Bachelor Of Science In Molecular Biology And Biotechnology

The Bachelor of Science in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at Barry University aims to produce graduates who will be able to progress in their chosen careers in the health care industry. This degree is offered in a hybrid format, allowing students to complete some classes online and some on-campus with required components.

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Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, B.S. - University of Idaho

The Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) aims to train students in key elements of biotechnology and manipulation of molecular biological data, enabling them to be able to work in nascent biotechnology enterprises. Students will study biochemistry related to bio-membranes, protein structure and function and bioinformatics and gene structure and function. The practical work includes hands on experience in biochemistry and molecular biology techniques, allowing students to develop general laboratory skills in experimental design and data interpretation.  

Molecular Biology is the branch of biology that deals with the macromolecules essential to life. Biotechnology involves the manipulation of living organisms to create useful products. (Sources: Oxford and Merriam-Webster Dictionaries)

USA is home to over 190 biotechnology universities offering over 300 courses. These universities provide various types of degrees, starting from a certificate program to a Ph.D. program. Universities in USA offer specializations in Bioinformatics and Biotechnology Management that are among the popular fields in biotechnology universities in USA.

Biotechnology is the utilization of biological systems, living organisms, or other relevant parts to develop and create various products. In the modern stage of development, biotechnology also focuses on parts of genetic, biochemistry, molecular biology, etc. to stand out as a profession of advanced science in today’s age.

Pursuing higher education from biotechnology universities in USA will allow you to work in over 83,000 upcoming job opportunities, as projected by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The jobs in USA for biotechnology graduates are expected to rise by 7% in the upcoming ten years. Hence, USA can be a decent country for aspirants looking for higher education in biotechnology.

  • More than 60% of the biotechnology professionals in USA are offered an annual salary of more than 90,000 USD.
  • Annual salaries of biotechnology graduates in cities like Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York, and Los Angeles are higher than the other cities of USA.
  • The average salary for biotechnology in the USA is 7% more than that of all jobs.
  • As per the U.S. Department of Labor, 29% of biotechnology professionals are employed in the research and development field.

What makes Biotechnology unique?

Students in this program increase their knowledge of the biological processes that occur at the cellular and molecular levels while gaining rich laboratory experience.

Skills of Biology Grads

  • Collect, analyze, interpret and make projections from data
  • Utilize statistical tests in data analysis
  • Conduct, design and troubleshoot experiments
  • Observe and make measurements on organisms
  • Write literature reviews and scientific reports
  • Chart the development of complex organisms

Biotechnology Skills:

  • Understand how genetic, genomic and microbial techniques are combined to produce products and treatments in industrial, medical and agricultural settings.

Molecular Biology Skills:

  • Prepare and dispense precisely formulated solutions, even at microliter quantities
  • Use electrophoresis, blotting, chromatography and centrifugation equipment
  • Nucleic acid hybridization in a range of formats
  • Purify, modify and analyse DNA, RNA, proteins
  • Use microscopy with in situ hybridization, immunocytochemistry and fluorescent protein technologies to analyse gene and protein expression and function

Entry-Level Jobs for Bachelor Grads

Common employment destinations include:

  • Clinical Research Assistant in Hospitals
  • Laboratory Technician in Industrial and Government Agencies
  • Sales in Pharmaceuticals and Medical Supplies
  • Assistant Biologist in Food Inspection Agencies
  • Teaching Assistant or Tutor in Private Schools
  • Quality Control in Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • Laboratory Assistant in Genetic Testing Services
  • Marketing Associate for Medical Devices

Biotechnology Grads from UTSC have gone on to:

  • Roche (Regulatory Affairs Associate)
  • Quality Cheese (Quality Assurance Manager)
  • Pall Life Sciences (Director)

UTSC Biology graduates are working in Research, Education, Healthcare and Business..

Graduate & Professional Studies

Popular further education opportunities include:

  • Biology – Master of Science
  • Public Health or Health Science – Master
  • Epidemiology or Biostatistics – Master
  • Biotechnology – Master or Diploma
  • Genetic Counselling – Master
  • Medical or Dentistry School – MD or DDS
  • Nursing – Bachelor
  • Medical Laboratory Science – Diploma
  • Molecular and Cytogenetics Diagnostics
  • Molecular Forensics
  • Clinical Research – Post-Graduate Certificate

Examples of Fields that ‘Fit’ the Skills of Biology Grads

  • Fundraising (Diseases, Disorders)
  • Government Services (Federal, Provincial, Regional, Municipal)
  • Healthcare and Laboratory Science
  • Education
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Data Analysis (wide range of industries)
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Insurance / Underwriting Services

Molecular biology jobs are concerned primarily with a branch of biology that analyzes and manipulates the structure and function of the macromolecules like proteins and nucleic acids that are essential to life. While jobs do vary, molecular biologists should be familiar with performing the following tasks as part of their professional role:

  • Use standard cloning techniques
  • Use other standard molecular biological techniques including ligation, primer design, PCR, gel electrophoresis and DNA sequence analysis
  • Manufacture research grade materials
  • Design and analysis of DNA constructs
  • Use software tools for molecular modelling and construct design
  • Presentation of data at internal scientific meetings and for external stakeholders
  • Review current scientific literature and journal articles to keep up with scientific advancements
  • Ensure quality control of lab procedures and analyses
  • Maintain a lab environment and safety equipment as per industry standards
  • Perform analyses of biological specimens for discovery and quality control purposes
  • Prepare stains, culture media, solutions, and reagents
  • Use samples using aseptic techniques
  • Analyze test results and prepare reports for a variety of stakeholders
  • Consult with government agencies and health industry stakeholders as required

Senior molecular biologist often have a broader scope of duties that include management of lab and personnel. Such responsibilities often include:

  • Fostering a positive and safe lab environment
  • Creating and managing schedules and budgetary timelines alongside project protocols
  • Navigating ethical protocols, regulations, and best practices
  • Overseeing equipment and instruments
  • Consulting with policy-makers and other stakeholders regarding the use and interpretation of molecular biology information
  • Advising and judiciously sharing information with outside agencies and researchers
  • Writing scientific reports and articles for internal or external partners
  • Designing and developing data collection and analysis techniques
  • Providing input for software programs to support predictive modeling of gene expressions
  • Planning, organizing, and participating in community outreach programs for people who have been impacted by genetic risk and mutation
  • Ensuring that systems and methods of design, planning, data analysis, modeling and projections, associated documentation and development meet the goals of the workgroup and stakeholders
  • Creating funding applications and reporting to senior administrators
  • Overseeing team budgets, milestones, and systems
  • Assisting and mentoring team members
  • Establishing valid and efficient workgroup protocols
  • Ensuring standards of confidentiality are met in the healthcare setting

Universities in USA for Biotechnology: Specialization & Degree Types

Biotechnology as a developing subject has several specializations, starting from biochemistry to molecular biotechnology that one can take up when planning to pursue it from the USA. These subjects in the USA are available in the forms of undergraduate, graduate, doctorate degree and few certificate degrees.

Among the many specializations that biotechnology has, here are some of the popular ones that you can study in USA:

  • Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biochemistry
  • Food Biotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Genomics
  • Biotechnology Management

Biotechnology in the USA is offered as the following degree types:

  • Undergraduate- Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts and certificate programs.
  • Graduate- Master of Science, Postgraduate Certificate, Master of Business Administration and Master Liberal arts.
  • Doctoral- Doctoral of Philosophy/ Ph.D.

Top certificate programs offered in universities of USA for biotechnology:

  • Certificate Bioinformatics- Harvard University
  • Certificate Biotechnology Management- Harvard University
  • Postgraduate Certificate Biotechnology Enterprise- Johns Hopkins University
  • Postgraduate Certificate Biotechnology Education- Johns Hopkins University
  • Certificate Cellular Biotechnology- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Postgraduate Certificate Bioinformatics- New York University

Bachelors from Biotechnology Universities in USA

An undergraduate degree in biotechnology can be considered as one of the most important degrees when it comes to employment in the USA. As per the data observed from the U.S. Department of Labor, around 28% of the biotechnology undergraduates are employed, which is more than other degree holders of the same field.

Compiled below are some popular bachelor biotechnology programs to keep a track of, along with the universities and the average course fee-

Popular ProgramsUniversities offering the ProgramAverage annual fee (USD)
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] BiochemistryUniversity of Pennsylvania50,538
University of California (Los Angeles)45,951
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] Molecular BiophysicsYale University55,500
Duke University31,949
Washington University53,308
Boston University53,885
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] Biochemistry & Cell BiologyUniversity of California (SanDiego)30,093
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] Biochemistry & Molecular BiologyBrown University49,816
Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] BioinformaticsUniversity of California (San Diego)30,093

Colleges with the Best Biotechnology Degree Programs

University of Pennsylvania

This is an Ivy League educational institute. It provides a wide range of courses in different subjects. Biotechnology program is offered by the school of Applied Science and Engineering. The university offers students the opportunity to study modern biotechnology content. Students get practical experience by working in state-of-the-art laboratories. Students can learn the foundations of biotechnology and molecular biology through molecular cloning experiments. Research-based teaching helps to enhance the problem-solving skills of students through research projects. Also, university faculty discussions on recent discovery processes and researches offer the students an update on the emerging global trends in the field of biotechnology.

University of Georgia

The University of Georgia has been around since 1785. With extensive learning opportunities and research, the university is the home of advanced studies. It covers various courses from business studies, economics, and life sciences. The department of genetics offers both undergraduate and graduate biotechnology programs. For many years, the department offers excellent research atmosphere and supportive faculty to help out with student queries. Some of the topics covered in this course include genomics, evolutionary biology, and molecular genetics. The multidisciplinary environment offers students with departmental linkages and learns how to provide solutions to practical solutions.

University of Michigan

This is a popular educational institute in the USA with campuses in Dearborn, Flint, and Ann Arbor. The various courses and successful job opportunities make this a great university for world-wide seekers. This university has a specialized center for microbial systems that is dedicated to teaching biotechnology courses. Cellular biotechnology specializes in the provision of in-depth courses as such as molecular analysis, cellular modeling, and protein engineering. Students are exposed to solving practical problems. Also, the fundamental principles of biotechnology are covered in this course. The center for microbial system offers top research opportunities to students pursuing this program.

John Hopkins University

Locate in Baltimore; this is one of the leading research institutes for over 100 years. The research expertise and teaching of this university are unmatched across the world. The university strives to revolutionize teaching in different fields such as natural sciences, health studies, and business studies. The Krieger School of Sciences provides the biotechnology course. The biotechnology courses offered include biotechnology education, biotechnology basics, biotechnology enterprise, and biotechnology entrepreneurship. Skilled faculty deals with a wide range of biotechnology specializations to offer relevant subject knowledge. The university offers a strong emphasis on different fields of biotechnology. Moreover, the university has a modern biotechnology research center with well-equipped laboratory facilities.

Columbia University

The university is located in New York City. It is dedicated to providing the latest education and vast experience in research. The biotechnology program is taught at both undergraduate and graduate program. Scholars ought to complete at least 30 hours of course study plus thesis before the end of the course. The department of biological and life sciences facilitates students in different aspects of highlighting biotechnological education with the aim of working in pharmaceutical industries. Students gain a lot of experience why practicing processes of biology, science, and biotechnology in the advanced and modern labs in the university. Also, students have the freedom to choose six elective courses in this program.

Bachelors from Biotechnology University in USA: Eligibility

In order to apply for an undergraduate program from a university in USA for biotechnology, individuals may check the below gathered criteria and documents essentials:

  • International students must provide their qualifying certificate of 12th grade having more than 80% from any registered body of education (science background is preferred)
  • ACT (35 or more) and SAT (800 to 1550), scores can be required by the universities.
  • International students will have to give the proof of English Language proficiency (IELTS– 7 or more & TOEFL- 85 or more)
  • Students may need to go through entrance tests and interviews conducted by the universities.
  • Students may require providing their medical history.

Bachelors from Biotechnology University in USA: Documents Required

  • Academic Documents ( Mandatory)
  • Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation may be needed (Depends on the university applying
  • A valid passport and an F-1 visa.

What Is the Job Demand for Molecular Biologists?

The job demand for Molecular Biologists is expected to grow 19% within the next 10 years, which is much faster than most other occupations. The increase in human lifespan and aging of the baby boomer generation will increase demand for medicines and other studies targeting chronic disease.

What Are the Education Requirements to Become a Molecular Biologist?

Molecular Biologists require a Ph.D. in biochemistry, biology, physics, or other related field to work in research and development. Though those holding a Bachelor’s or Master’s can obtain an entry-level position, it is virtually impossible to advance without further education.

Many Ph.D. holders begin their careers in postdoctoral research positions, which eventually blossom into full-fledged jobs. Academic positions are also a possibility if your work is continually featured in industry-specific publications.

Presented below is a list of top universities of the USA ranked worldwide for biotechnology by Academic Ranking of World Universities (2019). 

University/CollegePopular Biotechnology ProgramsARWU Subject Rank (2019)
Harvard UniversityMaster of Science[M.Sc.]/ Master liberal Arts-Biotechnology; Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics;
Certificate Bioinformatics and Biotechnology management 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, CambridgeBachelor of Science [B.SC] Biological Engineering2
Stanford UniversityPh.D. in Biochemistry3
University of California, BerkeleyDoctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.] Comparative Biochemistry 5
Johns Hopkins UniversityMasters of Science [M.Sc.] Bioinformatics and Biotechnology; Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular;
Postgraduate Certificate Biotechnology Enterprise & Biotechnology Education

Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Top Schools

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Degree

Hardin-Simmons University College of Fine Arts

Hardin-Simmons University College of Fine Arts Texas City , USA Our Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology degree prepares students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in biotechnology, molecular biology, or medicine. The major consists of 24 semester hours of chemistry and 23 semester hours of biology coursework. BA English Sep 2021 Campus

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Degree

Hardin-Simmons University Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts

Hardin-Simmons University Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts Abilene , USA

Our Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology degree prepares students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in biotechnology, molecular biology, or medicine.

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology degree

Hardin-Simmons University Holland School of Sciences and Mathematics

Hardin-Simmons University Holland School of Sciences and Mathematics Hickory , USA Our Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology degree prepares students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in biotechnology, molecular biology, or medicine. The major consists of 24 semester hours of chemistry and 23 semester hours of biology coursework. BSc English Sep 2021 Campus  

B.S. in Science and Technology Molecular Biology

Kean University College of Education

Kean University College of Education Jersey City , USA Biotechnology and molecular biology research integrate and apply science and mathematics to real-world problems. Kean biotechnology students study in state-of-the-art facilities and prepare for successful careers in the sciences. BSc English Sep 2021 Campus

BSc in Molecular Biology, Genetics and Bioengineering

Sabanci University

Sabanci University Istanbul , Turkey The Molecular Biology, Genetics, and Bioengineering program (BIO) is geared to developing an integrated scientific perspective comprising the fundamentals of molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, and cell biology, all of which are built upon a solid background in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. BSc Full-time 4 years English Campus  

Bachelor in Molecular Biology and Genetics

Bilkent University

Bilkent University Ankara , Turkey

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics prepares students to become researchers in this area of biology. Featured help_outline Bachelor Full-time 4 years English Campus  

BSc (Hons) in Cell and Molecular Biology

Glasgow Caledonian University - The School of Health and Life Sciences

Glasgow Caledonian University – The School of Health and Life Sciences Glasgow , United Kingdom

Graduates go on to careers in research and development, for example in research institutes or in industries such as pharmaceuticals and biotech. BSc Full-time 4 years English Campus  

Bachelor in Molecular Biology and Genetics

Koc University - Istanbul Turkey

Koc University – Istanbul Turkey Istanbul , Turkey

Koç University’s Molecular Biology and Genetics program succeed in providing broad, deep, and rigorous education in the biological sciences. Bachelor Full-time 4 years English Campus  

Bachelor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

University of Nevada, Reno

University of Nevada, Reno Reno , USA Biochemists study the most basic of life processes, such as identifying the way in which DNA, which carries genetic information, is transferred between cells and can be manipulated. This has led to the development of new technologies such as molecular biology, biotechnology and genetic engineering. Bachelor Full-time English Campus  

Bachelor in Molecular Biology and Genetics

Bahcesehir University

Bahcesehir University Istanbul , Turkey The science of Genetics is improving more and more each day with the introduction of new research areas those of which lead to encoding the genetic codes that programs the formation of living organisms and use of these codes for other areas such as medicine, biotechnology, and agriculture. Bachelor Full-time 8 semesters English Campus


Marquette University Klingler College of Arts and Sciences

Marquette University Klingler College of Arts and Sciences Milwaukee , USA The biochemistry and molecular biology major analyzes the molecular structure and chemistry of biological systems. Discoveries in this discipline are revolutionizing our understanding of living systems, with far-reaching implications for fields such as medicine, agriculture and ecology. Marquette’s program in biochemistry and molecular biology provides an environment that supports both scientific and ethical inquiry in the discipline. Bachelor English  

Bachelor of Science degree program with a major in genomics

Michigan State University Lyman Briggs College

Michigan State University Lyman Briggs College Michigan , USA The objective of the Bachelor of Science degree program with a major in genomics and molecular genetics is to provide a broad foundation in science, with emphasis in genomics and molecular genetics. Although the majority of the course work is prescribed, students have an opportunity to tailor their degree program to their own interests within the field by choosing a suitable course combination from a slate of options. On completion of the program, graduates may apply for certification with the National Registry of Microbiologists of the American Society for Microbiology. BSc English Sep 2021  

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Degree

Hardin-Simmons University College of Fine Arts

Hardin-Simmons University College of Fine Arts Texas City , USA Our Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology degree prepares students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in biotechnology, molecular biology, or medicine. The major consists of 24 semester hours of chemistry and 23 semester hours of biology coursework. BA English Sep 2021 Campus

  Bachelor of Science for Molecular Biology

East Central University

East Central University Ada , USA The Department of Biology offers majors in four bachelor’s degree concentrations. A Bachelor of Science is designed for students who plan to become practicing biologists in industry or government, or plan to pursue a graduate degree in biology. This degree concentration is usually chosen by those students who need pre-professional training before entering the schools of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, or other health-related professional schools. A Bachelor of Science for Teacher Certification gives a prospective science teacher an appropriate academic background in biology and in the methods of teaching. The Bachelor of Science for Molecular Biology prepares students for graduate research, medical school and admission exams, and/or employment in the rapidly growing fields of biotechnology, agribusiness, industry, law enforcement, and molecular biology. BSc English Sep 2021  

Major Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Gettysburg College

Gettysburg College Gettysburg , USA Molecular Genetics Study of the basic mechanisms of information storage and retrieval from DNA and RNA. Topics include genome organization and the regulation of gene expression in prokaryotes and eukaryotes; DNA replication and repair; molecular genetics of cancer and human-inherited disorders; and recombinant DNA technology. Three class hours and laboratory. Capstone course. Prerequisite: Bio 211 and 212. CSalty and Fatty Combined upper-level chemistry and physics lab designed to emphasize the use of tools in these disciplines to answer questions in biology. This course concentrates on the role of lipids (fats) and ions (salt) in biology. Utilizing multiple biochemical and biophysical techniques, students will perform multiple experiments to ultimately answer a complex biological problem. Drugs and Cells Combined upper-level biology/chemistry/health sciences laboratory where students design and synthesize organic compounds and determine the impact of structural modifications on these compounds’ biological activity. The semester is divided into two parts: the synthesis, isolation, and characterization of a derivative of a known, biologically active organic compound; and the assessment of its effect on cellular biology in vitro. Bachelor English Sep 2021 Campus  

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Degree

Hardin-Simmons University Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts

Hardin-Simmons University Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts Abilene , USA

Our Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology degree prepares students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in biotechnology, molecular biology, or medicine. BSc English Sep 2021 Campus  

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