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bachelors degree in pharmacy

A bachelor is an academic degree program that helps prepare students for a future career or to continue their education. Bachelor’s degrees can be earned in about three to five years depending on student achievement as well as the requirements of each specific degree program.

Those interested in treating diseases may want to consider taking pharmacy classes. Students typically perform laboratory work where they learn about the latest technologies and innovations. The courses prepare scholars for jobs in pharmacies, hospitals or even drug companies.

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy has many interesting aspects to it. It is one of the most versatile degrees a person can have, as well as one of the more practical degrees. In fact, earning a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy opens plenty of doors. Even though it is a science degree and requires a lot of math and chemistry, this degree can also lead to careers in health care management.

The best pharmacy tech schools are usually accredited. Accreditation is a way of making sure that a school keeps up with changes in the field and that the school has met certain standards in order to provide students with a solid education. For example, you can only get accreditation if you have faculty who are knowledgeable about their field. The faculty should also have their degrees in pharmacy and a license that allows them to practice in the country or state where they teach.

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bachelor of science degree in pharmacy online

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The aim of the BA in Pharmacy academic program is to prepare qualified and professional pharmacists well equipped with profound practical and theoretical knowledge. Our program graduates will possess analytical thinking and will be able to conduct research in the field of pharmaceutics, develop new medications, assist the production as well as pursue a career at scientific research centers. We create a collaborative environment correspondent to both national and European quality assurance standards and the market demand. The course offers all the necessary tools and techniques, skills, and capabilities to students to obtain both practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of pharmaceuticals.

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The applicant should possess the School Certificate of General Secondary Education or diploma on vocational education with the final transcript approving the completion of general or professional secondary education.

can i become a pharmacist with a bachelor’s degree

The students who have successfully graduated BA in Pharmacy academic program may be employed as a pharmacist or a pharmacologist at pharmacies, pharmaceutical production companies, scientific research centers, and many other related institutions. The graduates of the program may also be employed at various related positions within state infrastructures.

The graduates will be able to make a successful career as a Pharmacist in hospitals, clinics, drugstores as well as become an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry. They can also start their own retail or wholesale business in the field, meanwhile keeping further professional developments as a researcher or drug technician.

Companies and sectors where you can develop your profession:

  • Research centers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Food industry
  • Chemical and environmental industry
  • Cosmetics companies and other health products
  • Pharmacy office
  • Hospital Centers and other Health Services
  • Health Administration
  • Consultants and teaching centers.
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Who is it for?

Pharmacists have a fast-paced, highly demanded technical jobs in the field of medicine as a whole.  It’s absolutely not possible to make a room for creating even a minor error in this profession as you deal with various types of patients. But of course, it can be highly-rewarding for applicants, who have the following personality traits:

  • communication and interpersonal skills,
  • accurate and detail-oriented,
  • able to complete multiple tasks,
  • scientific and analytic mind

can i study pharmacy online

Skills and Competences

The major learning outcomes of the program are as follows:

Generic learning outcomes

  • analyzing, synthesizing and problem-solving capabilities
  • individual works, imitativeness and time management skills
  • written and aural perfect communication skills in the mother tongue
  • written and oral communication skills in a foreign language
  • computer and telecommunication technologies skills
  • information management skills (ability to find and analyze information from different sources)
  • leadership, team-working, and responsibility
  • ability to maintain effective interpersonal relations
  • moral and ethical values
  • ability to apply knowledge in practice
  • self-development skills
  • has profound professional knowledge

Upon graduation you will:


  • methods of providing pharmaceutical services including planning and organization of pharmaceuticals
  • the modern requirements and approaches of factory and pharmacy drug preparation, quality assurance, standardization, state registration, advertising, destruction of low-quality medicines
  •  the modern physicochemical methods used for qualitative and quantitative research of medicines, pharmaceutical raw materials, according to the standard technical documentation of different countries
  • the process of developing normative documents regulating the conditions for the technology of medicine preparation, quality control, storage.
  • the ways to receive and to cultivate medicinal raw materials
  • the methods and goals of chemotherapy research
  • the principles of clinical pharmacology, requirements, and approaches of international drug classification
  • the expertise of pharmaceutical companies on medicines use and the skills of providing medical advice to the population to prevent the spread of diseases and improve the patient’s self-centered care.

Have the skills 

  • of emergency pre-treatment care for survivors and patients.
  • of making individual decisions aimed at the effectiveness of the work of subjects in the field of drug turn-over.
  • of applying effectively various sources of information in communication technologies and analyzing the received results to improve the population’s personalized medical care and the creation of a healthcare general information system
  • of proper management of pharmaceutical companies, marketing skills in pharmaceutical and medical products
  • of applying modern scientific research methods during professional activities
  • to develop and teach professional subjects
  • to present and clarify professional and general issues during the performance of their duties
  • to offer typical and alternative solutions to problems arisen under various circumstances
  • to perform the functions of the professional activity in accordance with the established norms Pharmaceutical professionals should respect and protect the privacy of a person
  • to properly perform professional responsibilities when searching, using, and delivering the necessary information or transferring them

Why should you apply for this program

  1. All our lecturers have undergone various international training. Masterclasses are regularly held by leading scientists in the field.
  2.  Scientific researches are encouraged. Internships are organized from all professional subjects. The best students are given the opportunity to train abroad.
  3.  Acquired theoretical knowledge, practical skills, analytical thinking, initiative, and time management skills make you competitive in the job market.

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Eurasia International University offers various possibilities for reimbursement of tuition fees based on the student’s social status and academic performance. All the scholarships provided to EIU students are arranged during the 1st year and are subject to annual revisions. EIU is committed to supporting all students in finding a means to finance their education. For citizens of the Republic of Armenia and holders of Armenian special passports for special residency status, EIU provides an automatic subsidy off the total cost of their education. In addition, the University offers need-based tuition assistance to citizens of Armenia with demonstrated financial need that may discount the cost of education further by up to 100%. There are also a limited number of scholarships available for academically gifted students.

International students are eligible for merit-based scholarships that may cover up to 50% of tuition. The support is provided by the board of trustees after thorough considerations and a final decision.

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