ABSN Programs That Accept Low GPA

This blog post will give you information about the lowest GPA admitted by programs. You may be surprised to see that some schools will take you who have a low GPA, as long as it is in your intended field of study and as long as you are able to display dedication for that particular field. This is good news for many who are looking to change careers because they don’t have any professional experience yet.

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Finding the right nursing program for you is an important decision, and there are many factors to consider. One of those factors is GPA. If you’ve had a few setbacks academically that caused your GPA to drop, there may be options out there for you.

We’re going to look at some schools that accept low GPA. Is this the only thing you should consider when choosing a nursing program? No, but it’s certainly an important factor to keep in mind!

ABSN Programs That Accept Low GPA

Nursing Schools With Low GPA Admission Requirements


  • Stillman College
    • A minimum high school GPA of 2.5
  • Jefferson State Community College
    • Avg. high school GPA for freshman: 2.98
  • Oakwood University
    • Avg. high school GPA for freshman: 2.99


  • University of Alaska, Prince William Sound College
    • Avg. high school GPA for freshman: 2.75
  • University of Alaska Southeast
    • Avg. high school GPA for freshman: 2.94


  • Cochise County Community College District
    • Avg. GPA: 2.66


  • Arkansas Northeastern College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.87


  • American University of Health Sciences
    • Avg. GPA: 2.50
  • Los Angeles Harbor College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.50
  • Lincoln University
    • Avg. GPA: 2.6


  • Lamar Community College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.95
  • Northeastern Junior College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.98
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
    • Avg. GPA: 2.98
  • Colorado Mountain College (Leadville)
    • Avg. GPA: 2.4
  • Colorado Mountain College (Glenwood Springs)
    • Avg. GPA: 2.4


  • Post University
    • Avg. GPA: 2.68


  • Wesley College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.71


  • Chipola College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.68
  • Bethune-Cookman University
    • Avg. GPA: 2.92
  • Florida SouthWestern State College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.96
  • Pensacola State College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.54
  • Florida Memorial University
    • Avg. GPA: 2.7


  • Georgia Gwinnett College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.86
  • Albany State University
    • Avg. GPA: 2.77
  • Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.85
  • Life University
    • Avg. GPA: 2.9
  • Fort Valley State University
    • Avg. GPA: 2.87
  • Andrew College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.6


  • Robert Morris University Illinois
    • Avg. GPA: 2.73
  • Governors State University
    • Avg. GPA: 2.78
  • McHenry County College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.25
  • Richland Community College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.15
  • South Suburban College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.33
  • Kankakee Community College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.9
  • Lincoln College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.56
  • National Louis University
    • Avg. GPA: 2.68
  • City Colleges of Chicago, Wilbur Wright College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.5


  • Ancilla College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.45
  • Indiana Tech
    • Avg. GPA: 2.98


  • Southeastern Community College
    • Avg. GPA: 2.93
  • William Penn University
    • Avg. GPA: 2.9
  • University of Dubuque
    • Avg. GPA: 2.92
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If you’re looking to get into a nursing program but your GPA is holding you back, there’s hope. Some schools are more lenient about GPA requirements than others, and there are even some that will accept low GPAs if you meet other requirements.

An accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program can be an excellent way to start your nursing career or get on a new path after working in another field. If you’ve been out of school for a while and have a lower GPA than you’d like or just don’t think your grades reflect your abilities, an ABSN program may be the perfect choice for you.

Here are some programs that have flexible admissions requirements and will help you on your journey to becoming a nurse.

can i get into an accelerated nursing program with a low gpa

A minimum GPA: Between your bachelor’s degree and your prerequisite courses, you’ll need to meet a minimum GPA. … Most programs require at least a 2.5 GPA or higher. Some set their limit at a 3.0 GPA. This is important to find out during the research phase of your accelerated nursing program search

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can i get into nursing school with a 2.0 gpa

With most nursing schools requiring a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 to apply, all it takes is one bad grade to hold you back. However, if you’re just below the 3.0 requirement, you don’t have to give up on your dream of becoming a nurse.

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