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Have you been searching for the latest information on studying medicine in Poland? You need not search further as the article below brings you the best information on it and more. 

Studying medicine can lead to a sought-after career in healthcare – but first sixth-form students have to get accepted onto what can be a competitive and demanding course. For anyone hoping to follow a career in medicine or dentistry, the competition for university places is fierce, and increasing year on year. Due to government quotas and combined high West European requirements (Numerus Clausus), studying in Eastern Europe has become a great alternative.
Through our cooperation with multiple European universities, we are able to help international students enroll in different programs such as General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy or Veterinary Medicine.
Study medicine in Poland — Study medicine in Europe
“MCV.Vermittlung” is a German registered company, specialized in medical student recruitment. We are fully aware of the application process and will make sure that all applications are processed quickly and successfully.
Studying medicine is unbelievably competitive because there are only a limited number of places available. Generally, it is very difficult for a non-EU student to be admitted into West European countries. Due the lack of possibilities to study in their own countries, there are many German, French or British students that are currently “going east” to fulfil their dream of studying medicine. We are working with many universities with a long tradition in medicine (some going back few 100’s years) and we help the EU students to start the study immediately.
We are only working with universities from European Union, where all the degrees are internationally recognized, regardless of the country in which you graduated.
Other benefits:
– Study fees are low, starting from €4,500 per year
– As there’s no Numerus Clausus, the acceptance rate is significantly higher than in other western European countries
– The study is conducted in English
– The qualifications/ degrees are internationally recognized
– Practice oriented study with valuable international experience

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study medicine in Poland

The Pomeranian Medical University requires for admission completion of at least three Advanced (A) Level subjects. Students have to have Advanced (A) Level subjects Biology and Chemistry + other (A) level subject in Math or Physics. The applications are evaluated by a committee appointed by each faculty by analysing the documents included in the application files. Applicants who choose to study in English can only benefit from tuition fee places.
The Pomeranian Medical University (PMU) was established in 1948 in Szczecin, Poland. There are two faculties at the University which offer studies in English: Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin offers studies in English language since 1996 on the Faculty of Medicine and on the Faculty of Dentistry since 2006.  At present, Pomeranian Medical University in Szczecin has over 600 students of English Program at both Faculties. Over 250 students has already successfully graduated from their respective Faculties. Each year the University offers 100 seats at the Faculty of Medicine and 30 seats at the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.
Szczecin is the capital city of the West Pomeranian Voivodship in Poland. In the vicinity of the Baltic Sea, it is the country’s seventh-largest city and a major seaport in Poland. As of June 2011 the population was 407,811. The city’s history began in the 8th century as a Slavic Pomeranian stronghold, built at the site of today’s castle. In the 12th century, when Szczecin had become one of Pomerania’s main urban centres, it lost its independence to Piast Poland, Saxony, the Holy Roman Empire and Denmark. At the same time, the Griffin dynasty established themselves as local rulers, the population was converted to Christianity, and German settlers arrived from Western European states. The native Slavic population was assimilated in the following centuries. Szczecin’s architectural style is due to trends popular in the last half of the 19th century and the first years of the 20th century, Academic art and Art Nouveau. The city has an abundance of green areas: parks and avenues – wide streets with trees planted in the island separating opposite traffic (where often tram tracks are laid); and roundabouts.
Students find that Szczecin is a lively city with the wide range of social, cultural and recreational facilities available in the region. By studying in Szczecin one gets the additional benefit of learning about a new culture. Naturally, medical studies take up much of the students’ everyday life, but Szczecin can provide a broad spectrum of activities to do in your spare time. Activities range from golf, football and sport gyms to bowling, pool and pub crawling. The city has a wide cultural life with its own philharmonic orchestra, opera, art galleries, clubs etc.

Medical University of Łódź, Poland

Medical University Lodz


·         6-year medicine: in English 

·         4-year medicine advanced program: in English  

·         5-year dentistry: in English

·         8-month premedical preparatory course: in English

·         3-year nursing: in English

Tuition fees:

·         6-year medicine: re: 11200€ for the 1st year, re: 11000€ / year for years from the 2nd to the 6th

·         4-year medicine advanced program: re: 13200€ for the 1st year, re: 13000€ / year for years from the 2nd to the 4th

·         5-year dentistry: re: 13200€ for the1st year, re: 13000€ / year for years from the 2nd to the 5th

·         3-year nursing: re: 5700€ for the1st year, re: 5500€ /year for the 2nd and 3rd year

Application procedure: The procedure is quite easy, with Skype interview instead of written entrance exam. This way you don’t have to travel to Poland just for one exam. All candidates are cordially welcome to start application procedure from February.

Step 1: Application process is being conducted online.Applicants must register online, accordingly to the instruction by filling in the Application Form. Applicants get the personal account in the on-line system. Their changing status is always confirmed by an e-mail.

Step 2: Applicants who successfully complete the admission process are accepted to the Medical University of Lodz when they meet the admission criteria, pass the Skype entrance exam and get the official Letter of Acceptance.

Skype entrance exam: All applicants should have extended level of knowledge in 2 of the following subjects: Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics. The grades required should be above the average. The above knowledge is to be verified during the Skype entrance exam. The Skype interviews will begin in April and will run until July-August for the new secondary school leavers. Examination content:

For 6-year MD and 5-year DMD Programs
General questions (motivation, potential for professional behavior, socio-medical subjects)
Questions verifying knowledge of 2 out of 4 subjects listed below:
Biology – 4 questions / Chemistry – 4 questions / Physics – 4 questions / Mathematics – 4 questions

For 4-year MD Advanced Program
General questions (motivation, potential for professional behavior, socio-medical subjects)
Questions verifying knowledge at the 1st year University level as below
Biology – 3 questions / Chemistry – 3 questions / Physics – 2 questions

For 3-year B.Sc. Nursing Program
General questions (motivation, potential for professional behavior, socio-medical subjects)
Questions verifying knowledge of 1 out of 4 subjects listed below:
Biology – 5 questions / Chemistry – 5 questions / Physics – 5 questions / Mathematics – 5 questions


The Medical University of Łódź (MUL) is the one of the largest public medical university in Poland. Its mission is focused on:

– educating students in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing as well as in other medicine related disciplines
– educating research staff (PhD programs)
– conducting research and scientific activity
– developing postgraduate programs offer.

Medical teaching in English was initiated in 2003/2004. Presently over 770 foreign students from various countries attend 6-year MD, Advanced MD and 5-year DMD programs and over 450 have already graduated. Furthermore, international students may attend various PhD programs.

Why study at MUL:

·         The best medical education- MUL’s Faculty of Medicine represents the highest level of scientific research in Poland according to the Committee for Evaluation of Scientific Units (A+ category)

·         70 years of tradition in medical education

·         New way of studying – Medical Simulation Centre – the medicine of XXI century within arm’s reach

·         Multicultural environment- students from 62 different countries

·         Top quality of education in Europe, the most modern Dentistry Teaching Centre

·         Knowledge and practice at reasonable costs

·         Clinical training in 3 clinical hospitals

·         The most academic student-friendly environment in the heart of Poland

University of lodz

MUL in numbers:

·         1600 employees, including 180 professors, 180 associate professors, over 850 PhD academics

·         9 500 students

·         770 foreign students

·         3 teaching hospitals

·         80 clinics

·         25 departments

·         1558 beds

·         86 000 patients

·         45 962 square meters of didactic space

·         24 didactic buildings

·         4 dorms

·         1 152 places in the dormitories

Łódź is the third-largest city in Poland. Located in the central part of the country (approximately 135 kilometres south-west of Warsaw) it has a population of around 750.000. Łódź is a thriving center of academic life. Currently Łódź hosts three major state-owned universities, six higher education establishments operating for more than a half of the century, and a number of smaller schools of higher education.

Łódź is known for…

… numerous universities hosting students from all around the world. That is why it is called a ‘student-friendly city’

… world famous festivals: International Festival of Photography, Light Move Festival – Festival of Kinetic Art of Light, Lodz Design Festival

… being one of the greenest cities in Poland (over 40 parks and recreation grounds)

… Manufaktura – the biggest in Eastern Europe shopping & entertainment centre located in former factory complex
… Piotrkowska Street– the longest promenade in Poland

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graduate entry medicine poland

Studying medicine in Poland is the opportunity of study in one of the best universities of medicine in the word. 6 year general medicine, 4 year graduate entry, 5 year dentistry and 5 year pharmacy, 3 year nursing, foundation course programs in English are among the most medical programs attracting students from all other the word. Students from USA, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Nigeria, Ghana, Indian, China, etc., take up the challenge and enroll for medical and paramedical studies in Poland universities every year.

As evidence of word-classes medical Universities in Poland, Dr Maria Siemionow , who gained public notice in December 2008, when she led a team of six surgeons in a 22-hour surgery, performing the first face transplant in the United States on Connie Culp is polish. She graduated from Poznan University of Medical Sciences in 1974 receiving her MD. She furthered her education and in 1985 received her Ph.D. in microsurgery and then in 1992 habilitation in medical sciences. She has been awarded the title of professor by President Lech Kaczyński before migrating to USA.

Universities of Medicine in Poland are one of the best options for those students looking for medical study in English abroad. More than 11 Medical schools offer medical programs in English in Poland. Along With General Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy integrate programs, Poland medical universities offer a 4 year graduate entry medical program in English, designed for those students with Bachelor degree (this program is very popular among USA, Canadian, UK and Scandinavian students). Most universities of medicine organize also foundation year for father medical studies in English; and those interested in studying in Polish can follow one year polish language.

English medical programs of medical universities in Poland remain in compliance with Polish and EU standards of teaching, the US Department of Education (Stafford Loan Program), and Medical Boards in USA. Graduates of English medical programs in Poland are eligible to apply for resi¬dency and postgraduate training programs at university teaching hospitals in various countries, including the USA , Canada, Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, Israel, England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, and Poland.

Medical courses in Poland in English:

  • Foundation course: one year medical study preparatory course
  • Undergraduate medical course: 6 year program,
  • Graduate entry medical course: 4 year accelerated program,
  • Dentistry program: 5,0 to 5,5 year MDS program, 
  • Pharmacy program: 5 year pharmacy program,
  • Nursing course: 3 year B.Sc. Nursing program,
  • PhD course: 3 year medical PhD program,

medical university of warsaw

We are an academic community that operates with respect for freedom of thought and expression, equal rights, and tradition. Our mission is to provide the best education based on innovative medicine and top-notch research.

“The integral and consistent development of science and teacher training, establishment of collegial bodies responsible for scientific activity, such as Councils of Scientific Disciplines, retaining the faculties as structures caring for education and its quality, establishment of the University Council, an independent body supporting the University development – these are the main objectives of the Statute passed by the University Senate on May 27, 2019.”

Four Reasons to Study Medicine in Poland

The UW Incubator is a place that brings together students and faculty members from across UW and MUW. It is a space where people with a different way of thinking, full of passion and interests, open to new challenges, transform their knowledge and experience into real and practical action. The participants of the Incubator are motivated to gain new competences in order to change their situation by implementing their own projects and idea


Every year MUW educates over 800 students from all over the world, they gain their medical  knowledge in an environment which respects cultural, racial and religious differences. This combination of different experiences, values and lifestyles creates a friendly international Academic Community at the Medical University of Warsaw.

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