Feature Engineering

Feature Engineering

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Feature engineering is a critical aspect of machine learning and data analysis that involves transforming raw data into a format that is more suitable for modeling and analysis. It is a key step in the data preprocessing pipeline and can greatly impact the performance of machine learning algorithms.

Feature engineering can involve a variety of techniques, including creating new features, transforming existing features, and selecting the most relevant features for the model. The goal is to extract meaningful information from the data and represent it in a way that is easily interpretable by machine learning algorithms.

One common technique in feature engineering is normalization, which involves scaling the features to a standard range or distribution. This can help to prevent certain features from dominating the model and improve its predictive performance.

Another important technique is feature selection, which involves selecting the most relevant features for the model while discarding irrelevant or redundant

Feature Engineering

This course is part of multiple programs.

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What you’ll learn

  • Describe Vertex AI Feature Store and compare the key required aspects of a good feature.

  • Perform feature engineering using BigQuery ML, Keras, and TensorFlow.

  • Discuss how to preprocess and explore features with Dataflow and Dataprep.

  • Use tf.Transform.

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