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The UCLA Master of Laws (LL.M.) is a one-year graduate degree program in which students can enroll in one of nine specializations or choose varied courses to enhance their professional goals. Designed for both international and U.S. law graduates, our elite, flexible program appeals to those seeking to distinguish themselves professionally.

Gain eligibility to sit for the California, New York, or other bar exams, and develop a suite of critical analytic skills that will help you adapt to the evolving international legal market.

UCLA Law has a reputation for excellence throughout the world. Consistently ranked in the top tier of law schools in the U.S., ours is the premier law school in southern California. The university is consistently ranked as the best public school in the country by U.S. News.

Our distinguished faculty prepare students for outstanding careers in transactional and litigation practices, government, academia, business, international law, public policy, and public interest.

Because of this exceptional academic preparation and our reputation for excellence, those who join us can look forward to a promising future for themselves – and for those whom they will represent, advise, and inform.

Graduates of international and domestic law schools who wish to invest in the long-term with an additional year of legal training at UCLA will have access to:

  • Our full range of outstanding upper-division course offerings, taken alongside J.D. students
  • Individual sessions with dedicated career counselors and a variety of career-related programs
  • Networking opportunities with peers and prominent alumni from a range of practice areas to gain insider tips for launching a successful career
  • 22,000+ members of our active alumni community, located in cities across the globe and engaged across the full spectrum of legal disciplines
  • Consideration for our limited partial tuition scholarships based on merit and financial need

As one of the leading countries for higher education, Australia is famous for so much more than just its warm climate, beaches and kangaroos. The Land Down Under is home to over 43 universities of which 36 institutions were ranked in the QS World University Rankings for 2021.

Thanks to its excellent learning and teaching resources, every year Australia brings in thousands of international students. This year alone the country has seen over 550,409 international students. 

Studying here is a dream many students want to pursue. Not only do they stand to earn a degree  respected globally, they’ll get to explore the finest Australia has to offer too, from Melbourne’s coffee culture to Sydney’s legendary nightlife, from celebrated vineyards to the legendary sunsets and stark charms of the Australian bush.

This dream, however, is expensive for most of us. The average cost of higher education ranges from 20,000 to 45,000 Australian dollars annually. This, coupled with the average cost of living between A$1,400 and 2,500 a month, can burn many holes in an average international student’s pocket.

Though Australia has many scholarships and financial aid options available for students, there just aren’t enough to go around. 

But don’t let all of this stop you from fulfilling your dream of studying in Australia. There’s still one more recourse: affordable universities in Australia where you can study without breaking the bank.

Here is a list of five of the cheapest universities in Australia for international students:

1. University of the Sunshine Coast

The University of the Sunshine Coast (UniSC) first opened its doors in 1994. Located in Queensland, it is the second-ranked public university in Australia, #1 in Queensland for overall educational experience and has a five-star rating for teaching.

Despite producing ground-breaking research, championing sustainability, and supporting gold-winning athletes and award-winning alumni, UniSC’s fees are affordable. The annual cost of pursuing a degree here starts as low as A$24,400.

2. Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University offers hundreds of courses spread across five welcoming campuses. Pursue any one of them, and you stand to get jobs faster than graduates from any other Australian university, according to QILT Graduate Outcomes Survey 2021. They earn an average of A$70,000 straight after graduating. If your campus is in a regional area, you could be eligible for extended post-study work rights too.

What’s more, international students only pay as low as A$21,280 annually to pursue a bachelor’s degree at Charles Sturt University.

3. Federation University Australia

Federation University Australiaederation University Australia (FedUni) is Victoria’s premier regional university. It’s rated the number one university in Victoria for the way it supports students and develops their skills. It’s also number one in Victoria for helping its graduates find full-time employment.

That’s not all. FedUni is the alma mater of Australia’s leaders, innovators and thinkers for 150 years. ranked in the top 100 worldwide for Reduced Inequalities, Sustainable Cities and Communities and Gender Equity. It is also ranked in the top 20% of universities globally in Quality Education (SDG4), and in the top 25% of universities globally in Good Health and Well-being (SDG3), Affordable and Clean Energy (SDG7), Peace and Justice (SDG16) and Partnership for the Goals (SDG17).

Studying here is affordable. Its annual fee for the Bachelor of Arts is A$15,750. The university offers financial aid, textbook and laptop vouchers, and scholarships as well.

4. Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University (SCU) has established multiple campuses in New South Wales, South East Queensland, Lismore and Coffs Harbour. 

The university’s undergraduate and graduate programmes are spread across six schools, two colleges, and two research centres. This includes the School of Health and Human Sciences, the School of Education, the School of Arts and Social Sciences, the School of the Environment, the School of Science and Engineering, the School of Business and Tourism, the School of Law and Justice, the SCU College, and the Center for Peace and Society. Maintaining Justice, National Marine Science Centre, Gnibi University of Indigenous Australia.

SCU first opened in 1994 and has maintained its global position among the 2022 Times Higher Education Young University Rankings.  The annual cost of an undergraduate programme at SCU starts as low as A$28,000.

Due to its quality education and affordability, SCU has a large international student body, with 3,338 of its 15,967 students coming from outside Australia.

5. University of Southern Queensland

University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ) is a medium-sized university located in Toowoomba, Queensland, and was founded in 1967. Its main campus is in Toowoomba and two others are in Springfield and Ipswich. The university has a rich history and is ranked 452 on the list of Best Global Universities.

UniSQ offers more than 600 specialised professional programmes for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students. The most popular programmes are in business, education, law and arts, health, engineering and science, indigenous research colleges, education, and research.

The institution admits more than 24,000 students each year. The annual tuition fees for this university cost around A$25,038.

Cheapest Law Schools in Australia for International Students:

Australia is home to some of the world’s top-ranked universities, including several esteemed law schools. While tuition fees for international students can be relatively high, there are institutions that offer quality legal education at more affordable rates:

  1. University of New England (UNE): UNE, located in New South Wales, is known for its affordable law programs for international students. The university offers LLB programs that are competitively priced compared to other Australian institutions.
  2. Southern Cross University (SCU): SCU, based in Queensland, is another budget-friendly option for international law students. The university offers LLB programs with relatively lower tuition fees while maintaining high academic standards.
  3. Victoria University (VU): VU, situated in Melbourne, is known for its value-for-money law courses. International students can find LLB programs that are more affordable compared to other Australian cities.
  4. University of Western Sydney (UWS): UWS, now part of Western Sydney University, offers reasonably priced law programs for international students. The institution is known for its diverse student population and strong focus on practical legal training.

Cheapest Law Schools in Canada for International Students:

Canada is another desirable destination for international students seeking a high-quality legal education. While tuition fees for international students in Canada can be lower than those in many other countries, some schools offer even more affordable options:

  1. University of Manitoba: Located in Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba’s Robson Hall Faculty of Law offers an affordable legal education for international students. The tuition fees are competitive, and Manitoba’s lower cost of living makes it an economical choice.
  2. Thompson Rivers University (TRU): TRU in British Columbia offers an LLB program that is cost-effective for international students. The institution provides a welcoming and supportive environment for aspiring lawyers.
  3. Dalhousie University (Schulich School of Law): Dalhousie, situated in Nova Scotia, offers an attractive LLB program with relatively affordable tuition fees for international students. The school is renowned for its commitment to social justice.

Law Schools in Australia for International Students:

For international students, Australia provides a range of law schools that offer diverse programs and a high standard of education. While many universities charge international students substantial tuition fees, scholarships and budget-friendly options are available.

  1. University of Sydney (Sydney Law School): Although not among the cheapest options, the University of Sydney’s law school is prestigious and offers scholarships to international students based on merit and financial need.
  2. University of Melbourne (Melbourne Law School): Melbourne Law School provides scholarships and diverse programs, ensuring quality education. While tuition fees are relatively higher, the institution’s reputation is outstanding.
  3. University of Queensland (TC Beirne School of Law): The University of Queensland offers various scholarship opportunities for international students. The institution is renowned for its quality education and research.
  4. Monash University (Monash Law School): Monash University provides scholarships to international students and offers affordable law programs while maintaining a high level of education.


Studying law abroad is a significant commitment, and finding an affordable law school is essential for many international students. Australia and Canada offer a range of institutions that provide quality legal education at a fraction of the cost of more expensive destinations. While tuition fees for international students can still be relatively high, scholarships, grants, and part-time work opportunities can help mitigate these expenses. When choosing a law school abroad, it’s crucial for international students to consider factors like location, scholarships, financial aid, and potential for networking and legal experience to make the best decision for their legal education and career.

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