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Last Updated on December 24, 2022

 (The Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia) integrates education, research, creative self-realisation, career opportunities for 28,000 students from 155 countries worldwide. RUDN has come out as  a multinational and multiprofiled university. You may get the degree as a doctor or historian, chemist or ecologist, journalist or engineer, lawyer or agronomist. Moreover, students of all specialties are offered an opportunity to get the diploma in translation.

Domestic students have an option of 12 foreign languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, German, Persian, Turkish, French, Hindi, Japanese, while all international students after a year in Russia speak Russian almost as well as the native speakers. 

The multi-tiered system of education including undergraduate, graduate, PhD, and residency programmes create conditions for quality education at seven faculties, ten institutes and 156 research laboratories.

The University implements effective adaptation programmes for international students, offers an opportunity to learn Russian making use of uniquely designed training methods and techniques, as well as the opportunity to obtain a degree in English. RUDN leads among Russian universities in the number of English-taught master’s programmes. 18 undergraduate and graduate courses have been accredited  internationally. RUDN students can do internships at  partner universities, and those enrolled in the joint programmes have the opportunity to obtain both the RUDN diploma and that of a partner university.

RUDN competitive advantages are as follows:

  • interdisciplinary research and scientific schools, recognized both in Russia and abroad;
  • one of the largest systems of the  higher education third tier in Russia: more than three thousand students  enrolled in the PhD, postdoc, residency or internship courses; 33 dissertation boards handling  more than 70 specialties;
  • joint research, including PhD students’ studies conducted under the supervision of both RUDN scientists and scholars from partner universities.

The RUDN student campus is considered one of the best in Russia. Academic and residential buildings are within a hand reach of each other on the territory of 50 hectares close to the forest plantation zone. The out-patient  clinic is supplied with modern equipment and offers a full range of medical services. Stadiums, gyms, arenas, tennis courts and a ski centre create favorable conditions for sport activities all year round. Outside classes, the university offers various leisure facilities. The culture and entertainment “Interclub” encompasses 35 artistic groups and other interest units. The quality of education, provided by the University, has been made evident by the success of more than 100 thousand graduates who work in almost every country of the world.

The RUDN list of influential alumni includes presidents and ministers, hundreds of well-known politicians, entrepreneurs, scientists, and notable figures in culture. RUDN has established the world’s largest Association of RUDN Alumni and Friends. In 2010 UNESCO awarded the Golden Medal to RUDN for its invaluable contribution towards  training specialists for countries with emerging and developing economies. RUDN has been  actively engaged  to work on programmes and projects of the United Nations Organisation and the Council of Europe.  

4 research institutes:

  • Institute of Innovative Engineering Technologies
  • Joint Institute for Chemical Research
  • Institute of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies
  • Institute of Physical Research and Technologies

11 world-class laboratories and centres:

  • Laboratory of Smart Technologies for Sustainable Urban Development under Global Changes
  • Interdisciplinary Research Centre for Mathematical Modelling in Biomedicine
  • Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Design of Sustainable Ecosystems
  • Research Centre for High-Tech Systems and Infocommunication Modelling
  • Research Centre for Molecular Design and Synthesis of Innovative Compounds for Medicine
  • Research Centre for Crystal Chemistry and Structural Analysis
  • Research Centre for Microwave-Assisted Organic Synthesis
  • Research Centre for Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics
  • Research Centre for 5G Wireless Network Simulation
  • Research Centre for Applied Probability Analysis
  • Research University Laboratory of Medical Biotechnologies


Sports and Recreation Centre

  • multi-purpose
  • 3000 seat capacity stadium
  • 2 all-season football pitches
  • sports club in 25+ kinds of sport
  • 15 tennis courts
  • 15+ indoor and outdoor sport halls and grounds

Clinical Diagnistic Center


Digital Learning Environment

  • electronic library systems
  • Telecommunication Training and Information System
  • further education portal
  • digital training simulators


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