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Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is a public university founded in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone of China.  It is intended to be a top-tier international university that excels in interdisciplinary research, nurturing innovative talents and delivering new knowledge to the world.

Throughout the entire faculty and staff, there is an inherent belief that curiosity drives learning and research, enabling the world to become a better place. By recognizing its responsibility as an engine for economic development, the university encourages entrepreneurial activities among its faculty and staff.With 26 academic programs now, and more commencing every year to meet the growing demands of future students, SUSTech offers an unparalleled learning and research experience, pushing at both the scientific and technological frontiers. With 690 faculty members, 4029 undergraduate students and 1352 graduate students for the 2018-19 academic year, you can be sure you will be working on something innovative and have your talents cultivated.

SUSTech has 29 existing academic programs, ranging from financial mathematics to environmental and water resources engineering. New programs are being offered continuously to meet growing demands. All together, SUSTech offers an unparalleled learning and research experience at the scientific and technological frontiers.

SUSTech was launched in 2011 with a mission to reform higher education in China. Since then, it has been widely regarded as a pioneer and innovator in collectively moving China’s higher education forward.

SUSTech has 26 existing academic programs, ranging from financial mathematics to environmental and water resources engineering. New programs are being offered continuously to meet growing demands.


For nearly six decades, the chemistry department has successfully implemented a diverse, student-centered academic program. During the course of the department’s evolution, methods, personnel, as well as resources have changed, but the theme of academic excellence has persisted.

In 1963, three of four SUBR chemistry graduates went on to earn Ph.D. degrees. Since then, countless chemistry majors have left the department to become physicians, dentists, lawyers, industrial leaders, and research scientists. In addition, the department has produced nationally acclaimed academic scientists who are currently recognized as being at the top of their field by the larger chemistry community.

The use of the student-centered approach places Southern University at Baton Rouge (SUBR) in a small group of institutions that believe personal mentoring and undergraduate research are indispensable components of a science major’s academic experience. Southern University was doing this long before the terms became popular in higher education lexicon.

Over the past five decades, the philosophical centerpiece of the chemistry department has been student focused. The faculty has demonstrated that research productivity, scholarship, and teaching excellence can coexist in an environment that gives priority to student development. Today’s department is at the cutting edge of providing physical resources that will make our majors competitive and instructional technology that will produce the very best learning opportunities for students.

The chemistry department in 2021 continues to be an inspirational unit at the University. Some of its recent graduates are emerging doctorates at Xavier University, LSU, Harvard University, The Ohio State University, NYU, Tulane Medical School, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

If one were to look at the SUBR chemistry department one month before the Martin Luther King, Jr. “Dream” speech and over one year into a global pandemic, one would have witnessed a time span of approximately 57 years of unprecedented change. During this change, the chemistry department has maintained a consistent theme of quality, productivity and positive student development. Come join us in our continuing quest for excellence.

Southern University Of Science And Technology Admission

International Admissions

Undergraduate Programs

II. Admission Process

Step 1: Documents Gathering

Applicant is advised to read Application Requirement & Documents checklist checklist section to prepare the documents. 

Step 2: Online Application

Applicant is required to submit his or her application through online application portal,and is able to locate his or her current status of application from the menu of the online form.

Step 3: Online Test

Applicant who passes the initial assessment will be invited to Online Test* in physics, math and English.

Online test can be waived if one submits international standard test with satisfactory result.

Step 4: Online Interview

Applicant who passes the initial assessment and test will be invited for an online interview with no less than 5 interviewers from International Admission Committee of SUSTech.

Step 5: Offer Issuing

With a successful interview, applicant will receive an offer with attached conditions, to which, we strongly suggest you read carefully before responding.

Step 6: Visa Application

Upon acceptance of an offer, offer holders will be asked to prepare required materials for X1 visa application, after which, Admission Notice and JW202 form will be sent to the corresponding address from the application portal. Please make sure all the info provided is up-to-date and correct.

Step 7: Enrollment

Offer holders should register on the given date, after which orientation normally stars and lasts for a week. The orientation will help you know more about SUSTech, city of Shenzhen, and your study & life here in the next few years. It would be a good way to adapt to the new enviornment much more quickily, so none of you are willing to miss it.

III. Important Dates

Admission Timetable

Application DeadlineOnline Tests and Interviews
First round31 December, 20201-15 January, 2021
Second round28 February, 20211-15 March, 2021
Third round10 May, 202113-24 May, 2021

Application Portal reopens on 15th of September 2020

Admissions for International Students

International students for whom English is a second language have two options to satisfy SUBR’s English proficiency requirement. They may take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

  • A minimum score of 500 on the TOEFL or a score of 5 on the IELTS
  • High School GPA of 2.5 or better

Southern University Of Science And Technology Scholarship 2021

Scholarships for annual language courses for foreign students.
Undergraduate students (Bachelor) can receive a scholarship with different percentages for tuition fees (the amount of the grant depends on your academic performance):

Those who wish to receive a grant must be fluent in Chinese or English. Depending on the level of knowledge of these languages, the student will be able to receive a grant (or semi-grant). Further years of tuition fees at the university depend only on the academic performance of students, so students in undergraduate programs can receive grants of the highest class, which implies free tuition and accommodation.

Southern University of Science and Technology China Graduate Scholarships 2020

161 PhD, Research and Academic Positions at the University of Cambridge to study in UK

SUSTech is announced its SUSTech Graduate Scholarship 2020 for accepting the new applications. SUSTech Graduate Scholarship is specially designed for International Students to apply at Southern University of Science and Technology for their higher studies Integrated Doctoral (Master + PhD) and PhD degree programs on Fully Funded Scholarship.  Students from all around the world can apply for the SUStech graduate Admission and all students will be considered for the SUSTech Fully Funded Scholarship 2020.

Study in China on a Fully funded scholarship is a good option for all international students to continue their higher studies on Scholarship in China 2020. SUSTech (Southern University of Science and Technology) is a public and research university in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. SUSTech is well equipped with research facilities and highly qualified professors.  Master Scholarship 2020. PhD Scholarship 2020

If you are looking for Master degree scholarship or PhD Scholarship or Integrated doctoral Scholarship then it is the best chance to apply in china to avail this great and bright opportunity for SUSTech Graduate Scholarship 2020.

Brief Description

  • Organization: SUSTech Graduate Scholarship 2020
  • University: Southern University of Science and Technology
  • Department: Multiple
  • Course Level: Integrated (Master + PhD) and PhD Degrees
  • Award: Full-Funded
  • Access Mode: Online
  • Number of Awards: Not Known
  • Nationality: International (all around the world)
  • The award can be taken in China
  • Deadline: 15 June 2020

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants who are interested to enroll in SUSTech graduate Scholarship 2020 at Southern University of Science and Technology for their higher studies, must fulfill the following eligibility criteria;

  • Students should be International (all around the world can apply)
  • Applicants can apply for Integrated (Master + PhD) and PhD Degrees as the following requirement
  • For Integrated (Master + PhD) Applications, Students should have a Bachelor or Undergraduate (16 years) Degree or Transcript
  • And for PhD degree applications, students should have at least a Master (18 years) degree
  • Students should be in good health
  • Language Requirement: all programs will be in English and for SUSTech Graduate Scholarship and admission, students must demonstrate the English proficiency certificate (TOFEL (85 or above), IELTS (6.5 overall or above)), Students can try on English Proficiency letter ( not sure)

Details of SUSTech Graduate Scholarship 2020

SUSTech Graduate Scholarship 2020 and admission at Southern University of Science and Technology with following general details of study in China

  • Course Level: Integrated (MS + PhD) and PhD
  • Integrated (Master + PhD):  5 years programs
  • PhD: 3 years programs
  • Scholarship: Fully Funded

Eligible Degree Programs for SUSTech Graduate Scholarship 2020

Students from all around the world can apply for Scholarship in SUSTech at Southern University of Science and Technology in the following offered programs

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanics
  • Biology
  • Intelligent Manufacturing and Robotics
  • Ocean sciences
  • Mechanics Engineering

How to Apply

Interested and Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply in SUSTech Graduate Scholarship 2020 at Southern University of Science and Technology by following the steps given below;

Step 1;

Please Download the List of Research areas and Supervisors details, If possible, can contact with professors through emails (email addresses are given) but its not compulsory to contact

Step 2;

Download the SUSTech Graduate admission and Scholarship 2020 application form and fill it accordingly

Step 3;

Send your complete application (in Pdf form) along with documents required to the specific department through email

How to Send Email

Subject: Application for SUSTech PhD/Integrated Master-PhD program Admission 2020- International Student Name

Documents Required

  • Application Form
  • Personal Statement
  • Educational Documents (degree or transcripts)/ Certified (attested/notarized)
  • Language Proficiency (Photocopy)
  • Two Recommendation Letters
  • Copy of Passport
  • Other Supporting Documents


SUSTech Graduate Scholarship 2020 is a fully funded scholarship in china with scholarship worth of (PhD: RMB 126,7000 + RMB 20,000Performance allowance)/ year and (Master: RMB 83,700 + RMB10,000 Performance Allowance)/year.

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