Toma de decisiones y gobernanza del riesgo de desastres

Toma de decisiones y gobernanza del riesgo de desastres

Toma de decisiones y gobernanza del riesgo de desastres This course is part of Análisis de riesgos de desastres y cambio climático Specialization Taught in Spanish Instructors: Claudia Useche +3 more Close Instructors Claudia Useche Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo 10 Courses • 6,748 learners Sergio Lacambra Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo 6 Courses • 880 learners


Decision-making and Disaster Risk Governance

Disasters are inevitable events that can have devastating consequences on communities, economies, and the environment. In order to reduce the impact of disasters and build resilience, effective decision-making and governance of disaster risks are essential.

Decision-making in the context of disaster risk management involves the identification of risks, assessment of their potential impact, and the selection of appropriate measures to mitigate these risks. It requires the involvement of multiple stakeholders, including government agencies, local authorities, civil society organizations, and the private sector. Effective decision-making also requires the integration of scientific knowledge, data, and information in order to make informed choices that will reduce disaster risks.

Governing disaster risks involves the development and implementation of policies, laws, and regulations

Toma de decisiones y gobernanza del riesgo de desastres

Claudia Useche
Sergio Lacambra
Roberto Guerrero Compean

Instructors: Claudia Useche

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  • Identificar los conceptos de viabilidad técnica y económica de proyectos de infraestructura.

  • Distinguir los diferentes indicadores cuantitativos existentes para priorizar inversiones y su cálculo.

  • Identificar los componentes clave de la gobernanza de riesgos, así como los pasos para un sistema de inversión pública informada.

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