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Beijing is one of the most influential cities in China. It has a population of around 20 million, and it is the center of government, arts, finance, education and culture of China. As the capital city of China, you can imagine how hard it is to get into some schools here.

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At ISB, the Performing Arts department fosters an understanding of the world by facilitating a life-long love of the arts. Each discipline of the Performing Arts engages the intellectual, physical and emotional aspects of a child to promote creativity, self-expression, collaboration, multicultural awareness, interdisciplinary study and critical thinking.

As a Performing Arts department, we value:
  • creativity
  • self-expression
  • global perspectives 
  • critical thinking
We believe that students learn the Performing Arts best when they:
  • are motivated, challenged, and supported by a joyful and safe learning environment
  • take responsibility for their own learning and develop high expectations together
  • develop self-awareness, empathy and an understanding of the world through a diverse range of experiences in the arts

Beijing Contemporary International Academy

Beijing Contemporary International Academy is part of the China Beijing Music International Education Group and is a school of Beijing Contemporary Music Academy that has been authorised by Cambridge International Examinations with centre number CN715, offering international curriculum programmes from Cambridge International Examinations for direct entries into Universities worldwide through the International A-Level system.

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The Beijing Contemporary International Academy locates in the well-known scenic spot Mount Pan and intends to be a landmark in Tianjin, as well as in all of China. Main purpose is to provide a high-standard teaching service to both local as well as international students, enabling students to reach worldwide education standards and developing a life-long passion and curiosity for study. Beijing Contemporary International Academy will have a maximum capacity for 1.500 students, catering for children from age of 11-18, up to pre-university.

At the present time, in our Beijing campus there are more than 500 students, over 110 faculty members, 30 foreign experts and visiting professors, and around 20 part-time teachers. The school has a library and a Learning Centre, with 250,000 books.

The Panshan Campus will provide a full English speaking Cambridge Curriculum, with the majority of the teachers being from Europe and abroad. Student graduates are expected to continue their studies in the world’s best universities abroad, with an expected “study abroad rate” of about 95%.


Beijing Contemporary Music Academy was founded in 1999 and after 18 years of continuous efforts the school’s reputation continues to improve, especially in recent years. Our school has been considered and awarded by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission “Beijing´s Outstanding Pilot School” and “First Prize in Technical and Vocational Skills School”. It was also awarded the title of “National Music Industry Talent Training Base” by the State Radio and Television General Administration, and received an “Outstanding Contribution for the Olympic Work Project Award” from the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee, as well as many other awards and titles.

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School Values

The school´s objectives target on helping the students to grow and to be well-educated people.We consider our vision as “Leading, Thinking, Teaching” — thinking based on your heart, guided by morality, taught by discipline, developed in all aspects. We are practicing the “Five Principals” theory and focusing on the individual development, both in potential and personality. We cultivate the students to have general abilities and skills in different types of areas so that the students will have good moral ethics, better artistic temperament, excellent communication abilities and a positive attitude towards life. Cultivating a student with global horizons and providing a high standard education will always be our mission and goal.

ISB is an inclusive school that seeks to enroll students in the school’s international Early Years (EY) 3 to grade 12 program. Enrollment in ISB is determined by an Admissions Committee through a variety of means, including a review of official school transcripts, records, English language placement tests, confidential recommendation forms, and family introduction meetings. All such procedures will be transparent and fully explained to the parents of prospective students.

To be considered for admission to ISB, students and their parents must be able to document that they fall into one of the four categories illustrated below. When space availability is limited in a grade, admissible applicants with a higher-priority status will be admitted before those with lower priority status.

Within priority categories, special consideration may be given to applicants of returning families, those who have enrolled siblings, and/or with a high level of English proficiency. 

Being registered as an International School for Foreign Nationals in Beijing, we are unable to consider applications from Chinese national families that are permanently resident in mainland China. This is in accordance with the current authorities’ rules and regulations.  

Priority 1
Foreign passport-holding students of founding embassy employees (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States), and returning students.Priority 2
Foreign passport-holding families with a parent holding a Chinese-issued work visa and a student holding a corresponding dependency (S1) visa.Priority 3- China-HK, China-Macau, China-Taiwan permanent residency families holding travel permits (通行证).- Foreign and Chinese passport-holding families holding Q1 visa(s)/ Chinese residency permit(s).Priority 4
Chinese passport-holding families with foreign permanent residency permits and proof of having lived abroad for more than one year. 

A Message to our High School Applicants:

For HS students with a transcript: If enrolled at the onset of the second semester, we take into consideration the number of credits reflected on your official transcripts. However, we may not be able to align the same courses you have taken at your previous school.

Our High School program models a U.S. high school program, which means that students in grades 9 through 12 shall work toward earning a specific number of “graduation credits” each year. When applying to ISB, we will take into consideration credits achieved at your current school in planning your credits-to-graduation. Note:

  • A passing grade in a year-long course earns one credit.
  • A passing grade in a semester-long course earns a half credit.

An enrollment start date at the beginning of the school year in August or at the beginning of the second semester in January is recommended. We realize families move unexpectedly throughout the year, however; and regardless of your transition time to Beijing, your arrival is anticipated with pleasure.

Learning Support Policy

In support of the mission, purpose, and philosophy of the School, as existing space and resources allow, we admit students with diverse learning needs (mild, moderate and intensive). For example, this might include students with learning disabilities, communication disorders, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder and intellectual disabilities. Where students require more than differentiated instruction, we provide targeted intervention and support to facilitate access to the grade content learning. For students who require intensive learning support, we modify curriculum and in some cases, design individualized programs to meet their unique learning needs.

Description of Services

At ISB, learning support is provided through a balanced service delivery model consisting of a combination of small flexible groups instruction, individualized intervention, and co-taught classes. Focused strategies support learning of core instruction in literacy, math, and learning strategies and skills. ISB currently employs 14 learning support teachers, two speech language pathologists (SLPs), and a school psychologist. Ten instructional assistants (IAs) work alongside our teachers, delivering teacher-designed instructional lessons. Learning support and classroom teachers work in partnership to plan and implement lessons differentiated to the needs of all students.

In 2019 our Board of Trustees approved the opening of a program for students with intellectual disabiliities, further expanding our inclusive services. Applications are being accepted now.

Beijing Contemporary Music Academy -

Beijing contemporary music school tuition fee


World ranking9013
Country ranking331
International rankings
UniPage World University Ranking9013

Cost of living in Beijing

Expenses – USD/MonthMin.Med.
Communications and utilities3539
Sports and leisure32110
Beijing Contemporary Music Institute
Accommodation in BeijingUSD/Month
Shared room outside of centre361
Shared room in city centre661
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre464
1 bedroom apartment in city centre841

The Admissions Department at ISB is here to support international families, whether they are moving to China for the first time or are seasoned Beijing residents. With a tradition of educational excellence since 1980, ISB is open to families from all national systems and education backgrounds, and we are a learning institution that can serve students with diverse abilities and needs from Early Years (EY) 3 to Grade 12.

Across the school, we are constantly mindful of our aspirational Mission, Vision, and Core Values. A defining characteristic is our commitment to great teaching influenced by the latest research, and the flexibility to choose our learning standards from different educational systems around the world. Our strong sense of community and vibrant campus are key in our Whole Child approach, which values young learners’ health and integrity along with their academic performance. Whether our students will be returning to their home system after ISB or pursuing their passions elsewhere in the world, our programs equip them to be productive, healthy, and fulfilled young people. 

You have our invitation to visit ISB, to see how we are a school of opportunity with unmatched resources – both in terms of our faculty, our most important resource, and our facilities. These are made possible by the fact that we are non-profit; all our revenue goes back into making the school better.

We recognize that people come to ISB from various cultures and educational systems. The Admissions Department is ready to advise you on how ISB is different by design and how students and their families can flourish here. Feel free to contact us at any time to find out about all the opportunities this leading international school offers. 

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