Average GRE Scores For Education Graduate Programs

The average GRE scores for graduate programs in education vary from program to program. Some programs may require you to have a high score, while others will not place as much emphasis on your scores. In general, the average GRE scores for education graduate programs are about the same across the board. It is important that you take into account the requirements set by your specific program when planning your test preparation.

The average GRE score for each section is calculated using all of the scores from a given testing year at a given institution. The mean score is also referred to as an average, but it represents an entire population rather than just one person’s score. For example, if 50 people took the test and had a mean score of 500 on the math section then you would say that the average GRE math score was 500 points out of 800 possible points (or 66%).

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GRE Scores For Education Graduate Programs

The average GRE scores for education graduate programs vary by program and university.

The Graduate Record Examination is a standardized exam that measures verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills. Colleges and universities use your score from this test as one of the factors in determining if you are qualified for admission into their graduate program.

The average GRE scores for education graduate programs vary from school to school; however, it typically ranges between 310-320 in each section of the exam. The average total score for all students taking the GRE is about 305-315 points out of 800 possible points (see below).

Although most schools require applicants to have scored at least 300 on both Verbal and Quantitative sections, there are some exceptions where they accept lower averages.

For example, some programs may allow you to submit your results from only one section or even waive your test requirement altogether if you have exceptional academic achievements or work experience in education field.

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A “good” GRE score is one that gets you accepted into the graduate program of your choice. What counts as good, then, depends on the program and the field.

You can get a good feel for this by looking at the average GRE scores from some top schools in a variety of popular and competitive fields. For our current purposes, we’ll focus on grad degrees in education programs, engineering programs, psychology programs, and even MBA programs, since business schools are increasingly accepting GRE scores in lieu of GMAT scores.

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Remember that the Verbal and Quantitative portions of the GRE are scored between 130–170, and the average score falls somewhere around 150-152. The Analytical Writing section of the GRE is scored between 0 and 6 in half-point increments, and the average hits somewhere around 3.5.

Now, using the abbreviations established above, let’s break down some real data to help you determine which grad school programs look for which average GRE scores. Maybe your top grad school program will even be on the list.

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Average GRE Scores for MS in Education

 University NameAverage VerbalAverage Quantitative
3.University of California-Berkeley159152
4.University of Pennsylvania162156
5.University of South California161154
7.Columbia University158153
8.Northwestern University161153

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