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We all know UK is the best and most popular destination for international studies. There are many acclaimed universities in UK which provide varied courses for international students suiting their budgets. There are expensive as well as cheap courses in the universities of UK.

Now, you’ll be glad to know furthermore, that the Uk universities have courses available of different time durations as per the requirements of the international students. There are One-year Master courses not only for Postgraduates but One year Diploma courses for Undergraduates as well, on the condition they have done their 12th.

In the United Kingdom, world-class institutions provide higher education for one year in a variety of fields to students from around the world. Engineering, medicine, arts, commerce, business, management, and design are just a few of these areas.

Apart from the studies, there are numerous other advantages of studying these courses in the United Kingdom.

 These advantages include:

  • Non-native English speakers have the opportunity to learn and improve their English skills.
  •  Students who live away from home gain self-assurance.
  •  After completing your courses, you will have more work opportunities and career options.
  • Studying with individuals from various backgrounds allows you to gain a better understanding of diverse cultures.

1 Year/Diploma Courses in UK after 12th

Many institutions in the United Kingdom offer overseas students low-cost diploma and certificate programmes. These diploma courses will help you advance your career and open doors to new opportunities right away. These Diploma programmes can range from one to two years in duration.

 They are the best options for those who would like to develop professional skills rather than pursue a bachelor’s degree.

After doing the 12th grade, many universities in the United Kingdom offer a variety of diploma programmes.

 Listed below are a few of them:

1.ArtsArt & Design1
  2.PsychologyDiploma In Psychology1
3.Forensic ScienceDiploma in Forensics1
4.Film MakingDiploma In Film Making1
5.JournalismDiploma In Journalism1
6.Business AdministrationDiploma In Business Administration & Management13 months
7.AccountsDiploma In Accounting13 months
8.MarketingDiploma In MarketingSubject to vary

Post Graduate 1 year/Diploma Courses in UK

International Students in UK can pursue postgraduate certificates after finishing their bachelor’s degree to further their abilities and knowledge in a certain field. Professionalism can be better understood with a postgraduate diploma.

Various postgraduate diplomas are available at various universities in the United Kingdom. 

The following are a few of them:

    1.    Law      PG Diploma in Law    9 months
    2.    Sales    PG Diploma in Sales    13 months
  3.Banking & FinancePG Diploma in Banking & Finance1 year
4.Business AnalyticsDiploma in Business Analytics  16 months
5.Supply Chain & Logistics ManagementPG Diploma in Supply Chain & Logistics Management16 months
6.Data SciencePG Diploma in Data Science1 year
7.Fashion DesigningPG Diploma in Fashion Design Technology1 year
8.Tourism & HospitalityPG Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management16 months
9.Human ResourcePG Diploma in Human Resource Management1 year
10.NursingPG Diploma in Nursing16 months
11.Computer SciencePG Diploma in Computer Science16 months
12.PharmacyPG Diploma in Pharmacy1 year 

1 year/Diploma Courses in Colleges of UK:

It is good to know that the UK Colleges provide Diploma courses lasting 1 Year or for some more months, alongside graduation, for international students.

The reasons are:

  • Diploma programmes can lead to immediate employment.
  • They also provide a variety of prospective job opportunities.
  • Diploma programmes are ideal for students who want to start making money right away.
  • They’re a fantastic alternative for students who want to get their feet wet in the world of entrepreneurship.
  • In comparison to a bachelor’s degree, these courses can be finished without spending a lot of money. 
  • Practical and professional skills can be learned by students.
  • Students can choose between full-time, part-time, on-campus, and off-campus diploma programmes.

Some of the colleges offering different courses are mentioned below:

1.The University of LawPG Diploma in Law9 months
2.Warn borough CollegePG Diploma in Human Resource Management1 Year
3.University of PortsmouthPG Diploma in Banking & Finance1 Year 
4.University of DerbyPG Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management16 Months
5.University of EssexPG Diploma in Nursing16 Months
6.University of EssexPG Diploma in Computer Science16 Months
7.University of HertfordshirePG Diploma in Pharmacy1 Year
8.International Career InstitutePG Diploma in Sales13 months
9.University of LondonPG Diploma in Data Science1 Year
10.University of EssexPG Diploma in Supply Chain & Logistics Management16 months
11.University of EssexPG Diploma in Business Analytics16 months
12.University of Arts LondonPG Diploma in Fashion Design Technology1 year
13.Royal College of ArtDiploma in Art & Design1 Year
14. Regents University LondonDiploma in Psychology1 Year
15.International Career InstituteDiploma in Forensics1 Year
16.Kingsgate International CollegeDiploma in Business Administration & Management13 months
17.West College LondonDiploma in Accounting13 months
18.London Film AcademyDiploma in Film Making1 Year
19.International Career InstituteDiploma in Journalism1 Year
20.International Career InstituteDiploma in Marketing1 Year

Fees of the various 1 year/ Diploma courses offered by UK universities for international students

The cost of a course varies depending on the course. It also depends on which university you wish to attend. Most significantly, you should be aware that as an international student, you will be required to pay more than a native student. In the United Kingdom, the minimum annual fee for a diploma degree is £10,000.

The tuition fee structure of several colleges/universities, that provide various diploma programmes at reasonable costs, is as under:

1.University of LawUndergraduate Diploma in Law£10,500.
2.London Metropolitan Universitydiploma courses in business management£12,500.(Average)
3.BPP Universitydiploma courses in different disciplines like law, business, finance, nursing, psychology,£9,500.(Average)
4.University of West LondonDiploma courses in various disciplines£10,000.(Average)
5.Coventry University London CampusProfessional courses through lectures hosted  by influential guests£12,800.(average)

Eligibility and Requirements for 1 year/ Diploma Courses in the United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, many universities and colleges offer undergraduate and postgraduate diploma programmes. Varying disciplines have different eligibility criteria for each of these courses.

To apply for any form of diploma programme in the UK, you must meet the following fundamental eligibility requirements:

  • A student must pass his or her 12th board exams with a minimum needed percentage to receive an undergraduate diploma.
  • A student must have completed his or her bachelor’s degree with a minimum needed percentage to be eligible for a postgraduate diploma (most probably 60-75 percent).
  • Students must take English proficiency examinations such as IELTSTOEFL, PTE, and others. They must pass any of these English proficiency examinations with the appropriate minimum score.
  • Students interested in management diploma programmes should have either a GRE or a GMAT score.
  • Some colleges may even need LOR (Letter of Recommendation) and SOP submissions (Statement of Purpose).

However, before enrolling for any diploma programme in the United Kingdom, you should carefully review the qualifying requirements, as different universities/colleges have varying admissions requirements.

How to Apply for 1 year/Diploma Courses in the United Kingdom

The application process for admissions in UK universities for 1 year/diploma courses is like the one you have in your native country, provided you have proper guidance and knowledge.

You can apply for admission to any diploma course in the UK by following the easy steps below:

  • Make a comprehensive list of universities and shortlist the finest ones based on your preferences and financial constraints.
  • Read all of the qualifying requirements carefully before beginning the application process to ensure that you meet them.
  • Prepare your scorecards for English Proficiency Tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and others to help you with your admissions process. For admission to UK universities/colleges, a minimum passing score is required.
  • After that, thoroughly fill out the application form.
  • The interview is the final step in the admissions process. AdmitAbroad provides you with comprehensive interview preparation.
  • You will receive a call letter from the individual university/college after you have passed the interview.
  • Apply for the visa after receiving the call letter. You can either apply for a student’s visa or a visitor’s visa, depending on the duration of your stay!

Affordable Courses in the UK for International Students

The United Kingdom is renowned for its prestigious universities, but it is also home to several colleges and institutions that offer affordable diploma and certificate programs for international students. These programs can serve as a pathway to higher education or help students acquire specific skills for their careers.

Diploma Courses in the UK for International Students

Diploma courses in the UK can be a cost-effective way for international students to gain valuable qualifications. Here are some examples of affordable diploma courses:

  1. Diploma in Business Studies: Many institutions in the UK offer diploma programs in business studies. These courses cover various aspects of business, including management, marketing, and finance.
  2. Diploma in Information Technology: With the growing demand for IT professionals, diploma courses in information technology are a popular and affordable choice. These programs cover topics like programming, networking, and cybersecurity.
  3. Diploma in Hospitality Management: The UK’s tourism and hospitality industry is booming. A diploma in hospitality management can provide international students with the skills needed to succeed in this sector.
  4. Diploma in Healthcare: The healthcare sector is always in need of skilled professionals. Diploma programs in healthcare can lead to careers as medical assistants, dental assistants, or pharmacy technicians.
  5. Diploma in Culinary Arts: For those with a passion for the culinary arts, diploma programs in cooking and culinary management can be both affordable and rewarding.

What Is the Cheapest Course to Study in the UK?

The affordability of a course can vary based on several factors, including the institution, the location, and the specific program. However, generally speaking, diploma courses, certificates, and foundation programs are often more budget-friendly than full-fledged bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Additionally, courses offered at further education colleges or online courses can be more cost-effective. It’s important for international students to research specific institutions and programs to find the most affordable option that aligns with their academic and career goals.

Cheapest Diploma Courses in the USA

In the United States, international students can also find affordable diploma courses, particularly in community colleges, technical schools, and vocational institutions. These institutions offer programs that are tailored to specific skill sets and are often more affordable than traditional four-year universities.

  1. Diploma in Automotive Technology: Community colleges in the USA often provide diploma programs in automotive technology, preparing students for careers in auto repair and maintenance.
  2. Diploma in Welding: Vocational and technical schools offer diploma programs in welding, equipping students with valuable skills for careers in construction and manufacturing.
  3. Diploma in Graphic Design: Many community colleges and specialized schools offer affordable diploma programs in graphic design, a field with numerous job opportunities.
  4. Diploma in Culinary Arts: Similar to the UK, the USA offers diploma programs in culinary arts that prepare students for careers in the food industry.
  5. Diploma in Medical Assisting: Vocational schools and community colleges often provide diploma programs in medical assisting, which can lead to positions in healthcare settings.


Both the UK and the USA offer a range of affordable educational opportunities for international students. Diploma courses, in particular, serve as a cost-effective option to gain valuable qualifications and skills. When exploring affordable education options, it’s essential for international students to consider factors such as program relevance to their career goals, the reputation of the institution, and potential scholarship opportunities. With careful research and planning, international students can access quality education without breaking the bank in these two culturally rich and academically rewarding destinations.

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