psychology | Credit Hours: 3
  • PSYC 3140: Social Psychology | Credit Hours: 3
  • PSYC 3800: Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Psychology | Credit Hours: 3
  • PSYC 4060: Drugs and Behavior in Psychology | Credit Hours: 3
  • PSYC 4082: Introduction to Abnormal Psychology | Credit Hours: 3
  • PSYC 4083: Introduction to Counseling Psychology | Credit Hours: 3


  • ENGL 3002: Technical Writing | Credit Hours: 3
  • Psychology Electives | Credit Hours: 6
  • Criminal Justice Electives | Credit Hours: 3
  • Free electives | Credit Hours: 24 hours

Students who intend to pursue Graduate School should take the following courses in the order listed: PSYC 2525, PSCY 3017, PSYC 4017.

Admission Requirements

Online Criminal Psychology

For university acceptance, first-time freshman must meet the following criteria:

  • Complete high school Core curriculum for college readiness in place at time of high school graduation
  • Not be required to take more than one developmental course
  • Have a high school grade point average of at least 2.0
  • Meet one of the following:
    • Have an ACT composite of 20 or higher
    • Have a high school Core grade point average of at least 2.0

Transfer students to LSUA must meet one of the following sets of criteria:

  • Have earned a transferable associate degree or higher
  • Have earned at least 18 hours of college-level credit, including a college-level English and college-level mathematics course, with a grade of “C” or higher in each, and an overall GPA of at least 2.0
  • Have earned at least 12 hours of college-level credit from LSUE or CLTCC Bridge Program, including a college-level English and college-level mathematics course, with a grade of “C” or higher in each, and an overall GPA of at least 2.0.
  • If the above are not met, meet freshman admission requirements and be in good standing with their previous institution

Career Opportunities

Online Criminal Psychology

  • Case Worker
  • Corrections Officer
  • Criminal Psychologist
  • Police detective
  • Probation or Parole Officer

What Will I Learn?

Online Criminal Psychology

Students who graduate with an online criminal justice – criminal psychology bachelor’s degree will be prepared for entry-level positions in the criminal justice field.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • An introduction to criminal justice, its historical and philosophical background; its organizations, agencies, and processes; the development of modern practices; and its role in a democratic society
  • Instruction and practice in the writing skills required of criminal justice professionals with an emphasis on the composition of memos, letters, reports, and documents
  • A study of the role, scope, organization, and management of police agencies
  • An examination of the role, function, and structure of the courts and their relationship to the criminal justice system
  • A study of the American correctional process with emphasis on the development of current correctional programs and practices, modern rehabilitative processes, and community-based correctional efforts

Why Choose This Program?

Online Criminal Psychology

Why choose LSUA’s online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a Criminal Psychology concentration?

The online BS in Criminal Justice – Criminal Psychology program from LSUA is designed to help students begin their careers in the justice system. Graduates will be prepared for entry-level careers in law enforcement, courts, and more. The 100% online format is flexible and convenient – perfect for working professionals or other nontraditional students. Additionally, the Prior Learning Assessment program can help students save time and money by allowing them to use their past training to earn credits toward their degree.

Criminal psychology is a fascinating field that delves into the minds of criminals, understanding their motivations, behaviors, and thought processes. With the advancement of technology, online education has become increasingly accessible, allowing individuals from all around the world to study criminal psychology conveniently. In this article, we will explore various criminal psychology courses available online in different regions, including India, Australia, the UK, Kenya, and Pakistan. Whether you’re interested in a formal degree program or simply want to expand your knowledge, these courses can be your gateway into the world of criminal psychology.

Criminal Psychology Courses Online India

India, with its rich history and diverse culture, is a country that’s increasingly recognizing the importance of criminal psychology in understanding and addressing crime. Online criminal psychology courses in India offer a unique opportunity for individuals to explore this field without geographical constraints. These courses cover various aspects of criminal psychology, such as profiling, forensic psychology, and the psychology of criminal behavior. Institutions like the Tata Institute of Social Sciences and Amity University offer comprehensive programs in this domain.

Criminal Psychology Courses Online Australia

Australia is known for its rigorous academic standards and commitment to research, making it an attractive destination for those interested in criminal psychology. Online courses in Australia provide a wealth of knowledge and practical insights into the minds of criminals, offering students a deep understanding of the field. Institutions like Griffith University and the University of Melbourne offer top-notch online programs in criminal psychology, focusing on areas like criminal profiling, victimology, and forensic psychology.

Free Online Criminal Psychology Courses UK

The United Kingdom has a long-standing tradition of providing quality education in the field of psychology. While there are paid courses available, it’s worth noting that there are also free online criminal psychology courses offered by prestigious institutions such as the University of Oxford and the University of Edinburgh. These courses are an excellent option for those who want to get a taste of criminal psychology without a financial commitment. They cover introductory topics like the history of criminal psychology and its applications in modern law enforcement.

Criminal Psychology Online Courses UK

In addition to free courses, the UK also provides comprehensive criminal psychology programs that lead to accredited degrees. These courses, often available online, offer a broader curriculum, covering areas like criminal behavior analysis, the psychology of terrorism, and legal issues in criminal psychology. Universities like the University of Portsmouth and the University of Liverpool have established themselves as leaders in the field, delivering quality online education to students worldwide.

Criminal Psychology Courses in Kenya

Criminal psychology is not just a field of study for developed nations; it also plays a crucial role in addressing crime-related issues in emerging economies like Kenya. Online criminal psychology courses in Kenya cater to the local and international demand for experts in this field. Institutions like the University of Nairobi and the United States International University-Africa offer programs tailored to the unique challenges and opportunities in Kenya, covering topics such as the psychology of African criminal behavior and forensic techniques suitable for the region.

Criminal Psychology Courses in Pakistan

Pakistan is another country where the study of criminal psychology is gaining momentum due to the increasing awareness of its importance in solving crimes and improving law enforcement. Online courses in Pakistan cater to the specific needs of the region, taking into account cultural and legal differences. Institutions like the University of the Punjab and Aga Khan University offer criminal psychology programs that encompass topics like criminal profiling in the Pakistani context and the psychology of extremist behavior.

In conclusion, the availability of online criminal psychology courses in various countries reflects the global recognition of the significance of this field in understanding and combating crime. Whether you’re an aspiring criminal psychologist or simply curious about the intricacies of criminal behavior, these courses offer a valuable opportunity to expand your knowledge and expertise. The diverse options in India, Australia, the UK, Kenya, and Pakistan ensure that you can find a program that suits your goals and interests, allowing you to delve deeper into the intriguing world of criminal psychology.


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