best universities for artificial intelligence in europe

Are you looking for the best universities for artificial intelligence in Europe? Artificial intelligence is a relatively new field of study, but it’s already having a major impact on society. Businesses are beginning to realize that artificial intelligence could be the future of automating tedious and time-consuming work. With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, it is no surprise that scientists and researchers all over the world are now actively working on it. To support them, many universities have established new research centres for studying AI and more. Here, we have compiled a list of the best universities to pursue an advanced degree in Artificial Intelligence in Europe.

Welcome back to another blog post here on the AIP blog! This time around, I thought I’d write about some of the best universities for artificial intelligence in Europe. There are of course plenty of amazing top tech universities in Europe, both for AI and non-AI too. But for this post I thought I’d focus purely on a list of universities that are at the forefront of artificial intelligence research. After looking through a few ranking lists and reading up on some university websites, it’s safe to say that this is not an easy task to do!

Below is the list of best universities in Europe ranked based on their research performance in Artificial Intelligence (AI). A graph of 11.7M citations received by 414K academic papers made by 718 universities in Europe was used to calculate publications’ ratings, which then were adjusted for release dates and added to final scores. We don’t distinguish undergraduate and graduate programs nor do we adjust for current majors offered. You can find information about granted degrees on a university page but always double-check with an official site as it’s constantly changing data.

best universities for artificial intelligence in europe

  1. For Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate18%Enrollment27,500Founded1096Read more 
  2. University of Cambridge United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate21%Enrollment22,500Founded1209Read more 
  3. University of Edinburgh United Kingdom ScotlandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate51%Enrollment32,500Founded1583Read more 
  4. University College London United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate63%Enrollment42,000Founded1826Read more 
  5. Imperial College London United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate15%Enrollment17,565Founded1907Read more 
  6. Catholic University of Leuven Belgium LeuvenFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate100%Enrollment45,000Founded1425Read more 
  7. Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne Switzerland LausanneFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment11,449Read more 
  8. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Switzerland ZurichFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate27%Enrollment19,233Read more 
  9. Technical University of Munich Germany BavariaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate8%Enrollment42,705Male:Female63:37Founded1868Read more 
  10. Normal Superior School France Ile-de-FranceFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment2,400Founded1794Read more 
  11. University of Amsterdam Netherlands AmsterdamFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate4%Enrollment31,123Founded1632Read more 
  12. University of Manchester United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate59%Enrollment42,500Founded1824Read more 
  13. Delft University of Technology Netherlands DelftFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate65%Enrollment24,703Founded1842Read more 
  14. University of Sheffield United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate85%Enrollment32,500Founded1905Read more 
  15. University of Freiburg Germany Baden-WurttembergFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate33%Enrollment24,391Founded1457Read more 
  16. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Germany Baden-WurttembergFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate25%Enrollment25,892Founded2009Read more 
  17. Utrecht University Netherlands UtrechtFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment27,500Founded1636Read more 
  18. RWTH Aachen University Germany North Rhine-WestphaliaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate10%Enrollment44,517Founded1870Read more 
  19. University of Surrey United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate65%Enrollment16,900Founded1966Read more 
  20. University of Granada Spain GranadaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate65%Enrollment45,000Founded1531Read more 
  21. University of Bristol United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate68%Enrollment23,590Founded1909Read more 
  22. Queen Mary University of London United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate44%Enrollment22,500Founded1989Read more 
  23. KTH Royal Institute of Technology Sweden StockholmFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate45%Enrollment12,500Founded1827Read more 
  24. University of Oulu Finland OuluFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate20%Enrollment2,900Founded1958Read more 
  25. University of Trento Italy Trentino-Alto AdigeFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate55%Enrollment17,500Founded1962Read more 
  26. Radboud University Netherlands NijmegenFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment17,500Founded1923Read more 
  27. University of Bonn Germany North Rhine-WestphaliaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment38,043Founded1818Read more 
  28. Sapienza University of Rome Italy LazioFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment100,155Founded1303Read more 
  29. University of Munich Germany BavariaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate55%Enrollment50,918Founded1472Read more 
  30. University of Nottingham United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate11%Enrollment32,500Founded1948Read more 
  31. Ghent University Belgium GhentFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment41,669Founded1817Read more 
  32. University of Southampton United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate75%Enrollment21,335Founded1952Read more 
  33. University of Zurich Switzerland ZurichFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate19%Enrollment25,732Read more 
  34. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Greece ThessalonikiFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment74Founded1925Read more 
  35. University of Erlangen Nuremberg Germany BavariaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate45%Enrollment39,868Founded1743Read more 
  36. Technical University of Catalonia Spain BarcelonaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment27,966Read more 
  37. Graz University of Technology Austria GrazFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment16,436Founded1874Read more 
  38. University of Bologna Italy Emilia-RomagnaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate55%Enrollment79,999Founded1088Read more 
  39. University of Birmingham United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate74%Enrollment37,500Founded1900Read more 
  40. Darmstadt University of Technology Germany HesseFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment25,840Founded1877Read more 
  41. University of Helsinki Finland HelsinkiFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate17%Enrollment31,312Founded1640Read more 
  42. University of Sussex United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate83%Enrollment17,319Founded1961Read more 
  43. University of Ljubljana Slovenia LjubljanaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment37,874Founded1919Read more 
  44. Vienna University of Technology Austria ViennaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment29,341Founded1872Read more 
  45. University of Essex United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate74%Enrollment17,500Founded1964Read more 
  46. Linkoping University Sweden LinkopingFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate45%Enrollment32,000Founded1975Read more 
  47. Polytechnic University of Milan Italy LombardiaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment43,965Male:Female66:34Founded1863Read more 
  48. University of Tubingen Germany Baden-WurttembergFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment28,515Male:Female41:59Founded1477Read more 
  49. Eindhoven University of Technology Netherlands EindhovenFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment7,500Founded1956Read more 
  50. University of Warwick United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate14%Enrollment27,000Founded1965Read more 
  51. University of Stuttgart Germany Baden-WurttembergFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate71%Enrollment26,457Founded1829Read more 
  52. University of York United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate79%Enrollment17,500Founded1963Read more 
  53. King’s College London United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate13%Enrollment32,500Founded1829Read more 
  54. University of Glasgow United Kingdom ScotlandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate70%Enrollment32,500Founded1451Read more 
  55. Technical University of Denmark Denmark Kongens LyngbyFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment7,500Founded1829Read more 
  56. University of Leeds United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate76%Enrollment37,500Founded1904Read more 
  57. Technical University of Berlin Germany BrandenburgFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment33,577Founded1946Read more 
  58. Saarland University Germany SaarlandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate35%Enrollment16,837Founded1948Read more 
  59. Polytechnic University of Valencia Spain ValenciaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate90%Enrollment30,317Founded1968Read more 
  60. University of Twente Netherlands EnschedeFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment12,500Founded1961Read more 
  61. University of Liverpool United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate14%Enrollment28,693Founded1881Read more 
  62. University of Genoa Italy LiguriaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment36,728Founded1481Read more 
  63. University of Coimbra Portugal CoimbraFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate45%Enrollment24,301Founded1290Read more 
  64. University of Padua Italy VenetoFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment59,279Founded1222Read more 
  65. Free University Amsterdam Netherlands AmsterdamFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment22,500Founded1880Read more 
  66. Aalborg University Denmark AalborgFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment20,353Founded1974Read more 
  67. University of Groningen Netherlands GroningenFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment32,700Founded1614Read more 
  68. Ruhr University Bochum Germany North Rhine-WestphaliaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment42,425Founded1962Read more 
  69. Aston University United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment12,500Founded1895Read more 
  70. University of Copenhagen Denmark CopenhagenFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate37%Enrollment37,500Founded1479Read more 
  71. University of Bielefeld Germany North Rhine-WestphaliaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment24,875Founded1969Read more 
  72. Warsaw University of Technology Poland WarsawFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate75%Enrollment27,072Founded1826Read more 
  73. University College Dublin Ireland DublinFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate25%Enrollment32,500Founded1854Read more 
  74. Free University of Brussels – VUB Belgium BrusselsFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate25%Enrollment11,101Founded1970Read more 
  75. Pompeu Fabra University Spain BarcelonaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate35%Enrollment12,500Read more 
  76. Free University of Brussels Belgium BrusselsFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate25%Enrollment24,000Founded1834Read more 
  77. University of Hamburg Germany Hamburg StateFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment42,023Founded1919Read more 
  78. Brno University of Technology Czech Republic BrnoFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate61%Enrollment17,975Founded1899Read more 
  79. University of Florence Italy ToscanaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment45,000Founded1321Read more 
  80. Czech Technical University in Prague Czech Republic PragueFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate65%Enrollment17,229Male:Female75:25Founded1707Read more 
  81. University of Bern Switzerland BernFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment18,576Read more 
  82. Heidelberg University – Germany Germany Baden-WurttembergFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate17%Enrollment28,413Founded1386Read more 
  83. University of Aberdeen United Kingdom ScotlandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate78%Enrollment12,500Founded1495Read more 
  84. University of the Basque Country Spain BilbaoFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment42,500Read more 
  85. Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway TrondheimFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment42,031Founded1996Read more 
  86. Lund University Sweden LundFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate34%Enrollment40,000Founded1666Read more 
  87. Cardiff University United Kingdom WalesFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate73%Enrollment32,500Founded1997Read more 
  88. Technical University of Madrid Spain MadridFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment37,500Founded1971Read more 
  89. University of Pisa Italy ToscanaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate25%Enrollment49,108Founded1343Read more 
  90. University of Saragossa Spain ZaragozaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment37,500Founded1542Read more 
  91. University of Patras Greece PatrasFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment27,500Founded1964Read more 
  92. Uppsala University Sweden UppsalaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate75%Enrollment32,500Founded1477Read more 
  93. University of Geneva Switzerland GenevaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate21%Enrollment17,744Read more 
  94. Lancaster University United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate64%Enrollment12,500Founded1964Read more 
  95. University of Milan Italy LombardiaFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate90%Enrollment45,000Founded1924Read more 
  96. National Technical University of Athens Greece AthensFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment12,500Founded1836Read more 
  97. University of Liege Belgium LiegeFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment17,000Founded1817Read more 
  98. University of Reading United Kingdom EnglandFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Acceptance Rate58%Enrollment17,500Founded1892Read more 
  99. Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg Germany Saxony-AnhaltFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment14,427Founded1993Read more 
  100. Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands RotterdamFor Artificial Intelligence (AI)Enrollment22,500Founded1913

Europe is home to an exciting pool of researchers and institutions championing AI and robotics innovation. In the first of a five-part series we take a quick look at just a few of them.  

Artificial Intelligence in Europe

The European AI and robotics landscape has a strong focus on partnerships. Earlier this year, 25 European Union member states signed a declaration of co-operation regarding AI, ensuring the continent’s joint competitiveness in terms of research and deployment.

The European Commission has also called for a €20 billion investment in AI to be reached by the end of 2020, with the aim for researchers to develop the next generation of AI technologies and applications, and to ensure Europe can keep up with the US and China, where most leading AI firms are based.

The quality of output from the continent’s research facilities will be instrumental in understanding European AI and robotics success. We take a quick look at just some universities and their recent game-changing endeavours.

1. Cambridge University, UK

Cambridge University (King's College Chapel) Top View

Cambridge is one of the largest technology clusters in Europe. Startups associated with the university have seen impressive growth, perhaps due to the university’s key focus on entrepreneurship.

Recent notable project

A team of researchers from the university’s Department of Computer Science and Technology have created a robot that can copy human emotions. The robot, named Charles, uses natural affect data to replicate realistic facial expressions and gestures.

Recent achievements

The UK’s fastest academic supercomputer, based at the University of Cambridge, is to be made available to AI companies to support the government’s AI Sector Deal. It’s part of a £10 million partnership between the university, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

“AI projects involving Cambridge researchers are already under way. In the life sciences we are working on medical imaging analysis and genomics, and in astronomy, AI is being used as part of the Square Kilometre Array project and research to map exoplanets.”

Dr Paul Calleja, Director of High Performance Computing, University of Cambridge

2. ETH Zurich, Switzerland

ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich is a prominent STEM university. Its Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems (IRIS) consists of eight independent labs focusing on areas such as nanodevices for biomedicines and autonomous aerial vehicles.

Recent notable project

Researchers from ETH Zurich and the University of Bologna have developed DroNet, described in a paper as “a lightweight residual convolutional neural network (CNN) architecture”. It allows engineers to maximise a drone’s limited power and memory supply.

Recent achievements

ETH Zurich has a long history of being one of the world’s most prestigious science and technology universities. It has produced 20 Nobel Prize Laureates to date, including Albert Einstein.

Recently, it achieved its highest ranking in the QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) university rankings – placing it in the top 1% alongside the likes of MIT and Oxford University.

“The ranking reflects a great team effort from the entire ETH community. A community that dedicates their talents to outstanding teaching and research supported by a highly motivated administrative and technical staff. As a public university, for ETH such a result also reflects the support and commitment of the Swiss society.”

—Detlef Günther, Vice President, ETH Research and Corporate Relations

3. Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Credit: Eigenes Werk (CC BY-SA 3.0)

TU Berlin is an internationally renowned research university located in Germany’s capital.

Recent notable project

A bot named Alex is helping improve the student experience at TU Berlin. Built by current PhD student Thilo Michael as part of his master’s course, Alex allows students to find information much more quickly than traditional systems. Instead of keyword research, it analyses sentences to determine context and meaning.

Recent achievements

The university’s Robotics and Biology Laboratory has partnered with a number of other leading institutions and companies to create a hand that is capable of advanced manipulation. The SoMa (soft manipulation) project has been  warehouses and is pioneering developments into how robots can adapt to handle fragile and complex objects.

“My research is concerned with the algorithmic foundations required to enable robotic agents to autonomously perform complex tasks in dynamic and unstructured environments. Beyond the scope of robotics, I apply these algorithmic foundations to problems in structural molecular biology, such as protein structure prediction, protein folding, and protein docking.”

Professor Dr Oliver Brock, Chair of the Robotics and Biology Laboratory, TU Berlin

4. University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

As well as offering reputable degrees in artificial intelligence, the university is also bringing together the country’s public and private sectors to further AI and robotics development.

Recent notable project

Researchers at the University of Amsterdam have unlocked a variation of convolution neural networks (CNN) known as Spherical CNNs. These CNNs allow machines to ‘see’ objects in 3D. The idea is still in its early stages, but it holds the potential to improve object detection in IoT, autonomous cars, AR and VR.

Recent achievements

In April this year, the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence (ICAI) was launched. It’s an open collaborative initiative led by the University of Amsterdam and the VU University Amsterdam, with the goal of joining the country’s business sector and government together in the development of AI technology.

“The Netherlands has all the resources to take up a prominent position in the international AI landscape – top talent, innovation strength and research at world-class level. ICAI combines these strengths in a unique national initiative.”

—Maarten de Rijke, Director of ICAI and Professor of Information Retrieval, University of Amsterdam

5. Italian Institute of Technology, Italy

The Italian Institute of Technology is a leading scientific research centre located in Genoa.

Recent notable project

The university is best known for its iCub project, a robot child developed in 2004, which still forms the standard of reference for humanoid robot development around the world. Today, Italian researchers are now developing a control system they hope will allow the iCub humanoid to fly. The idea is, by using four jet thrusters, the robot can use flight to increase efficiency and versatility.

Recent achievements

Since 2006, the Italian Institute of Technology has obtained around 10,745 publications on international scientific journals, produced more than 200 inventions and filed more than 600 patent applications.

“Advanced robots will not be confined to factories and manufacturing tasks. Rather, they will leave laboratories to help us in daily life.”

Italian Institute of Technology

From flying robots to handy bots, the future of European technology looks bright. Of course, this list is just the tip of the iceberg. With further collaboration and greater investment, who knows what other exciting breakthroughs lie ahead?

Best Countries to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to develop additional social, academic and language skills, whilst adding an unparalleled depth to your university experience. Study overseas can enhance your university years, and will also ultimately give you a competitive advantage when it comes to finding employment, as recruiters seek out those who have proactively pursued different ways to broaden their experience. If you are considering completing all or some of your university studies overseas, check out this summary of the best countries to study abroad.



Romantic Paris consistently tops lists of the best cities for students. Although the vibrant night life, thriving cultural scene, and the prospect of long walks along the left bank of the Seine are surely partly the reason, the almost non-existent tuition fees also help. Whilst much undergraduate teaching is carried out in French, graduate education is often available in English. Or take the opportunity to brush up your French and attend a course given in the ‘language of love’.

United States


The choice of Universities in the US is quite mind-boggling. From internationally renowned ivy league institutions to hubs of innovation and cutting edge thought, whatever you study here you will have opportunities to add to your life experience. Over 750000 international students attend university in the US every year, and despite the high costs of fees, students love living in both Boston and San Fransisco enough for both cities to rank among top student cities. But if you sign up to study and decide that you would like a change of scenery, switching between universities in the US is not unusual.



As one of the economic powerhouses of Europe, Germany has more going for it than just Oktoberfest. It is also one of the best known European destinations for free (or almost free) university tuition fees, which might explain why outside of anglophone nations (the UK, US and Australia) it is the country with the highest number of international students. Head to Munich to attend an internationally rated university without breaking the bank, or Berlin to join the thriving tech hub and immerse yourself in the German take on hipster culture.


View from the Niblet

Toronto ranked recently as the most desirable city for students, among an impressive three Canadian cities in total to make the top 15. With cities this attractive it is no wonder that 6.5% of students in post secondary education in Canada come from abroad. With a vibrant culture, stunning natural environment and massive regional variations, Canada offers lots to explore for visiting students, in addition to several internationally ranked universities.



Taipei was recently ranked as the most affordable city for students around the globe. Tuition fees are low, and the high quality of education can make this a great choice. Learn more about the local history and politics, as well as experiencing life in a new culture, where old and new come together in a vibrant symphony.


Futbol soccer fan face paint from Argentina photo by Monte Isom

Argentinian students enjoy free university tuition, and although international students must pay a nominal enrolment fee, the costs are still low outside of the private institutions. The University of Belgrano gets a special mention, as a modern and well equipped facility just outside of downtown Buenos Aires, with great global connections. Take the time in Argentina to perfect your Spanish and maybe even learn to tango.



Australia is one of the world’s most popular places for international students – and with sandy beaches, year round sunshine and a relaxed outdoors lifestyle, it is no surprise. Australian universities welcome international students and are well prepared to support newcomers. Considering its relatively small population, Australia has an unusually high number of institutions making the top hundred for university academic rankings, making it the perfect destination for sun, sand and academic success.

South Korea


Who didn’t love Gangnam style? Get to the heart of K-Pop by studying in Seoul. And if you’re not a catchy-pop-tune kind of person, then you will be delighted to hear that the capital – as well as being a seriously fast paced fun place – is home to 14 internationally rated universities. Get outside your comfort zone and learn about an amazing culture whilst improving both your academic record and your CV.

United Kingdom


The UK has a wide variety of high quality universities, and although fees vary across institutions and can be fairly high, it is worth seeking out scholarship opportunities. Students often work to support their studies, and flexible opportunities to fit around university schedules are not unusual. With a melting pot of cultures, a mix of location from cutting edge urban to sleepy rural idyll, students in the UK never need to be bored.



If you are from the EU/EEA or Switzerland then you may be eligible for free university tuition in Denmark. And if you are intending to pursue a PhD, there are even opportunities to study whilst earning a salary as this higher level study comes fully funded. The costs of living are undeniably high, but Denmark provides a fascinating base to explore Europe and experience nordic culture at its best.

Wherever you go, studying overseas is about more than the academic qualifications you may gain.  Showing the curiosity, organisational skills and ambition to arrange a period of study overseas is a great selling point. Whether you are heading off for your entire university program, for a semester or two, or even to study during the summer holidays, you are gathering armfuls of skills and experiences that will stand you head and shoulders above competitors when it comes to looking for graduate jobs. Take the opportunity to combine study and travel, and immerse yourself in a new culture to broaden your horizons. You won’t regret it.

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