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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

The Master degree program “Spatial Information Management” is a two year graduate program that qualifies students for a wide variety of careers in various areas of GIS. Graduates of “Spatial Information Management” provide fast, up-to-date and accurate integration, analysis, simulation and visualization of the relevant spatial situation to stakeholders and decision makers.

The SIM faculty has built an extensive network to the GIS professionals’ community and connects its students to high profile institutions of research, development and academics. With applied research for solving real life problems as the core of effective education, it follows that most of the thesis projects are conducted in cooperation with partners in public administration, academia and the private sector. Students can pursue their interests by choosing one of the three areas of specialization: Environmental Monitoring & Security Management, Geoinformatics, or Spatial Technology Management. SIM keeps up-to-date with developments in GIScience and relevant fields by, for example, inviting distinguished scholars and young researchers to the “GI Research Colloquium” where talks are given on hot topics ranging from dealing with big data or geovisual analytics to open source software solutions or sensors on drones.

  • Qualification requirements

Engineering & IT is an unbelievably fascinating field of applied sciences. This area is characterized mainly by creativity, innovation and design. Engineering & IT is also a rapidly developing area, crucial for the economic development of a region. 

The students of the School of Engineering & IT should demonstrate strengths in the following areas:

  • technical understanding,
  • reasoning power,
  • good English, mathematics and computer skills,
  • creativity,
  • enthusiasm for innovation.



LectureTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
Specialization Area: GeoinformaticsTypeSPPSECTS-CreditsCourse number
Data MiningILV4,05,0M-SIM2.07
Project Management and GISSE2,03,0M-SIM2.04
Proposal WritingSE2,02,0M-SIM2.01
Selected Aspects of Operations ResearchILV4,05,0M-SIM2.03
Spatio- Temporal DatabasesILV4,05,0M-SIM2.06
Teambuilding and LeadershipSE2,02,0M-SIM2.05
Technical and Business CommunicationsILV2,03,0M-SIM2.02
Applied Internet TechnologiesILV3,03,0M-SIM2.08
GIS ServicesILV2,02,0M-SIM2.09

Electrical Energy And Mobility Systems

Facing common future technology challenges

Electrical energy and professions on electrical mobility and storage systems will play a vital role in facing common future technology challenges. As a result, a fast growing industry is in need of specialists and experts in the field of Technology in all kind of different systems focussing Electrical Energy Transformations. A new  Master Degree Program has been created to address these needs: “Electrical Energy & Mobility Systems” is the only applied science course in electrical energy & mobility systems for applied research and development professions in technology engineering. 

 “Electrical Energy & MobilitySystems” prepares students for the upcoming challenges of future industry requirements. Technologies like Electrical Traction and Electrical Powertrain are already game-changing aspects of mobility that various manufactorers are just beginning to discover. Students get to experience a wide variety of current technical developments in an ever-changing, technology-driven world. This hands-on, practical degree program enables students to discover emerging areas: Electrical Drives & eMachines, Power Electronics & Power Control or Energy & Alternative Co-Generations will be thoroughly discussed during the course of the program.


For Winterterm 2022 the following Application Deadlines are opened:
I:    01.11.-15.03.2022
II:   16.03.-15.05.2022
III:  16.05.-15.07.2022
IV:  16.07.-30.09.2022

For applicants from outside Europe:
Due to visa and legalization processing we accept applications only from period I & II


The Semester starts in the week of 1st october


Monday – Friday full-time and partly on Saturdays



04.03 & 06.05.2022

02.12.2021 & 05.04.2022

2nd Tuesday per month 

Individual appointments can be booked online.


Language of instruction: English


The development of spatial scenarios opens a whole new world of professional opportunities. Highly qualified experts with the knowledge and skills we train in are in high demand and are needed to help find solutions for the challenges of our times. Such challenges include the increasing threat caused by terrorism, the shortage of natural resources, traffic congestion or the monitoring of the health for the elderly. For these reasons, our graduates have excellent and exciting international career opportunities – within a broad spectrum of application fields such as:

  • Natural Hazard Management
  • Utilities Planning and Optimization of Electric, Energy and Telecom Networks
  • Water-Supply and Water-Information Management
  • Traffic Simulation and Modeling
  • Regional and Local Planning
  • Location-Based Services
  • Public Participation
  • Health and Human Services
  • Security and Intelligence Services
  • Environmental Resource Management
  • Sales and Technology Marketing

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