3 ways computer programming impacts your life

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Programmers have to solve problems on a daily basis.

Technology is everywhere, and sometimes that can be hard for us to actually see. With the ever-increasing pace of innovation, it’s easy to just accept that we live in a world where we’re surrounded by tech—and forget that every time we use our phones, computers, or tablets, we’re interacting with computer programming.

But let’s be honest: the average person doesn’t know anything about computer programming. That’s why we’re here to help you understand how it impacts your life and why it matters.

[Company name] believes in transparency and education. We want you to understand what we do and how it impacts your life so that you can feel empowered to make better choices regarding your technology. We also believe that this information should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their backgrounds or technical knowledge—which is why we’ve simplified it into three easy-to-understand sections.

Get ready to learn how computer programming impacts your day-to-day life!

3 things programming skills can bring to your everyday life

Any person with even the slightest understanding of enterprise IT knows how valuable programming skills are on the job market. With PayScale reporting that the average computer programmer salary can reach upwards of $87,000 annually, it’s pretty clear receiving computer based training in programming is a great way to boost your career opportunities.

That being said, programming skills have benefits that reach outside the workplace. Getting this highly specified corporate computer training can seriously change your behavior at home for the better. so we’ve put together this list of three things programming skills can bring to your everyday life:

“43 % of Americans categorize themselves as disorganized.”

1. Better organizational skills

Just about every person can benefit from a little more organization in their lives. In fact, a 2013 Ikea infographic found that 43 percent of Americans categorize themselves as disorganized. Having everything in order just makes life simpler, and there are few occupations more organized than programmers.

Basically, this stems from the focus many programmers put on efficiency. Writing jumbled code, without any comments or references as to what each part does, is a huge drain on productivity. Many times programmers work in teams, with multiple people collaborating on a single piece of software. While disorganized code is certainly bad for the messy individual who wrote it, it’s even worse for others in the group who have to figure out what that person was doing.

When you receive computer based training in programming, one of the first things you’ll pick up is a need to constantly be organized with your code. After that, it’s pretty simple to translate these skills into your everyday life.

2. Increase problem solving abilities

What a lot people don’t realize about programmers is that they don’t have a rule book to follow that tells them exactly how to create an effective solution for a project. Sure, there are specific techniques and skills you learn that can be used later, but the whole point of programming is to use the versatile tools at your disposal to solve unique problems when they arise.

Programmers have to solve problems on a daily basis.

When a programmer is presented with a problem, she has to spend a lot of time attempting to fully understand it. Over time, this eventually cultivates a high level of problem-solving acumen that isn’t contained to problems on a computer screen. A computer programmer may not know a thing about replacing a tire, but the problem-solving abilities she’s acquired over the years would certainly help guide her through the process.

In a sense, programming gives you the confidence to solve whatever problems you may face.

3. There’s nothing like the satisfaction of creating code

In a similar vein to this increased confidence, writing code you’ve developed entirely on your own is one of the most satisfying feelings in the entire world. DIYers like to go on about the wonders of building something with their own two hands, and the same can be said about writing code.

Programming is challenging and can be frustrating at times, but overcoming these challenges with nothing but your own skill set and some basic computer training is incredibly gratifying. Although a computer programmer will be mostly utilizing their skills while at work, this gratification doesn’t just go away when closing time comes around.

These professionals get to leave the office knowing that they’ve actually created something that solved a problem, and that they’ll be doing the same amazing job when they show up the next day. It’s an indescribable feeling that just isn’t found in many professions these days.

Although acquiring the skills necessary to become a computer programmer can seem difficult, the payoff is extremely rewarding. This job requires a lot of hard work, but the skills you’ll develop through the computer based training needed to program can definitely translate into a better life for you at home.

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