cheapest medical schools in canada for international students

When it comes to pursuing a medical education, aspiring students often consider factors like reputation, quality of education, and, of course, affordability.

Canada has emerged as an attractive destination for international students seeking economical options without compromising on the excellence of their medical studies.

Today, we explore the list of the cheapest medical schools in Canada, courtesy of NYSCInfo, a reliable website catering to Nigerian students seeking international scholarships and general career advice.

But before anyone associates the word “cheap” with anything of a negative note, the website said the information is from a list of “the 15 Most Affordable Medical Schools in Canada, which includes some of the highest ranked schools in the globe.”

The website said international students might be drawn to the inexpensive cost of attending some schools of higher education in Canada.

“Whatever the case may be, the list above includes several extremely high-ranking universities in Canada, as well as some very economical medical schools in Canada,” said the website.

Of the “top 10” on the list, the University of Alberta, one of Canada’s largest universities, ranked number one. This low-cost medical school in Canada includes four campuses in Edmonton, as well as buildings in Calgary and Camrose. Other schools on the list include McMaster University in Hamilton, the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario.

Top 10 Cheap Medical Schools In Canada

  1. University of Alberta (Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry)
  2. University of Northern British Columbia (Faculty of Medicine)
  3. University of Calgary (Cumming School of Medicine)
  4. University of Saskatchewan (College of Medicine)
  5. University of Manitoba (College of Medicine)
  6. University of Toronto (Faculty of Medicine)
  7. Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
  8. McMaster University Medical School
  9. Northern Ontario School of Medicine
  10. McGill University (Faculty of Medicine)

The website advises students that there are no free tuition for foreign students in Canada seeking to get a higher level of education. The website also said while tuition is not free, it is inexpensive.

For international students aspiring to pursue a medical degree in Canada, the above-listed institutions provide an array of affordable options without compromising on the quality of education.

The combination of renowned academic excellence and reasonable tuition fees makes these schools prime choices for students seeking to fulfill their medical aspirations within a budget. Remember, investing in education is an investment in your future, and these universities in Canada make that investment a financially viable and rewarding one.

What is the Cheapest Medical School in Canada for International Students?

When it comes to affordability, it’s essential to understand that medical schools in Canada often have similar tuition fees for both domestic and international students. However, there are still differences in tuition fees across universities. Some medical schools known for relatively lower fees include:

  1. Université de Sherbrooke: Located in Quebec, this French-speaking institution offers affordable tuition fees compared to many other Canadian provinces. Quebec has a unique fee structure that benefits all students, regardless of their nationality.
  2. Memorial University of Newfoundland: MUN’s Faculty of Medicine offers competitive tuition rates for international students. This university in Newfoundland and Labrador has a strong commitment to inclusivity and affordability.
  3. University of Saskatchewan: This institution, situated in the heart of Canada, offers reasonable tuition fees, making it a more economical choice for international students pursuing a medical degree.

How Much Does it Cost to Study Medicine in Canada for International Students?

The cost of studying medicine in Canada varies significantly based on the province, the institution, and whether you are pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate medical degree. On average, tuition fees for international medical students can range from CAD 20,000 to CAD 50,000 per year, with postgraduate programs typically costing more. It’s important to consider additional costs, such as living expenses, textbooks, and other miscellaneous fees, which can add to the overall cost of your medical education in Canada.

What is the Minimum Fees for MBBS in Canada?

The minimum tuition fees for an international student pursuing an MBBS or medical degree in Canada can typically be found at institutions like the ones mentioned earlier, including the Université de Sherbrooke, Memorial University of Newfoundland, and the University of Saskatchewan. These institutions have relatively lower tuition fees compared to many other Canadian medical schools. However, it’s crucial to note that the costs can vary, so students should confirm the most up-to-date information from the respective universities and consider other associated expenses.

Additional Tips for Affordability:

  1. Scholarships and Financial Aid: Many Canadian universities offer scholarships and financial aid for international students. Investigate these opportunities and apply for relevant scholarships to alleviate some of the financial burdens.
  2. Consider Residency Requirements: Some provinces in Canada offer lower tuition fees to students who qualify as residents. Students can investigate the residency requirements for specific provinces to potentially benefit from reduced tuition rates.
  3. Part-Time Work: International students in Canada are typically allowed to work part-time while studying, which can help offset living expenses. Understanding the regulations and opportunities for part-time work can be financially beneficial.


While medical education in Canada is highly esteemed and often comes with a significant price tag, there are affordable options available for international students who are passionate about pursuing a medical career. Understanding the costs, exploring scholarship opportunities, and considering provinces with lower tuition fees can help aspiring doctors achieve their dreams while managing their budget effectively. It’s important to research and plan carefully, ensuring that financial constraints do not deter you from pursuing your medical ambitions in the beautiful and diverse country of Canada.

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