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Last Updated on August 28, 2023

Dr. Dubey Rameshwar

Dubey Rameshwar
FonctionAdjunct Professor
Teaching departmentEntrepreneurship, Strategy, Technology, Innovation, Management
ContactMail: [email protected]
Tel: +33(0)4 67 10 60 42


Dr. Rameshwar Dubey is an Affiliate Professor-Supply Chain Management at Montpellier Business School. he is also a Reader-Operations Management at Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University. Rameshwar is also a Senior Editor of International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management and Associate Editors of Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Journal of Information Management, Benchmarking: An International Journal, Global Journal of Flexible Systems Management, Management of Environmental Quality and consulting editor of Hospital Topics a reputable Journal in the field of healthcare operations management. Before joining Liverpool Business School, Rameshwar was a full time Associate Professor-Supply Chain Management at Montpellier Business School, Montpellier, France. He also has taught at some of the leading international school which includes Indian Institute of Management, Jammu, India, the Faculty of Engineering, UNESP, Bauru, SP, Brazil, Southern University of Science and Technology of China, Stockholm School of Business, Stockholm, Sweden and Audencia Business School, Nantes, France. Rameshwar research interests include supply chain management, operations management and business analytics with strong focus on humanitarian operations management, sustainable supply chain management, supply chain design issues and application of emerging technologies in disaster relief operations. Rameshwar has published some of the most cited papers in International Journal of Operations and Production Management, International Journal of Production Economics, International Journal of Production Research, British Journal of Management, Production, Planning & Control, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Cleaner Production, Annals of Operations Research, Technological Forecasting & Social Change and Management Decision.SELECTED INTELLECTUAL CONTRIBUTIONS

Dubey R., Gunasekaran A., Bryde D.J., Dwivedi Y.K., & Papadopoulos T. 2020. Blockchain technology for enhancing swift-trust, collaboration and resilience within a humanitarian supply chain setting. International Journal of Production Research, 153: 119935.

Dubey R., Gunasekaran A., Childe S., Bryde D., Ginannakis M., Foropon C., Roubaud D. & Hazen B. 2020. Big data analytics and artificial intelligence pathway to operational performance under the effects of entrepreneurial orientation and environmental dynamism: A study of manufacturing organisations. International Journal of Production Economics, 226: 107599.

Giannakis M., Dubey R., Vlachos I. & Ju Y. 2020. Supplier sustainability performance evaluation using the analytic network process. Journal of Cleaner Production, 247: 119439.

Dubey R., Gunasekaran A. & Papadopoulos T. 2019. Disaster relief operations: past, present and future. Annals of Operations Research, 283(1/2): 1-8.

Fosso Wamba S., Dubey R., Gunasekaran A. & Akter S. 2020. The performance effects of big data analytics and supply chain ambidexterity: the moderating effect of environmental dynamism. International Journal of Production Economics, 222:107498.

Mihalis G., Konstantina S. & Dubey R. 2019. Cloud-based supply chain management system: Effects on supply chain responsiveness. Journal of Enterprise Information Management, 32(4): 585-607.

Dubey R., Gunasekaran A., Childe S.J., Blome C. & Papadopoulos T. 2019. Big data and predictive analytics and manufacturing performance: Integrating institutional theory and resource based view. British Journal of Management, 30: 341-361.

Dubey R., Gunasekaran A., Childe S., Fosso Wamba S., Roubaud D. & Foropon C. 2021. Empirical investigation of data analytics capability and organizational flexibility as complements to supply chain resilience. International Journal of Production Research, 59(1): 110-128.

Dubey R., Gunasekaran A., Childe S., Roubaud D., Wamba S.F., Ginannakis M. & Foropon C. 2019. Big data analytics and organizational culture as complements to swift trust and collaborative performance in the humanitarian supply chain. International Journal of Production Economics, 210: 120-136.TEACHING

Supply Chain Modelling & Design (MBA)
Sectoral Supply Chain Management (MBA)
Sustainable Supply Chain (MBA)
Supply Chain Strategy (MBA)
Multi-modal transportation (MBA)
Advanced Supply Chain Management (MBA)
Logistics Management (MBA)
Operations Management (MBA)
Advanced Manufacturing (MBA)
Advanced Operations Research (MBA)
Advanced Statistics (MBA)
Marketing Research (MBA)
Marketing Model (MBA)
Research Methods (MBA)
Qualitative Research Methods (PhD at SIU)
Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management (PhD at UPES)
Big Data and Predictive Analytics (BS course at SUSTC)

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