Bachelor Of Science In Tourism Management Major In Flight Attendant

A bachelor of science in tourism management major in flight attendant is an undergraduate degree that helps students develop the knowledge and skills to pursue a career as a tour guide, hotel manager, and travel agent. The best schools offer a wide variety of compulsory and elective coursework in tourism management majors, including airline reservations, hotel management, tour guiding, and international business negotiations.

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management Major in Flight Attendant: A tourism degree is used to work with people and travel industry. It will provide helpful skills in an exciting career involving meeting new people, exploring different cultures and working around the globe.

Bachelor Of Science In Tourism Management Major In Flight Attendant


The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM) with Flight Attendant Course is a four-year degree program recommended for those who have a career in field of tourism and event management. This course equips students with the competencies and values in developing their expertise in the management of tour operations, as well as other jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector. The combination of theories learned inside the classroom and on-the-job training prepares students to be globally competitive in tourism management operations. Cabin crew programs are incorporated in the curriculum, which students have to complete prior to graduation. Through this program, ASAP seeks to address the need for professionals who can help in promoting the tourism industry of the country.

Potential career paths for graduates of the BSTM include the following:

  •  Tourism Officer
  •  Tour Manager
  •  Travel Agency Manager
  •  Hotel and Restaurant Manager
  •  Flight Attendant
  •  Reservation Agent
  •  Airline Food Service Job
  •  Travel Counselor
  •  Travel Account Representative
  •  Ticket Agent
  •  Tour Guide
  •  Tour Escort
  •  Tour Analyst
  •  Travel Writer
  •  Public Relations Officer
  •  Event Organizer/ Manager

Program Requirements

  •  65 units of General Education Courses, inclusive of PE and NSTP
  •  74 units of Professional Courses in Business, Tourism and Cabin Crew Management
  •  700 hours of on-the-job training in travel agencies, and other companies or organizations involved in the tourism industry

bachelor of science in tourism management subjects

The BS Tourism Management program has two areas of specialization: (1) Major in Travel Operations and Service Management, and (2) Major in Recreation and Leisure Management.

The BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN TOURISM MANAGEMENT Major in Travel Operations and Service Management program covers the study of various components focusing on the management, operations, and service delivery relevant to the travel and tourism industry. It encompasses technical, practical, and professional learning and application of skills with respect to specific areas such as travel agency management, tour arranging and planning, travel industry operations and procedures, tourism marketing and promotion strategies, travel counseling, travel industry law, international and domestic operations, and travel and tourism policy.

bs tourism flight attendant salary

Becoming a flight attendant will allow you to travel around the world for free; In fact, you actually get paid to travel! A flight attendant’s salary may go up to P36,000 to P54,000 per month for those who are highly trained and experienced.

bachelor of science in tourism management jobs

1. Hotel Manager – 49,000 USD/year

  • Oversee all the activities involved in the well-functioning of the hotel
  • Set budgets, assign tasks, and evaluate staff performance
  • Inspect the quality of the products and services offered by the hotel

Where tourists rest during their vacation is one of the most important details of a holiday. If you plan to work in a hotel, motel or resort, it’s your job to make sure your guests receive top quality accommodation, or you’ll never see them again next year.

This applies whether you are a hotel manager or part of the helping staff, as all employees have to work like a well-oiled machine – from the time guests arrive, to their departure – to create an unforgettable experience.

You can also find work as:

  • Front desk clerk/receptionist
  • Resort manager
  • Housekeeper
  • Hotel accountant

2. Flight Attendant – 40,700 USD/year

  • Greet passengers, help with their luggage and direct them to their seats
  • Answer questions, solve emergencies and conflicts
  • Share safety instructions and serve food and drinks

Two of the largest tourism-related industries are airline travel and luxury cruise services. Whether working in the air or at sea, you’ll be one of the many tourism management graduates employed in operations management, leadership positions, logistics or invoicing and reservations.

You need to help travellers feel safe and comfortable while tackling any unexpected problems they may face. Luxury cruise ship managers have to mix the responsibilities of running a hotel, handling travellers and ensuring top-class entertainment.

Other top career opportunities in the travel industry include:

  • Cruise staff
  • Ship captain
  • Travel security
  • Luggage porter
  • Disabled traveller aide

3. Restaurant Manager – 45,700 USD/year

  • Hire, guide, and train new restaurant staff
  • Organise schedules and meetings
  • Order inventory, oversee payroll and other administrative tasks

The food services industry involves more than just putting food on the table. Hospitality graduates working in restaurants, bars or cafeterias have to do their best to turn meals into special events, while also ensuring the food looks good and is safe to eat. 

Restaurants and bars need to be well-staffed and supplied and respect safety and storage regulations while making a profit. If you plan to work in the food industry, you’ll need to be calm under pressure, well organised, and have great communication skills. If you want to work in the kitchen some studies in cooking are required as well.

Other job opportunities are:

  • Chef or kitchen staff
  • Waiter
  • Barista
  • Catering coordinator
  • Bar or club manager
  • Sommelier

4. Entertainment Manager – 52,900 USD/year

  • Organise daytime activities, sporting events, quizzes, etc. to keep the guests entertained
  • Invite famous performers and bands to take part in shows
  • Ensure there’s enough diversity in the activities and events so that any guest can enjoy
  • Research new technologies and trends to see if they can improve the organisation of shows
  • Interview and screen artists to hire the best performers

Even if your guests are well rested and fed, they still need more to have an unforgettable holiday. That’s where entertainment specialists come in. They make sure guests have fun without getting hurt, watch the best performers, and look for ways to take events to the next level.

Here are other careers you may want to consider:

  • Adventure tour guide
  • Amusement park manager
  • Casino dealer
  • Pit boss
  • Show (or talent) manager

5. Event Planner – 47,700 USD/year

  • Oversee all preparations for different events, including food, beverage, special guest needs/requests, entertainment
  • Search for and book the most suitable venues for events and have back-up options
  • Organise transportation (if offered by the organiser) or inform guests about the transport and parking options

It’s the perfect job for people who are great communicators and who enjoy seeing others have a great time. Attention to details, problem-solving, and flexibility are some of the skills which will make your work a lot easier.

Other similar jobs that might attract your attention:

  • Wedding coordinator
  • Concert or festival organiser
  • Party planner
  • Conference host

6. Travel Consultant – 41,500 USD/year

  • Discuss with clients and understand their needs and expectations
  • Research different airline and hotel services to find the best option for your clients
  • Stay up to date with the latest changes and inform clients about possible travel or accommodation issues and what alternatives they have

Working as a travel consultant or holiday planner requires the ability to listen carefully to people and what they want. Try to understand what kind of experiences they’d love to have and see if you can not only meet their expectations but also add a small bonus on top. This approach will help you create a relationship based on trust, and you can be sure that your clients will return and will recommend you and your agency to other people.

Other related job opportunities include:

  • Travel agent
  • Booking agent
  • Tourist information centre representative
  • Tour guide
  • Online customer service representative

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