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Learning a new language can be challenging for Americans, especially when it’s a foreign language such as Russian. Americans are not exposed to the Russian language or culture at all. They only know of Russian from the media. As a result, studying Russian in school is not easy at all! It takes a lot of work and dedication. High school students can enjoy a fun, educational, and exciting summer language camp abroad in Russia. Many high schools have Russian language programs for students to attend during the summer months. The majority of these programs are set on the beautiful country of Russia. These language camps are an excellent way to become fluent in Russian while having a fun time with other high school students around the world.

If you are seeking to learn about Russian Language Programs In Russia for the first time, the subject might seem overpowering for those who have not researched the subject before, but you are likely to be fascinated by the information you come across. 

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Russian Immersion In Russia

There is no better way to learn the language than simply move to the country and surround yourself with native speakers. If you happen to move to Russia and want to learn the language or simply want to learn Russian in the place, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. 

Language schools cannot apply for visas on behalf of students. However, they all can supply you with all the documentation you need to support your visa application.

From summer schools, individual short programs to long-term studies – below we featured top language courses and schools in Russia, so dig in and find a perfect course for yourself!

This program is a great solution if you don’t want to be stuck in one city, and learn Russian while discovering the country. The idea behind Immersion in Russia is to break the barriers between Russia and the students by creating an opportunity for all to immerse deeply into Russian culture through language, travel, and adventure.

In simple words, you travel all around Russia with a Russian language teacher! The program provides a unique company giving innovative ways to learn the language. The main focus is to learn Russian on the Trans-Siberian Railway to Baikal and even to Vladivostok, as well as cruises on the Volga. 

Saint Petersburg is one of the most inspiring cities in the world! It was founded by Peter the Great in 1703, and until today is the cultural capital of Russia.

Learning the Russian language in Saint Petersburg is a dream of many students, and fortunately, the city offers plenty of opportunities to do it! From beginner to advanced courses, summer and winter schools, university programs and standard lessons – whatever you need. Check out below the list of Russian language courses for foreigners in Saint Petersburg.

★ Educa Language School

Founded in 2003, Educa Language School has been one of the leading Language Schools in St. Petersburg, its students come from all over the world. Educa offers group classes, individual tuition, and online classes, on all levels and according to your needs including expatriate courses, business Russian, and Summer Campuses. 

Enrollment: You need to fill in the form
Pricing: Depends on how many weeks you want to study, and what type of program you want to take, check out price ranges here 

Russian Language Summer School (3 weeks)

From Jul 04, 2021 to Jul 24, 2021

Yerevan, Armenia

 Russian Language Programs at St. Petersburg University

St. Petersburg University is one of the world’s biggest centres to provide teaching of Russian as a foreign language to international students. The courses are thought at the Russian Language and Culture Institute (SPbU). The programs are taught by qualified Russian language professors from the University. 

The center offers programs of study Russian which vary in their levels and duration including summer school, and individual learning. The standard program of the Russian language for foreigners supposes study in a group – 20 academic hours per week (1 academic hour = 45 minutes), the classes take place from Monday through Friday. 

★ iClass Education 

(It seems this language school has been closed. Once it is open again we will activate the links to it’s website)

Language school that provides all sorts of language courses on 4 levels: A1 to B2. The standard course starts from 20 hours of Russian language classes per week. 

Students can choose courses with different intensity and tempo as well as the replete cultural programs, activities and tailor-made tours that will immerse them into the Russian culture and traditions.

Before you enroll, check out your level by taking the Russian language test.


★ ProBa Language Centre 

The school offers year-round Individual and Mini-Group Russian Courses in St. Petersburg, Courses at Teacher’s Home, Study and Work, and Volunteers programs, as well as Russian winter and summer schools. ProBa was established in 1995 and has developed a strong reputation for its friendly and personal atmosphere, together with its attention to high academic standards of Russian teaching. 

Enrollment: Apply online
Pricing: Starts from 420€ weekly fee. The price depends on your level, duration of the course and the group.

★ Zlatoust Language school

Zlatoust Language School has provided Russian Language Courses since 1990. The school offers general and special (business language) courses, certificate preparation, online courses, and programs for bilinguals and teachers. 

Enrollment: Fill out the online application form. 
Pricing: Starting from € 220,

★ Derzhavin Institute

The Derzhavin Institute provides a variety of Russian language programs in St. Petersburg, including long-term and short-term courses, group and individual tuition, variety of specialization modules, exam-preparatory course, TRKI exams, and internships. The programs are taught by qualified teachers and professors. The school provides lessons organized in only small groups with a maximum of 10 students per class.

Pricing: Starting from €130 weekly fee. 

★ Extra Class Language Center

The school was founded in 2002, and since then gained international recognition for its quality education. It provides individual and group classes from beginning to advanced courses. The daily lessons of 45 minutes take place according to students’ needs.  

Pricing: Starting from €219 weekly fee

★ Educacentre Language School

The center was established in 1989, and since then it has been providing high-quality Russian language courses to foreigners from all around the world. Educacentre offers a wide range of programs, starting from a standard group class, to individual classes, full immersion programs, exams preparation, courses for expats, and online classes. The school’s courses cover all levels: from absolute beginners to advanced learners. 

Enrollment: Contact the school via online form 
Pricing: Starting from $140 weekly for group classes. 

★ European School Centre of The Russian Language 

European School Centre has 20 years of experience in teaching Russian as a foreign language. The center is an independent language institution that provides students with the highest quality learning materials. Moreover, the school offers participants of their programs a wide variety of services such as University Placement Service, Internship programs, Guided tours around St. Petersburg and a wide range of entertainment and sports activities. The center organizes programs such as general language courses, business-oriented vocabulary, online classes, and courses for expats. 

Pricing: Starting from €175 weekly for 20 hours of standard Russian course. 

★ College Study Abroad 

This summer program lasts 8 weeks (starts on June 15 and lasts till August 10, 2020), and it takes place in St. Petersburg. You can choose from beginner, intermediate, or advanced Russian language courses. During the program, you explore St. Petersburg with inspiring sites, intense coursework, homestays, and the help of Russian peers. Courses are taught in Russian at CIEE’s partner school, St. Petersburg State University, and complemented with co-curricular activities designed to increase intercultural understanding.

Enrollment: You have to create an account and apply directly on the website 
Pricing: $9,250 including housing. CIEE offers a huge range of scholarships and funds to support the participants, check out the scholarship opportunities of CIEE.

Russian Language Summer School (3 weeks)

From Jul 04, 2021 to Jul 24, 2021

Yerevan, Armenia

russian language immersion programs

Traveling abroad does something to the soul.

You could see travel as a chance to unwind and take a vacation, and there certainly isn’t anything wrong with that.

But traveling can also present an excellent opportunity to improve your language skills, cultural knowledge and respect for foreign lands.

That’s why it’s such a great idea to travel abroad to Russian-speaking countries in order to learn Russian through immersion. There are many options for learning Russian abroad, many of which take the form of expat programs and university courses for foreigners.

However, no two Russian language immersion programs are the same. We found seven of the most reputable programs around to help you take the guesswork and worry out of finding a reliable (and safe) study abroad option.

Before we kick off our list, let’s explore what makes language immersion so useful.


What Are the Benefits of Learning Russian with Immersion?

Language immersion is a method of teaching non-native speakers a new language by completely surrounding them with a particular culture. This is done by placing the student into an environment where a majority of the conversations and lessons happening are in the language they wish to learn.

In most cases, language immersion is implemented through programs that physically bring students to the country in which the language is spoken.

For Russian language immersion, students pay for a program that brings them to cities like Moscow or Saint Petersburg where they’ll live in a Russian household, learn at a Russian school and sometimes work at a Russian job.

Some benefits of learning Russian through immersion include:

  • Encouragement to learn a language quicker through exposure.
  • Targeting of different areas of a language, from pronunciation to grammar.
  • Helping learners understand the culture that the language comes from.
  • Teaching students Russian the way that Russian people it for optimal authenticity.

If you’ve been considering traveling abroad to study Russian, we’ve included some great options in our list below.

Learn Russian Through Immersion: 7 Study Abroad Opportunities for Serious Students

Below are some of the best Russian immersion programs abroad that college students and, sometimes, “working professionals” can take.

But first, boost your Russian skills before you even leave home by bringing the immersion to you with FluentU.

FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons.

Use FluentU’s annotated subtitles, interactive vocabulary lists, flashcards and more to brush up on your Russian before you embark on your language-learning journey.

Or, take the program with you as an iOS or Android app to boost your skills as you travel!

CIEE Study Abroad in Russia

Fans of Saint Petersburg will love this opportunity from CIEE. This study abroad program focuses primarily on teaching foreigners Russian through immersion, but it also encourages learners to explore the beautiful golden city on their own for optimum language and cultural exposure.

The main Saint Petersburg program is “Summer Russian Area Studies,” which accepts applications for the following summer through March of that year.

In addition to language studies, students will also learn about history, politics, culture and business in Russia, taught by professors from the St. Petersburg State University School of Political Science, or other Russian institutions.

You can choose between volunteering for a nonprofit while you’re there or you can join in on the dozens of weekly events hosted by CIEE that allows students to interact with locals.

To apply, you must be a college student and have a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Students will earn 3-6 college credits over a period of four weeks, but this is definitely one of the more vacation-y programs on our list.


Advanced Russian Language & Area Studies Program (RLASP)

American Councils’ RLASP has been around since the 70s, making it one of the more reputable study abroad opportunities on this list.

By combining an extremely intense course routine with a seemingly endless list of optional extracurricular activities and events, students can really learn Russian quickly and explore the culture their own way. Activities and events include excursions to museums, churches, old schools, historical spots and other public places of interest.

Students will spend about 20 hours per week in the classroom, 16 of which will be dedicated to Russian language instruction. Classes are small (three to five students) and grouped by level, so you’ll be getting personalized and direct instruction. By the end of the semester, students will be required to write a 15-20 page paper written entirely in Russian. Pretty intense!

Graduate and undergraduate students can apply for this program, which takes place in the city of your choosing. Options include Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladimir, an ancient historical town just east of Moscow, and Almaty, Kazakhstan, which is the country’s largest city and is currently a trading and culture hotspot.

RLASP also accepts “working professionals” or Russian learners who plan to or are currently working in Russia.

The program term is around eight weeks, but students who are willing to spend a pretty penny can choose to spend a full academic year abroad.

AIFS Study Abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia

AIFS is another oldie-but-goodie (founded in 1964!) that’s a safe and reputable choice. There are seasonal programs available, but AIFS also offers full academic year programs.

The program includes excursions to Moscow and even to various locations in Finland and Estonia, so you’ll really be seeing the world through this immersion opportunity.

Best of all, though this program is immersive, classes are taught in both Russian and English, so it’s approachable even for absolute beginners to the language.

AIFS makes it easy to budget your trip by bundling up the costs for the program, travel, meals and homestay into one price. The program is open to college students.

Business Russian Language & Internship (BRLI) Program

You might want to study abroad in Russia because you plan on moving there at some point. On the other hand, you might be studying it for business reasons, to further your career by acquiring a more in-depth knowledge of the Russian language.

This program from American Councils helps students learn the technical and business language they need for careers in Russian-speaking sectors of politics, trade, investment and other professional industries.

The program merges intensive classes with useful internship opportunities in Moscow, Saint Petersburg or Almaty. Along with an excellent language-based course, students will also learn about Russian business, the global workplace and intercultural norms.

Undergraduates, graduate students and current working professionals are able to apply, but all applicants must have completed four or more semesters of Russian in a college or university.

The Middlebury School—Study Abroad in Russia

The Middlebury School in Russia has three excellent study abroad programs that take place in Moscow and two lesser-known cities, Yaroslavl and Irkutsk.

Yaroslavl is an old city known for its ancient monasteries and churches, located just north of Moscow. Irkutsk is a riverside town that’s also known for its beautiful cathedrals and bell towers, as well as its incredible art history and museums. Both are excellent options if you want to see the less industrial and more historic side of Russia.

This program is more flexible than most when it comes to academics since there’s a bigger focus on socializing in order to get the best Russian immersion experience possible.

There are no special requirements for students enrolling in the summer program, but for all other programs, students must have completed two years of Russian courses.

In addition to program fees, Middlebury presents prospective students with a list of estimated personal expenses (like books and meals) for each of its three host cities—perfect for planning out your budget before you go.

Russian Courses in Moscow at the Liden & Denz Russian Language Center

Liden & Denz is well-known for offering Russian immersion programs in Moscow since the 90s. The private school is dedicated to teaching Russian to expats with an academic focus on the Russian language.

If you’re a student considering an immersion program that doubles as a college degree, the Liden & Denz Russian Language Center could be an excellent choice.

The school also offers courses in Saint Petersburg and Riga, Latvia. Riga is Latvia’s capital and is nestled on the shore of the Baltic Sea, making it a wonderful study abroad location for those who want to learn about Latvia’s rich culture.

Overseas Flagship (ROF) Capstone Year Abroad

This program is offered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is only available for undergraduates at UW-Madison. If you’re a current student or are considering applying to UW-Madison, this is an excellent opportunity to consider.

It’s a unique chance more of Russia than your study abroad location since, on a weekly basis, students are guided to different areas of Russia or Kazakhstan.

Students can choose to travel for a summer, semester or whole academic year. The main locations for study and living include Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Vladimir and Almaty.

Be warned: The Russian Flagship coursework is intensive, focusing on everything from conversational language all the way to business and technical language.

You should also be aware that in order to take this course, you must complete an introductory study-abroad experience for six weeks. Students must plan up to a year in advance for this program and apply in January in order to reserve a spot for the following school year.

online russian course high school credit


Connections Academy


Don’t want to spend a penny on your courses? If you live in an area that participates in Connections Academy, your courses will be free. Connections Academy already has programs in dozens of states from east to west, with many more in development.

Plus, Connections Academy is interactive. Each student gets individual attention and Connections Academy’s learning system aims to foster a collaborative environment.

“But what about languages?” you ask. Well, Connections Academy’s offerings are nothing to sneeze at. Connections Academy offers American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin and Spanish.

The Keystone School Online


Looking for a school catered to you? The Keystone School aims to provide individualized and flexible education to its students.

The language courses are intended to meet American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards, which focus on reading, writing, speaking and listening. You’ll need to ensure you have a microphone and proper speakers in order to take language courses.

Language offerings include Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Latin and Spanish. This program’s language courses emphasize culture for a more well-rounded education.

Stanford Online High School


Founded at the renowned Stanford University in California, Stanford Online High School aims to provide an innovative and rigorous curriculum. This is an especially good option for students who are going to take more than just language courses online—its focus is a multi-year, interdisciplinary program for ambitious students.

Classes are small and interactive, giving you the perfect opportunity to connect with other students and practice your language skills. Students come from across the U.S. as well as internationally, so you may interact with fellow students from more than 30 different countries.

And you’ll have some great language options to choose from. Stanford Online High School offers Chinese, Latin and Spanish, ranging from beginning-level to AP-level coursework.

NorthStar Academy


Can’t wait to get started in your next language course? NorthStar Academy’s flexible start dates make it easy to start a course any time of year—perfect for a quick summer intensive!

Language courses are designed to meet ACTFL standards. The “student feedback” box is an especially helpful feature—look on the lefthand side of most course information pages to see reviews from previously enrolled students.

NorthStar Academy offers Chinese, French, German, Latin and Spanish. Beginning courses are available for all languages, while French and Spanish courses go all the way up to the AP level.

Mizzou K-12


If “rigorous” and “customizable” are your favorite words, Mizzou K-12 might be the school for you.

Mizzou K-12 is affiliated with the University of Missouri, and the curriculum is developed by the university’s faculty as well as teachers certified in Missouri.

For its language courses, Mizzou K-12 partnered with Rosetta Stone. You may already be familiar with the popular Rosetta Stone language program, which is designed to teach languages in a natural way. The programming is interactive and highly visual, so you really absorb the language rather than just memorizing definitions.

Mizzou K-12 offers four levels of Chinese, English for non-native speakers, French, German and Spanish. Plus, Mizzou K-12 offers two levels of Arabic and Japanese.

Greenways Academy


Want to learn a language that’s not commonly offered in high schools? Greenways Academy has options you might like!

Greenways Academy is a Missouri-based online education provider. Because Greenways Academy’s language courses are provided through programs like Rosetta Stone, there are language offerings that you can’t get elsewhere. You can take Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Vietnamese.

Sure, you could take most of these courses without going through the school—but of course you’d miss out on the high school credit option that way.

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